Focus..The key to success in anything you want!

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I just want to share with you what I care about the most and how my life was totally changed because of only one thing.
yes and I'm sure some of you feel the power of the focus and some other working hard to keep focusing max possible, why?
and even if you're not and you want a better life, there is no two ways, only focus can really help you.

many times we said, I want to become a kind, or I want this car or house....because we saw other people have these stuffs?
is Am I right?
not, ok even of you say that you want this callidac or dream home and a sexy hot girlfriend and so on, at the end you don't get it?!

Now, Am I or not?
look back to yourself and remember sometimes you said and you didn't get, now why?

first of all, in fact, you don't want this luxury car and hot wife or even dream home, because you just "copy and past" other people dreams and ideas, like what we're doing in IM
ok, what should you do..there we will back to our subject, getting focus!

yeah, when you get focus then you can find what do you really want and doesn't, you don't have to care about how to get it, if it's so expensive and so far and even doesn't exist!

that's how we know today phone, networks, technology, they just saw them in their minds and focus to make them..and they did.

know it's your time, time to time get your time and be alone in clear healthy place, set down and don't do anything, stop working or close off your phone and everything that can disperse your focus, breathe well and get a pen and notepad, then do like you've meeting with yourself and take all notes, what did you do, what're you going and what you want to do..which should be related to your goals, write 10 most important goals and sort them by the most important to the less..or what's could be real shortly and what's takes time.

you don't have to ask how, how comes with the time, if you take an action after you finish meeting with yourself, if not you'll not get what you want, so don't stop by writing your dreams in notepad, ACT and be always optimist

One last thing, don't care about what other people will say about you, your life is yours and nobody has right to control free and live your best life.

that's how I really changed my life and my dream my reality

have a nice day and tell me what you think
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    Hey there my friend, I have to agree with you that focus is one of the reason that makes people success in these days. Once you focus on something that is a MUST for you, then it's hard for you to say NO to it.

    Whereas, I think that MINDSET always comes first in anything we do. I think that everything starts from the mindset then a person only can focus on a thing that they are doing. No matter how much you focus on a thing if your mindset is not right, you can't do anything right.

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      Originally Posted by AlistairChong View Post

      Hey there my friend, I have to agree with you that focus is one of the reason that makes people success in these days. Once you focus on something that is a MUST for you, then it's hard for you to say NO to it.

      Whereas, I think that MINDSET always comes first in anything we do. I think that everything starts from the mindset then a person only can focus on a thing that they are doing. No matter how much you focus on a thing if your mindset is not right, you can't do anything right.

      I agree this. And specific more here
      Positive thing as ask positive question to brain can give positive answers.
      Learn more to do it with passion and patience
      Accept goof-up
      Don't give up

      Hope this useful
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    hey @Alistair
    thank you for your comment and share your point
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      This is a create write-up...No Focus No Results

      Read the forum rules! And STOP posting nonsense one-liners, before you lose your account.

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    Awesome! This is really true...One thing that will help you to be successful one day is to focus on what you are doing. You need this because in business or in life you cannot avoid having shortcomings and problems that you need to face because you are the only bone person can help yourself stand and become very successful. So, focus, focus, and focus no matter what you think right now!
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    Agreeable! To attain goals in life, we should have this mindset. All success I believe, start from this. Consider the present, forget the past and don't get in a hurry for the future. Mind what it is that you are to achieve today. You can be ready when you are in focus and can always think quickly of solutions when your mind is set. So, mindset is necessary.
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      Staying focused is something I had a big problem with until recently. Now I am focusing on one thing at a time. It is a lot less confusing when you decide to just focus on one thing and then move on to something else once you've mastered that task. You really can do anything you want as long as you remain focused and see it through to the end.
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    This one concept has made a world of difference in my business...

    For years I was scattered.. building new websites, making products, but not really having a clear marketing funnel...

    I'd spend all day online. It was hard, and I made little to no money.

    Now I spend maybe an hour online driving my business forward and sales are pretty much effortless. I just focus on two things: writing emails for my list and driving traffic.

    Greatness is difficult to appreciate from close up. The great mountain on the horizon is only the ground when you are standing on it.

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    If you live just for today, to make today the most successful, happy day of your life, I am sure that you will have an extraordinary life. Do not bother on what mistakes you have done in the past days, just focus on what you need to do at present to make your day more productive. A successful life is nothing more than a series of successful days.
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    I believe sometimes you have to invest in tools to help increase your focus. Certain tools like action machine or focus booster or perhaps even concentration/meditation music always helps. Not to mention complete silence may help induce that laser like focus which can help you accomplish anything. With the IM niche, I can understand why people may struggle with focus though since there is so much information being thrown at them.

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    Definitely. The minute I started to focus on my most important methods is when it all changed for me. Only see the light in a tunnel, that's true focus.
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    The problem with people I meet under 28 years old is a lack of focus. They don't know what they want. When they do want something, they don't want it long enough. They lack ambition, determination, and focus.
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    "One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular".

    Tony Robbins
    David Tampien
    Top Ten Reasons to Use Aloe Vera Every Day

    Prov. 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
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    Still Focus & get succes story
    thanks friend for sharing
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    Focusing and concentrating the mind is well known by ancient masters and well written about as the one success that brings all other success. I designed a system that helps people to focus and concentrate their mind by designing into the system that what they focus on is their goals and dreams as if they were already come true AND their thoughts of what is happening in their current reality. Both ways the focusing and concentrating is happening and there is a lot of magic that occurs. My system is world famous it works so well.

    And the ancient masters also say that focusing and concentrating is the most difficult achievement.

    "You may control a mad elephant;
    You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
    Ride the lion and play with the cobra;
    By alchemy you may earn your livelihood;
    You may wander through the universe incognito;
    Make vassals of the gods; be ever youthful;
    You may walk on water and live in fire:
    But control of the mind is better and more difficult."

    Love, Light, Laughter, Ease

    check out the awesome magical FAE artwork when you first arrive at my site

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    Yes, without focus you cannot move at a pace for success.
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    Right focusing is the the key to a successful campaign in whatever you do.
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    I agree that focus is the key to achieve things that you want to achieve.
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  • No distraction from anybody else , no one stops you , no one can disturb you , close yourself , focus until success. Well, it is a-MUST for anyone else in this world, to require a lot of patience, a lot of effort to complete a mission.

    I must said it sounds like lock yourself in a room , focus building online business and so on. LOL. But still , it is truly a great moral lesson to learn at all.

    Visit my site at
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    I agree with you. To put in in a lighter side my friend... I say this. Success cannot be achieved through hocus pocus, but you needed to be intensively focused.
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    Most goals are achieved by dealing with a number of different elements. If you’re getting stale, shift your focus to something else that has to be done. Read or watch something related to it that inspires you, instead.
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    Focus is really needed for success. Focus will help us produce results, results that will give us the money we can use for investments to our business. There will be no success of there is no focus as we won't be able to accomplish anything without it.

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    thanks man, i always have a lot of goal that makes me hard to focus
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    It is always hard to stay focused if you can practice it, you can always guarantee success.
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    i agree with you guys
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