Any feedback/consideration of "The Secret" from Rhonda Byrne

by TanB
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Hi everybody

I would like to have any feedback/comments for the book of Rhonda Byrne "The Secret". A freind of mine gave this book as present to me. I read a little bit introduction and it seemed a very interesting book. Apparently the book is about "Law of Attraction", but is that something real, or just, lets' call it immagination...

Sorry for my ignorance on the field, I just need some kind of advice or feedback about this concept and in general about this book.

Thanks in advance

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    The Secret is the Law of Attraction !
    The LOA is always working, whether you believe it or understand or not.

    I suppose there are people who will believe and there are people who will not believe, just like some people will believe in God and there are others who don't.

    I suppose it is very difficult to use scientific experiment to prove it exist just like to prove God exist...but put what you learn it there into practice in your lives and see what may be really surprise at the outcome!
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    Are you kidding? That book is by far the best book that was ever made. It literally changed my life. If I were you, I'd buy the dvd and play it over and over again.

    Whether you believe it or not, It's happening in your life at all times. after you understand it a bit better, you'll begin to understand the LOA and how it's played a part of your life, even without you knowing about it.
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      Here's a blog post we wrote in early '07 that may
      give you some insight:

      = = = = = = = =

      "The media buzz - good, bad, or ugly - surrounding The Secret is mind-boggling at the moment.

      We truly haven't seen such heated, cliquish debate on something since the teletubbies got their own Saturday morning cartoon show.

      And, while we promise we're not intentionally trying to ferret out the Tinkey Winkey's of the NEW Law of Attraction movement, nor their "magic bag of tricks," we will tell you that sometimes .... well .... things just kinda come up in casual conversation.

      And, by the way, this is a 6-minute clip of a very powerful 2 1/2 hour full-on conversation we had with Bill Harris, founder of Centerpointe Research Institute and one of The Secret Teachers."

      - - - - - - - -

      You can get this complete recording at

      The Life Improvement Companyâ„¢
      LWL Media
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      Originally Posted by Christie Love View Post

      That book is by far the best book that was ever made. It literally changed my life.
      IMO- Maybe best marketed book

      "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

      "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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    Be prepared to do more research on the subject rather than fully accepting that ideas presented in that book. There is SOME truth in its message, but even more truth in what it does not communicate. If you would like a suggested reading list to assist you in your study of deliberate creation, pm me.
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    Everything in it, all the Greats have put into practice. Good Luck!
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    • It's simple cognitive reprogramming at work. Talk to any reputable psychologist and they will attest to the validity of cognitive reprogramming.
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        Originally Posted by Empowered-Entrepreneur View Post

        It's simple cognitive reprogramming at work. Talk to any reputable psychologist and they will attest to the validity of cognitive reprogramming.
        Talk to any normal person and they will say, after asking what it is, very succinctly, I am sure, cognitive reprogramming is a load of, um, rubbish.

        Too many people specialise in theory, without wanting to do the hard work , commonly known as practice
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      Originally Posted by Loren Woirhaye View Post

      I appreciate that this is an old thread, but if I found it, others will

      It seems that lot of energy has been put into debating the value of The Secret over the years, but let me just say that while some may decry it as 'repackaging an old concept', does it really matter, if it helps set people free?

      For example, say 9 people attempt to explain the concept of the solar system to someone named Sally, except Sally doesn't understand them and loses interest. They explain it to her in very technical and long-winded terms so that she soon tires of it and gives up, believing it's a concept that she's just not intelligent enough to understand.

      That's sad. She could have learned something that would have helped her understand and appreciate the universe a little better.

      But...suddenly a 10th person comes along with a completely different approach to explaining the solar system to Sally - and even goes so far as to create a visual documentary to demonstrate the concept.

      Suddenly, Sally sees it! She gets it!

      My question is: Did that 10th person do something good for Sally, or not?

      Should that 10th person be defamed for a charlatan, or praised for being so creative as to come up with a novel way of demonstrating something in a way that almost anyone can understand?

      Seems to me, that's what it boils down to.

      I'd personally recommend finding a copy of the DVD of The Secret and watching it as well as reading the book - your local library will more than likely have a copy you can borrow.

      That's my two cents worth

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    Great book, good stuff...... It does not answer all the questions but answers a lot.

    Read Jerry and Ester Hicks (Abraham-Hicks Series) to get the rest of the answers. Most do know she was in the original release of the movie and then was taken out. Her info puts all of it together.

    Thaks for asking..........Ricky

    " As we we are"

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      My friend the secret always works, and its working even right now, better just implement the techniques and see what happens.
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    I'd recommend you read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich instead. It covers a lot more then just the law of attraction and I found it a lot more practical then The Secret. That book is still good tho and very inspirational.
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    I had problems with the basic premise of EVERYTHING being attributed to the Secret. I feel that while you can say everything is affected by The Secret or the Law of Attraction, so is everything affected by gravity. But there are OTHER forces operating as well. So just like gravity makes things fall to earth, still the plane flies. And while the Law of Attraction is a powerful force, it is NOT the only force in the universe.

    I also felt the book was overhyped and marketed, but hey, all that promotion meant I was able to resell my copy on Amazon for a good price!

    I feel you can learn something from The Secret, but.... I also would recommend other books more. I liked Zig Ziglar's Goals, Brian Tracy's tapes on Achievement, and yes, Think and Grow Rich. All of them I considered worth listening to (I primarily read audiobooks) more than once.
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    The secret is great beginner steps.

    Don't do like most people and think it's the end all
    be all.

    It will give you a good start on your journey to enlightment.

    Although you are already enlightened, but don't know it.

    Good luck on your life path my friend.

    Self Actualization is one's true purpose. Everything
    else is an illusion.

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    hey Tan,
    the concept in a nutshell is: we use our minds as magic tools to draw anything we want. A seeker makes an image that represents the goal and feeds it thought energy: affirmations (sayings said over and over), notes on the mirror with the the goal written out (in the present 'now;' form).

    the law of attraction says that what you will and feed with the food of your constant wishful attention, you will eventually receive.

    "Dream in a pragmatic way."
    -Aldous Huxley

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    I have seen it.. I actually own it in audiobook format. I think what it comes down to is IMMV (individual mileage may vary) as with anything. If it gets you moving in the right direction then yes, it got you moving. If you translate the message into "I can just sit and imagine my way to a million dollars", then no... not so much!
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