Don't be lost, have a list.

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No not the sort of list internet marketers go on about. I mean the good old fashion to do list. (or if you're all fancy you can have a rocking mind map, yah?)

If you are feeling lost on what to do next, or feeling overwhelm consult the list.
Personally, I have a motto (and no offense to the religious folk), " The List is God". In that I would obey it as I would the words of the Lord. And when I get confused or overwhelm, I just take a new peice of paper/or open up my document program and I create a separate smaller list for that one particular task. Once it's broken down its easy for me to breeze through the list, it almost becomes a game of "how much can I really get done today".

So never underestimate the power of a pen, paper and an old fashion to do list. As Dad used to say, 'plan your work and work your plan'. The classics never die.
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    The to do list has been a real life saver for me. I've received comments from clients such as "Wow, you're on it!" and "Thanks for your prompt service!" Having a to do list has helped me prioritize my tasks so that I can get everything done in a manageable amount of time.
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    I do have a list of to do next. Right now i am working on a project for a year now with my list to do next.
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    The list is not enough, the most important is that you take action to do the tasks in the list.

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    A to do list is a life saver...many are the times we get carried away with other things that are not in the list.

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    A to do list is very helpful really. i make my list it never let remain any work undone.
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    My daily to do list has finally put me on track and is the reason that I have started earning any money at all on the internet.
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    There is really nothing like imbibing the culture of writing to-do-lists. I personally use a diary with dates in working out my shedules. It just keeps you focus.
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    Yes , having a list is a great idea , we usally miss many things to do just because we forget it , its better to make a list , so that your business is not affected.
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    I always record all the tasks that needs to be done so that I can assure that there will be no time wasted. I believe that having a to-do-list is still the best way to make your day productive and your work efficient.
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    I utilize that same idea....thanks for sharing
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    This may sound simple but the most effective thing to do about lists is to work on them last thing in the day. Decide the next days list before you retire. Then wake up and execute. It saves you plenty of time.
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    Creating to do list is really helpful. It saves me a lot of time..
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    Having a list or what we call a "to do list" reflects that you have done your planning and you have schedule to follow. This shows how systematic and disciplined you are. This helps in cutting on wastage of time and also does not let you procrastinate. The document also helps you to have a better control over the activities as you can compare with the scheduled about what has been the progress of the work in a given time frame, whether deadline is met or what is the actual result compared to the expected or budgeted result.

    It not only helps in personal life but also majorly used in corporate.
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    To develop a all-inclusive "to-do" list, check out "Getting Things Done", by David Allen.
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    "Planning is everything. Plans are nothing." -- D. Eisenhower

    I prefer to use the sticky notes on my Win 7 desktop by the way. It saves paper.
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    I create a daily To Do List. This helps me feel like I have really achieved something when I can tick each thing off one by one.

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      Keeping a list helps me see clearly what I need to do and not leave anything out. I really count on my list to help get the things I need to get done!
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    hahaha To-Do lists are incredible when you attach them to goals and visualization
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    sometimes the simple advice is the most effective!
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    I have a to do list, but i honestly haven't been using it recently. I think i'm just burnt out at the moment. I do want to reevaluate my goals, 30.90 year goals and figure out where it is i want to be headed. I haven't tried mindmaps, but will look into to it, thanks for that tidbit.
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      The money is in the "list". (see what I did there?)

      Seriously, everyone should consider getting a whiteboard, it's cheap and ultra convenient. I used to write my daily to-do lists in a book, on paper. But they get misplaced sometimes. You really can't go wrong with something as visible as a whiteboard to write your stuff down and remind yourself of the actions to take towards your goals.
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    I LOVE lists they help get me organized and I do find them motivating. I also find I get a lot more accomplished when I have a list.
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    Very good. This is part of your written plan. How you are going to implement TODAY.

    Look, sometimes the tasks on this list can be boring. Well we all have to do boring work sometimes. My program head waaay back in college used to say: "You can't take the Concorde out every day." In fact, it's your willingness to do the work that others do not wish to that will make you wealthy.

    Pick the tasks on your list carefully. Make sure that they aren't just "busy" work, and will actually move you towards your goal. You can always modify your list. But have one, because it will keep you on track. I have a white board. My plans go from being written in a notebook to tasks on that white board. It gets updated every day. Stuff gets done, and I know that I'm moving closer to my goal. Good feeling!
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    I prefer a Gantt chart...a To-do list divided up into sections (I do by project) with each task having a person, cost, and deadline associated with it.

    Check out this simple planner I love at Online Gantt Chart | Gantt Chart Software | Tom's Planner

    Gantt charts are more helpful to me than a written to-do list because it all seems overwhelming like I HAVE to do it all now. When you see steps not starting until the predecessor task is complete, then you know exactly where you stand and what to be working on now.

    I just tend to get lost with straight-up lists and it feels like it never ends, like there is no progress.

    And i would give my left nut for Rich Schefren's CashMaps, the ultimate to-do lists for internet projects, in my opinion.
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    Learning how to do a todo list and doing it
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