[[[What keeps you motivated to stay in this marketing biz?]]]

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For me it's to of course leave my job and get financial freedom, but ever since I was in high school I fell in love with the BMW 7 series and I will own one someday. So for motivation I went to google and searched for a picture of the car, the picture the caught my eye is the one below. It puts me in the front seat of the car so I can kind of envision myself in it already. Knowing that the car I want is actually as close to me as working smarter and harder I continue too and will not quit.

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    Make a difference to someone, leave my job, move abroad to a warmer place!
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    My motivation right now is my 19 year old son. He is going to college and delivering pizzas. He is also doing a tattoo apprenticeship and attempting to pay all his expenses by himself.

    Everything I make from IM this summer is going to go towards helping him pay for his apprenticeship. He's a great kid and I want to help him as much as I can. I plan to surprise him with the money right before his next apprenticeship payment is due.
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    The need to feel that I achieved success on my own.
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      Originally Posted by rschuchy View Post

      The need to feel that I achieved success on my own.
      I'm all about this! I make about a quarter of what I did at my regular job, but I feel ten times more successful.
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    Financial freedom is goal. But that does not motivates me. I discovered that for me motivation comes from helping to others.

    I am helping to others in forums (I started to make posts to get back-links) - I give advises to people how to use Excel or Word or SEO etc and they thanks me. That gives motivation to continue making back-links. I feel good at the end of day when I helped to some people in their issues.
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      Freedom and Options.

      The freedom to choose each and every day what I want to do with it. Not to schedule my life around a J.O.B.!!!!

      Having Options. Not having all my choices be restricted by my current financial situation. To have no debt. To have the option to leave my job, to have the option to be with my kids and wife every day of the week, to sleep in, to take my dad shark fishing, to have a log house on a river with a long driveway that has a covered bridge going over the river, to pay someone to cut our lawn, to train and fight in MMA, to start my own church, to support charities that I feel strongly about, to help out family that is struggling to make ends meet, to pay my and my wifes parents bills when they shouldnt be working anymore so they can retire, to go to other countries with the intent on trying as many different foods from as many different cultures as i can, to take my family on an RV trip across the US, to go to other countries and live there for a month to soak in the culture, to buy a metallic dark blue t-top Corvette stingray, to take my wife on a second honeymoon to the bahamas.......... this could take a while.
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    2.Having the money to be able to see my parents whenever I want (it's a long story but I have not seen my mum in 9 years now).

    3. be able to help them out financially.

    and the rest...

    having the cash to invest in other business.

    would like to travel and see the world.
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    Hello Sean,

    To me what keeps me motivated is also the first two things you mentioned, quitting my job and achieving financial freedom. I am also equally motivated by the thought of being able to help my family financially.

    For instance my sister raises two kids on her own while working hard for a very unrewarding job; I would love to generate enough revenues so that I can help her start her own business (which she had in mind for year) and enjoy her life to the fullest.

    Thanks for bringing this up, it's very important that we always remind ourselves of the first of the four Ds (Drive, Determination, Dedication and Discipline), and that we maintain the drive to succeed.

    All the best,


    IS the Photoshop Killer(15,000+ Warriors can't be wrong!)
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    I'm still in IM industry because the efforts that I put
    from 2 years ago has now giving the good life that I
    have right now and I'm still growing everyday.

    My goal was to give my family that life style that they
    deserve. That's what kept me "alive" on IM.
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    I can work from anywhere in the world.
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    Physical objects like cars, houses etc. do not motivate me at all. What motivates me is the freedom of working whenever and wherever I want and doing whatever I like as I define "work". Certainly, lots of money will make me happy but it is really not the force that's driving me.

    While people hurry to get to their jobs in the traffic early in the morning, being able to go for running in a nearby park just feels great. And I wouldn't change this for anything.
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    Financial independence doing what I love anytime, anywhere and when I want.

    Planning an event

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    I just want to know if i can do it!, and i want to test how good it feels !
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    Well number one lately is the fact that I've actually started making money.

    Number two is that success means finishing college, and starting to save for a hopefully early retirement
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