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by TehFBM
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Well, for the last few months I've been looking at posts saying "Help me, I've been doing this for months & haven't earned a dime" or "I'll never make money online, help me please!" In honesty, the only person who can help you make money online, is you.

People come into Online marketing & think that they'll make millions over night, after all the success stories they've heard about other marketers. But what most people don't realize, is that the people who are making thousands a day, have been doing this for years & have devoted nearly all there free time into achieving this goal for themselves.

All it takes to make a living off the internet, is to have DETERMINATION & to actually WANT to earn money. People come under the mentality that IM is a free ticket to success & money, but it's not.

What I am trying to say, if you are one of those people that can't make money or are having trouble at the moment, NEVER GIVE UP. If you are willing to put in the 100's of hours it may take, reading, researching YOU'RE going to get results. It may take you months, or maybe even years, but the main Message here is NEVER GIVE UP!

Me myself? I've been doing facebook marketing for well over a year now & i'm at the point where I make 4k + a month. And that's only doing 3 hours of work a day. But it took me at least half of that year studying & reading up on my market to earn that. Only you can make success, you're your own person, it takes a lot of imagination and a lot of determination to succeed in the online world.

Don't be afraid to try and fail, because I've tried & failed many times & in my opinion, I'd rather try and fail, then never have tried at all.

You all can do it.
Never, ever, give up.

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    Wow! 4k+ a month! Thats nice!

    Thank for sharing your thoughts!
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    thanks...for sharing....
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    Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Great work dude, I'm looking to bring my biz onto FB as well. Keep trying multiply those numbers and reinvest into other projects
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    A very interesting articles.

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    thanks for sharing..don`t give up and focus on one system...right??
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    Very inspirational. Keep up the good work.

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    Thank you very much for sharing that is awesome
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    Great post, and congratulations.
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    Twitter was founded by people who were there when the dotcom crash in the 90s. They have the determination to make something even with the number of failures they face. Now, Twitter is one of the most visited website along with facebook and google. Sheer determination to never give up.

    "In a broken nest there are few whole eggs."
    - Chinese Proverbs -
    Jing Quimpo
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    Thank you for sharing your story of success and inspiration. I think one of the reasons it may take others longer to get there, is a lack of confidence....and a solution to that is taking risks. Once you don't fear getting out of that comfort zone, things begin to happen.
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    That is such an inspiration for me...i will keep on keeping on. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing that
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      Hi FBM!

      A very inspiring thought indeed. I'm grateful for coming across this post of yours.

      Great thanks!
      Pepper Virtual Assistants - Work SMARTER not harder!
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    Cool stuff mate. Thanks for the thread.
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    4k+ a month is awesome, congrats on your success!
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    Hey, I appreciate the encouragement. I've been earning incredibly slowly during a time when I need the money NOW. As a stay-at-home mom with a baby due Sept. 1, this can be very frustrating- because I can't just go out and apply for a job. Who's going to hire me, when I'll be taking maternity leave in less than two months?

    Anyway, I've been putting in hours and so far have $43 dollars to my name. Major frustration. But I'll keep plugging away because we need the money and actually- I do enjoy what I'm doing. I just don't like all the time it takes, but that's just part of getting started.

    Thanks again!
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    Thank you for sharing this great post. It has been very inspiring.
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    Thank you for sharing. It's great to hear that your hard work has indeed payed off. (very handsomely if I might add) !
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    Motivating there. Thanks for sharing.
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    For a person like me who has a month into IM. This is the kind of motivation i need.
    I promise you, i will not let you down. This thing is very interesting. Thanks FBM.
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    I'd be in that years category... but I might be bi-winning eventually.
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      Thank you for giving such people like me hope to continue doing this.Thanks again

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    Thanks for sharing this though and by the way , i am already inspired .
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      Wow! U deserve to have it. Keep the faith!
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    Hi FBM! You're definitely right. It takes a lot of determination to achieve what you've achieved now. And time is really an investment to become a successful internet marketer. I've known people that it took 2years or more for them to be able to achieve the goal they've set, and now things are already passive. Time and patience is really a factor if you really choose to make money online.

    And, it's so great that even though it took long, at least you'll learn so much and now more skilled. Wisdom will last a lifetime.

    I'm just now in the process of learning to be a great IM. I hope one day, my name will be lined up to the best marketer online lol. well nothing is impossible right? Although I know I'm still far away, but I'm sure I'll get there.

    Let's be positive! Anyway, thanks for your post. More success to you. And congrats! 4000+ is really a lot!

    Learn how to earn and value money
    Become Truly Rich
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    This was very basic knowledge, which I really enjoy, because it's the fundamentals that we must use to reach success. It doesn't matter how many techniques and tricks you know or have established, it all comes down to the basics. If you can't master those, you have no business learning advanced techniques, because all is useless without a foundation.

    Do you worry about changing the shingles on a house before you even have walls and a foundation? I would hope not. I enjoy some very down-to-earth comments like yours, and genuinely hope that people will use them to better themselves.

    I personally love to see people succeed, I love to see people reach their dreams, and to help others climb their way up as well. There's a serious wealth envy in the world. Stop envying and doing nothing but tear down those who are successful, and start using all that contempt to build a bridge to reach your dreams, just as they have.
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      Thanks for sharing a very inspirational testimony and congratulations on your success. Keep up the good work!!!
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    $4k not too shabby. Well done! It's great to hear from someone that has succeeded in this "game" called Internet Marketing. I am guilty of getting depressed when things don't work as planned, but I have also learned that with the right attitude, determination and patience things will always turn out to be a success.
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    I sure hope I can get to 4k a month soon, great post! I actually didn't think that Facebook Marketing would be that effective.
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    Truly inspiring. If you have a goal, never lose focus. Just keep pushing forward. Thanks for sharing this post.
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    " Only you can make success, you're your own person, it takes a lot of imagination and a lot of determination to succeed in the online world. "

    So true.

    If you don't have focus and determination, you won't last.

    The Internet is like the garden of Eden, hosting both a blessing and a curse.

    It is up to us to make it what we want it to be.

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    Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.
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