Is commenting helps you to improve your writing?

by tk226
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Hi Mind Warriors,

We learn here in this forum through the exchange of ideas and opinions. Everybody contributes by way of commenting on others post. And, many may have wrote thousands of words in this direction, so the question here "Is commenting helps us to improve our writing?
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    I think, it improves and is a good mind exercise
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    When commenting, you come along with different blog with different topics. By this, you can also learn more and get some ideas.
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    To comment on a blog you need to read a blog and commment always need proper sentence formation and vocabulary to earn a backlink from it so i say it improves writing.
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    Is commenting helps you to improve your writing? You spelt it wrong .lol . We all make mistakes .No biggie Hehe

    Commenting does not improve writing although it helps you practise a little bit as long as you are not writing short sentences
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      yes, it is the exercise of the mind as it stimulates thoughts and creativity in writing.
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        "Practice makes perfect" The more you practice writing ,can be in any form ,posting/commenting (not handwriting!lol) you are bound to improve your writing skills.
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    Definitely a good exercise but probably does not help much with writing. Practice does!
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    Commenting on other people’s blogs and in forums really improves my writing, but it doesn’t require as much time and trouble.
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    You'll have to write to really improve your writing - commenting doesn't help with content creation.

    It is possible for you to improve on certain aspects writing through short comments, such as structural coherence, grammar, vocabulary and connectors. However, a good piece of content requires more than just a good sense of how English should be written. You'll also need to understand how to bring your ideas across to the masses, how to make sure the ideas portrayed in each paragraph are clear and concise, how to use (or even manipulate) evidence to back up your claims. You can't do that in a 20-word comment, can you?
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    while posting on different blogs we automatically expose to different subjects, events thus it improves our knowledge further it helps to understand views ,opinions of other people and convey our thoughts effectively.

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    I think any time you have an opportunity to write something it can improve your writing skills. But it also depends on how you use it as well. If you really put yourself into it and get your creative mind going then I think you will get the most from it.
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    I think any chance you get to communicate is a good thing if only to sharpen your skills. I do think on the other hand that writing to read your own thoughts or to push an agenda is a dog born with fangs and will bite you in the rear... eventually. jmo
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    yes, it helps and it's interesting
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    Yes, commenting improves not only writing but also knowledge.
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      Commenting really helps us to improve our writing because through comment, we may be able to know how good or how far we have been doing in our work. Also, it helps us to improve our knowledge.
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