An Observation on Accelerating Self-Growth

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It moves fast when you are good at it. Self-Growth is like learning any skill. You get good with practice. The following is a method I've noticed works the best.

Whenever I have a strong urge to do what I know I shouldn't - I do it. And I commit to it with all my mind. No inner turmoil. I keep track of the results in great detail. Via spreadsheeting time spent and results. Or journaling. Whatever works. Take notes on reality ( like any good scientist ).

Later, analyze the results. Look right at the reality of it. This usually brings a very uncomfortable feeling. But, give it some time. Once you stare down reality enough you'll piss yourself off so much you'll be forced to change.

Afterwards, seeing the results, and having done it, it's easy to let it die. It's like "I tested that theory, and it didn't work. I'm moving on"

When I try to override the desire with will power, I spend at least twice as long in inner turmoil before it goes away. I find I move forward faster by testing my theories and proving them wrong once and for all.

Note: I only do this for Big cravings. The little ones that I already know are wrong, I never do. The obvious ones like watching tv while working definitely don't need to be tested. ( but maybe it does for you if you want this )

Give it a whirl. See how it goes for you. Make sure you are tracking your results and giving them an objective look.

If you try to hide the results from yourself, you'll avoid feeling bad temporarily, but will face being stuck in the desire long-term.

The final word: Staring down reality is the ultimate motivator. It's uncomfortable when you see how much of a mess you make, but you also see that there is room for improvement. Which means you know life can become even better. What a great feeling to know such a thing.

Because isn't working for that what we all want?
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    This is good common sense information...but then again common sense is not all that common
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