Good or goes on..embrace it

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I have been through so many ups and downs in my life..just like everyone else. However, it was jet recently that I decided to embrace life to its fullest. When I am broke, the sun still goes up and. If I am rich, the moon still shows up every night.

I cannot let lifes trials and tribulations bring me down. So I am saying to the world, bring your best game, because I am here to stay. I am plying the game of Internet marketing and I will win!!!!
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    Well said that it's very true.

    All the best in your IM venture!

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    You got it right. It's either embrace the challenges
    or be defeated.
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    I see my life like a ride at an amusement park.... PLENTY of Up's and Down's...

    Don't forget; people pay a lot of money to experience those ups and downs.... Enjoy them!
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    Let nothing stop you. Live life to the fullest.
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    No one has ever got a constant graph of life. You need to adapt with what it brings to you next, and plan your future accordingly.
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    I'm very much happy that no matter what happens you still strong and stands what you believe...Life is just like a roller coaster, if you're up you are very happy to the extent that you think you are the luckiest human in the world but when you're down you feel like you are carrying the earth bringing all the problems. So, no matter what comes in your life, just keeping believing because life must goes on and you have to embrace it so that you will never ever fail.
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    It seems that ups and downs is just a part of life. You can't totally eliminate the downs but you can accept them. And I think thats how you can truly let go.
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    You are right when you say that! We are bound to face these challenges. And it is better to struggle harder while facing them than not to do anything. At least you know for sure you have accomplished something in this world of challenges.
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    There are indeed peaks and valleys in everyone's life. How you handle and deal with the down times is so very important. When things look at their bleakest, it is the true warrior influence to reach down, deep inside and pull out that last ounce of strength that you thought you had certainly lost somewhere along the way, and this little ray, the smallest piece is what helps you to hold on and navigate out of the darkness.
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    Moneygirl624 you have the right attitude. Actually, it is not uncommon to see such an attitude here in the Warrior Forum. Having a winning attitude, which we do determine ourselves, is the underlying secret in most any kind of success or happiness.

    The other part of holding an "up" attitude is that you tend to affect those around you in a positive manner. The darkness always has to run and hide when the light comes around.
    David Tampien
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    Prov. 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
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    i agree with you footbag_man!!!! thanks for the share
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    Very well said! That's the right attitude! When you are down and everything is not okay... just think that you are still lucky because there are people who are suffering more than what you are suffering. And if you're on top, just be thankful that is it your lucky day.
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    Yup, Just "GO FOR IT". You have guts and confidence so you surely will win the GAME of Internet Marketing.
    "Keep Going" that is the only way to success.
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    Very well said. No matter how good or bad your life is, it will only cease if you decide to give up. I have seen people who have suffered losses and was affected both physically and emotionally however they managed to surpass all the trials and still end up being successful. Surrender is not an option.
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    I like your attitude and I wish you all the best in your IM career.
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