Share us your story about your sweet life!

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Tell us about your sweet life!
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    I don't have a sweet life like *Zack and Cody but my life has been changed a bit. I now have been in internet marketing for a few months now and I have managed to make $78.77 on Clickbank (and an incoming sale by tomorrow from a trial). I also have been given Free access to a $97 coaching program. I am a beta tester for his coaching program and the training has been going really well. I can't wait to make more money!!!

    Your life has given me quite a few things to think about. Nice life story. I'm sure many people will benefit from your life.

    I am actually a teenager too. Well, 16 years old to be exact. Nice to see another teenager get started with internet marketing...
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    Wow!Well, I have a lot of to mention when it comes to the sweetest things in my life...But one thing that made me feel so special because my fiance is a very hard working man and he never fails to give me time and he always made sure that it can make me feel so lucky...He's the sweetest man i ever encountered in my whole life...By the way, I'm 22 now and he's 23...Soon we'll get married...^_^
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    made the right choice to register a 1000 domains back in 2000
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