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I've been blessed to be a full time, living the "internet lifestyle", no boss, no commute, work as little or as much as I want, from where I want.

However it has been and continues to be a very challenging gauntlet to get to that point and I can't tell you how many times I've come close to quitting and just going back to a normal job.So wanted to share a few guiding lights and see what guiding lights you have.

You need goals MUCH bigger, than your challenges, and embarking on this road to freedom you are going to have to slay some dragons, make some sacrifices, and hard choices. With with a clear vision of the goal, and a EPIC sized dream these mountains just turn into molehills and you don't stop moving.

"Life is a daring adventure or is nothing" - Anne Frank. You can always go back to what you've done before, but you know were that road goes and exactly where it ends. It may be hard to put in the time to grow beyond, now that is truly a road of multiple benefits, you learn amazing things, meet amazing people, experience amazing things, that you wouldn't ever in your comfort zone. At least for me, in some of the impossibly difficult days, I've looked past the ones in the past that are even harsher to put things in perspective, I recognize that this way of life..and it truly is living, is a choice, and that's for me is a bit empowering.

Anyway, we all experience patches of darkness, what are your guiding lights? What keeps you going?
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    What keeps me from going back to my old lifestyle is one thing. To me, doing so would be giving up on myself. And I'd rather end up homeless than do that. Pushing for greatness is an adventure that I could never understand when I was younger. But, I'm glad I discovered it.

    "Perfection isn't important. Improvement is."

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    The sense of empowerment by working for yourself is something i could never go back on.
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    Every victory must pay a price. There is no war won, without soldiers dead. Same is the case with our lives. We have to forgo our choices, and learn to live without them.
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