how do i avoid spams in Vbulletin ?

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i've created a new forum ( forum.esocialparadise (dot) com )
There are 1000+ members, but i'm wondering that half of them are spammers.

please help me fellows, how do i get rid of them.

also have a look & tell me how it looks.
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    The only way to get rid of them once in is by manual moderation in your admin control panel under the users section. The good news is that you can ban them and remove all their content in a few clicks.

    The bad news is that vBulletin is a very popular target for bot and human assisted registration and it will never end. I have seen sites get 30 a day forever.

    The way to stop them is to put up barriers that help thwart them from registering and posting content. Depending on which version of vBulletin you have, this might be built in or need a plugin. If you are running the latest, inside the Admin control panel there are options for registration, you can add captcha and custom questions like what's a 6 letter word for a young dog. What's the missing letter? "PB&_ Sandwich"
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    Thanks for this.
    yes, i'm using the latest version. i'll try to use CAPTCHA. if you have any other suggestion, please let me know.
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    dear! i am providing vbulletin professional services for many years.. I advice you installed a plugin name "spam-o-matic". And use recaptcha in the registration process. There are some auto-registration softwares available in the market, which can solve captchas and custom question in the registration.. But they are not able to solve Re-captcha..
    Good luck
    if you need any more help on this topic. feel free to contact me....
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      same question for me to set up question answer type security setting in vbulletin ?
      I am using VB 4.14 ..

      i tried recaptcha but seems its easy for bots bypass or solve them. It may be because of their powerful image recognition algorithm but what i don't understand how they bypass the email confirmation ..

      Any clues ?
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    dear! saptakmandal! most of the spammers are backlinkers they used highly powerful software to bypass registration.. They use auto bots like Profile link robot, seo link robot etc. these bots have capability of bypassing all types of captchas, custom questions and email verification. I suggest you to install a vbulletin plugin "spam-o-matic", and buy akismet membership. The plugin will give you advanced anti spamming option.. And akismet will work together with the plugin. Akismet membership is very affordable i think it may be 6$ per month...There are two plugins more which can help in anti-spamming. The one is VSA-Advance Registration. and the other VSA-Advanced permissions based on post count. Check them. Maybe they are helpful.....
    umar shafiq
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    i am also providing Advanced vbulletin anti-spamming services for many big forums at very low rates. If you need my services feel free to contact me.
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    Thanks for all the inputs here. I am also planning to build my own forum now, and I believe this is a good one to start with.
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