Refunds are bothering me. Frustrated and planning to quit Internet Marketing. Please help.

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Hey guys.
I am a 19 year old regular college student. I though I would never do a day job and set up my home business by the time I do graduation. But internet marketing is really not that simple as I thought it to be.

I finally started to make money online since last month. What I do is I promote IM products which I choose from jvnotifypro and set up a review site and make money on their launch. I promoted a product which was affiliated with Plimus and I earned around 300 bucks by the end of last month. But I didn't withdraw the money I earned because I thought if there would be any refunds, I would have to pay them back the money, so I decided to withdraw money only after the 60 day guarantee period expires. But yesterday I saw 5 out of 7 orders got refunded and my commission was reduced to around 50 bucks. This was so disappointing and depressing. Since then I am feeling IM is not worth it and I should quit. What do you say?

I have also setup several product review sites which are about to launch and are affiliated to Plimus and Clickbank. I am definitely gonna make money through them but whats bothering me is refunds. I am afraid to withdraw the money because of the refunds. I don't want my account plimus or clickbank account balance to run in negative.

Also, I was wondering how am I suppose to have a steady income through clickbank if there are so many refunds and if I withdraw only after 60 day guarantee period expires?

Should I start with Amazon associates? Are there same amount of refunds as clickbank and plimus has?
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    You must have got unlucky on this one. The refund rate isn't normally that high. Don't give up, carry on and you'll make it.

    --Being defeated in often only temporary, giving up is what makes it permanant--

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    Don't give up, you're better than that. Most people your age are busy wasting their time on less important journeys.

    You have an entrepreneurial gift that sets you apart and ahead of more than 90% of your peers. You will succeed in this business by continuing to work a plan.

    You cannot succeed if you quit.

    Don't worry about the refunds. The fact that you acquired the sales is excellent - great job!

    There are many people here who have not gotten a single sale yet. You are doing very well and will continue to grow and prosper.

    Refunds will always happen, forget about them and keep moving on. It's not a big deal so don't worry about them.

    Besides, it's probably not your fault. It's more likely that the products didn't live up to your customers expectations. If so, there are many other products to sell and you can develop your own products soon.

    There's a story about an old lumberjack that was separating a few logs from a large timber pile, when a younger lumberjack asked him what he was doing.

    The old lumberjack replied that the separated few were too valuable to be used as common lumber. Their grain was finer and they had more character - the perfect lumber for fine furniture.

    The young lumberjack asked how these few logs got such fine grain and character.

    The old lumberjack replied that they had grow higher up the mountain, where they where battered and beaten by the wind storms, while the less valuable logs had grow in the valley without such turbulence.

    Without trials and tribulation, there are fewer triumphs.

    Look at each refund as an opportunity to do better.

    Congratulations on your successful sales!
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      Ya i guess i shouldn't quit! Losers quit and I am no loser!

      Thank you guys for your motivating words! It really was nice hearing from you. And that story of lumberjack was awesome..
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    Are you familiar with Ewen Chia? Please read his story. He's made millions in IM. But it was not a stroll in the park. For five years he floundered.

    Treat this like a business. Explore other options...quitting is not an option.

    I wish you the best.
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      I agree with Tim Dini's post. Really you are doing great getting those sales. You are so much further ahead than so many people trying to make money online. Like Tim said, forget the refunds, just keep going and don't quit.

      Maybe be more picky with the products you are promoting. You will do better with more time and experience picking out better products to promote.

      Good luck to you. Stay the course!!! You will do great!

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