What Example Has Inspired You Lately?

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In a world filled with news of terrorist threats, mulitiple wars, economic gloom and lying politicians, what inpires you ... despite all the negative news.

I vote for the people of Joplin Missouri and those who are unselfishly using vacation time, unpaid days off and weekends to pitch in and help.

Unselfishness in a crisis, truely inspiring.

When you watch what those people are going through with head held high, you can only say, wow!

It makes complaining about not getting a closer parking spot or the price of bread less important doesn't it?
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    I am inspired by a previous history. Our liberation war history in 1971. We got freedom then. But with so much blood and we get our mother, Bangladesh. I get inspired from that martyrs. I love them, respect them and get inspiration to do something for my country.
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    Donald Trump
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    I am always inspired by those who give of themselves in times of crisis; and expect nothing in return. I do believe we have true angels among us.
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    Yeah, you're true marann2. It takes a great courage to do so. As we try to look around, crisis is within us, so most of the people thinks of nothing but their self and how to satisfy their needs. There are only seldom people who can do such thing without expecting something in return.
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    I am inspired by courageous people who act despite than deep fear and every thought in their head telling them not to go ahead . I am inspired by kind who not care about them selves but sincerely want to help otherwise without seeking out respect or anything .

    people like this are great and a pleasure to be around with
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    I'm inspired bu those people who help those people who are hungry, no shelter and who don't have work. Only few do these in constant so lets help poor people.
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      I am inspired by entrepreneurs who quietly go about their daily activity of building a business. The more of them that build their own money machine and get free of the employee mantel the better off the economy will be.

      Each one is contributing more to the GDP than any government sponsored (read: tax payer funded) program. It also makes it possible for them to spend more time not only doing what they want but more time with their family. Lest we forget, the family is the cornerstone, the foundation even of any stable society.

      So my hat is off to all of you here in Warrior Forum who are making your own way and not waiting for a hand out. Better than a hand out your are able to provide a hand up when the time comes that it is necessary.
      David Tampien
      Top Ten Reasons to Use Aloe Vera Every Day

      Prov. 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
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    I don't watch the news (my tv isn't even connected to the tv plug, I just use it to play with my wii), so I don't get all that negative cr*p that's passed by the news.

    What inspires me? Seeing a beautiful girl has always inspired me...
    but also learning new things, have time to relax and enjoy myself and all the little things that make me happy...

    And when it comes to people and stories... there are too many, but oddly enough nothing really remarkable lately...
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    Los Angeles is an example that has inspired me...
    It is the second biggest city in The US.
    It has relatively decent weather.
    And I found a beautiful picture of it at night to put as my desktop screen.
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    In my country this week we've been through a tropical storm.

    Seeing everyday people do what they can to help those in need, the huge results achieved by coordinated efforts and a single purpose is just breathtaking.
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    i'm always inspired by people who truly believe in what they're doing. it's not something that you can read in a bio, but when you run into these people you can feel their excitement for what they're doing, you can see that they are absolutely unshakable in their thoughts and as they go along their journey they do whatever it takes to progress to the next level in their life and business. i personally know about 5 of these people, they're few but they're proud and i'm proud to call them friends.
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