Never Give Up Even With A Very Bad Situation

by Chris Q Banned
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Hello guys!

Let me tell you about myself on never giving up even with a very bad situation.

Currently I am struggling to make money on autopilot and invested a lot of WSO's which mostly are rehashed and needs more money to invest on the recommended tools they use. I also had a day job as a manager of our family business which is known as internet cafe (barber shop coming soon) which my dad invested it for us and I work 4-6 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimum salary. Our main employee right now was recommended by the doctor to rest for a week due to high blood and collapsing. Right now, my best friend Peter was temporarily hired by my dad to fill up the working hours of our main employee. Although I really don't like my position right now by managing everything and working with my client at the same time, I just need to have good time management.

Because of this family business, I can't really focus on working with my big time client due to the obligations needed in our family business. Even with a very bad situation, I always have higher hopes. My goal this year was suppose to achieve six figure savings, but I don't know if I reach that due to my very bad situation.

So what should I do? When it comes to bad situation like this, I always watch WWE every week where John Cena is my favorite superstar. He has some various themes of his own like "Cenation", "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" and "Never Give Up".......which "Never Give Up" was something that makes me energized.

As I always watched John Cena every single week on WWE Raw, it makes me feel confident and never gave up on whatever bad is my situation....which I can really DO IT! Yeehah!

Although I'm still struggling for answers to make money on autopilot and building a six figure business-in-a-box, I never give up. So guys if you had a very bad situation like mine, just never give John Cena.
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    I agree with you on that, Cena's theme: Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. It's one of the themes that is worth applying in our own life. Respect begets respect, and it is one virtue that people should not try to erase in their life. Hustle in life for us to reach what we dreamed for, never give up and never back down from any challenges as what John Cena has been portraying in WWE. Regardless if that is a handicapped match against two opponents, he will always present the message that people should never back down from challenges. One has to hustle and do his best to overcome such challenges in order to attain that dream. And lastly, loyalty. Wherever side or whatever decision that you are going to make, you have to stand to your principle why you choose or made that choices. Be loyal to everything you do and you say, never present that you will just change your decision just to conform to what other people will try to tell you on what you should do or what you shouldn't do.
    Trust in yourself, when you fall, stand up with your head aim high. As also what The Rock will always tells his millions of millions of fans, know your role!
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      Never give up. Ever. You only fail when you give up. Life is hard for everyone in different ways but you can't stop moving forward.

      The benefit to a site like this is everyone here is taking control of their own lives and they understand the difficulties that entails. So when you feel that the situation is too bad there are likely people on WF who have come through a similar situation.

      Keep talking, keep working, and keep moving forward.
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        Originally Posted by Ceri View Post

        Never give up. Ever. You only fail when you give up. Life is hard for everyone in different ways but you can't stop moving forward.

        The benefit to a site like this is everyone here is taking control of their own lives and they understand the difficulties that entails. So when you feel that the situation is too bad there are likely people on WF who have come through a similar situation.

        Keep talking, keep working, and keep moving forward.
        The quote
        "Never give up. Ever. You only fail when you give up." is excellent. This is very true, and indeed applies for most of people around the globe. Hopefully i won't give up until i get a stable income of 20grand/month.
        Thanks man your quote inspired me!
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    Giving up is not a solution in any given should be smart enough to make tough decision to overcome the crisis situation. When there is adversity and strong resistance from the opposite side, hold your cool and look for options that suits you the best. Try converting the adversity to a favorable one.

    Remember: you axe a big age old tree once it does not fall, you try next 5 times and it does not it falls uprooted....
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      Faith is reason grown courageous. ~Sherwood Eddy
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      Nice! Never give up! I love that picture of a frog choking a bird so he
      would eat him....

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    Yes we must have the never give up mindset because more failures mean more feedback for us to learn and be more successful

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    Unleash the power within you with the Secrets of self empowerment

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      Failure only really happens when you fail and don't learn from it.
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        Originally Posted by Ceri View Post

        Failure only really happens when you fail and don't learn from it.
        Failure is stepping stone for success. Failure Definition: Doing the things in different way than what you expect.
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    We all have to watch our self-talk and the things we tell ourselves.

    There's a term called "self-fulfilling prophecy"--and if you keep telling yourself you're in a "very bad situation", that's exactly where you'll be. I know someone who constantly says 'I'll never have what I want in life'--do you think she has what she wants in life?

    I'd also suggest getting some perspective. There are many people living in abusive situations, living on the streets, starving...... working for your father doesn't seem like a "very bad situation" if you look at it objectively.

    I think it's Buddhists that say nothing is "good" or "bad" until your thinking makes it so.
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    When you feel like giving up, just think of the reason why you are pursuing you goal in the first place.
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    great post and good to hear your story.
    all the above replies hold merit
    in my mind its all about keeping going even with the set backs - its that 2am feeling when you've been trying to achieve something and its still not happening - but you still need to power on, ultimately you'll win out - keep going
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    Great points in many of the above comments. I don't watch WWE but I know who John Cena is and he has certainly achieved success in a tough field.

    Never give up has to be one of the most important statements one can make. Giving up means you will never achieve whatever you desire, whereas continuing to go forward or even changing directions or taking a break at least means you are still on the path toward success. Keep moving forward and you will eventually arrive at your destination.
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    good post ... it's informative and educational ... thanks
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    Check out my Sig. There's a guy who never gave up.
    Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School

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    Great inspirational post. I've added couple of weeks ago video in similar video on YT:

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    John Cena is fake as fake gets, if you do not want to give up study mandela or gandhi or martin luther king , not some punk .....
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    Giving up can never be an option!

    Planning an event

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    Never give up. Ever. You only fail when you give up. Life is hard for everyone in different ways but you can't stop moving forward.
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    Warriors never give up
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    Problems and shortcomings can make bad situation in life. The fact that we can never avoid these situations all you have to do is to stand and make a way to face the challenges in life for instance you have to stand firm on what you choose and never try to stop believing what you can do. Never give up for an instance!
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    Great post. I whole heartedly agree with this and am in a situation myself where I can't give up.

    I am currently travelling in South America and the funds in my bank account read at £5 (GBP). I have a flight to New Zealand at the end of the month where I will hopefully be able to get a paid job but until then I have to try make money online and quickly!!

    I have already recieved help donations from friends and family who don't really have money themselves and birthday money all which has just kept my head above water and has now gone. It is 100% my own fault for not saving enough before I started travelling but it's the kick up the bum I have needed and although times are tough I am still smiling and somehow remaining positive (maybe it's all the positive thinking and meditation courses I took when I was back in the UK).

    That is great that you have WWE and John Cena to keep your spirits up and for fiving you the 'never give up attitude'. If you continue like this then I am sure that good things willl come your way - you have proved that you are a hardworker in your offline job so I am sure that this can translate to online too.

    I'm sending positive 'good luck and keep going' vibes to you and from the bottom of my heart hope your situation improves. I know mine will even if it isn't round the corner, I believe I will get out of this situation and when I do victory and success is going to taste oh so sweet as without the lows you can never truly appreciate the highs.

    All the best!
    ICF Accredited Life Coach
    Health & Wellness Consultant

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    Whao what a great post by all in here. But a word of caution: If you really dont want to give up, stop seeing your difficult situation as a problem but see it as a chalenge.

    Everyone you have seen not given up is seen it as a challenge.
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    Lucky you that your father already set-up a business for you. Yet I do not understand why that family ties will hinder your dream in your online success. Though, I can't blame you on that because I'm also trapped in that kind of situation. Wishing you all the best. I am sure you can handle everything. You just need to wait for the right time.
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    I give up all the time. It's essential if I want to get to where I'm going.

    If I never gave up I'd be 100% guaranteed of failure. Example (feel free to use it as a metaphor). My "goal" is to get from my house to another place in town but I made a wrong turn and now I'm heading in the wrong direction but because I'm super tough, fearless and I REFUSE to give up I just keep going further and further out of my way with every mile I travel and I may end up facing a dead end eventually but at least I never gave up.

    Winners give up and give up often and so they should. It's the ONLY way they get where they want to go. Only fools don't give up when they should. Giving up (when it's needed) seems essential if you want to get where you're going. Making small corrections is giving up on decisions you made and choosing a new direction.

    My point is, don't give "giving up" such a bad name. Every time I hear this piece of advice (no matter how well meaning) I cringe. Giving up is neither good nor bad except that context makes it so. People give up bad things all the time.

    Wasting your time, doing something harmful, using defeatist negative self talk, going the wrong way...etc are all things that we should all "give up". Admitting defeat for a myriad of slightly incorrect decisions is part of (everyday) life and we should be proud and take ownership of every time we give up on something that's not working. It requires maturity and experience to know when to give up.

    Sometimes, the faster you give up on a (losing) battle the faster you can win the war.

    That's what I reckon anyway.

    As Anthony Robbins says: "Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach."
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    It is alright to change and evolve one's strategy and to give up on fruitless tactics; it is just not alright to give up on having success at worthwhile goals overall, at least if one wants to ever achieve worthwhile goals. As soon as one does that, then one's life, at least on Earth, is basically over it seems.
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    I work through bad situations by re-framing my definition of a bad situation.

    I grew up poor. Both my parents had little education, My father had a stroke that paralyzed half his body at the age of 43. From then on we lost our family business and I grew up starting at age 6 in low income projects where people would just beat you up to take the change out of your pockets if your parents sent you to the store.

    At that time I thought I had a bad situation.
    I recall the final Christmas I spent with both my parents, I was an only child. I was young and there was no money. I kept a smile on my face but deep down inside I thought it was a bad situation.

    Then my father passed away.
    The next Christmas my financial situation was better but I would of given ANYTHING
    to return to the previous Christmas that I had previously thought was bad situation.

    You have a family business, cherish that time, one day you will miss it.
    You have a best friend working with you, one day you will miss that friendship.

    Life is just situations, not good or bad unless you frame them that way.

    Today every minute that I have I cherish.
    I completely and totally expect that there is an expiry date to my health, my life, the lives of my kids and wife and god forbid should anything happen to any of them or me the only way to honor that is to focus on the best parts of it all. I am constantly shocked that people live life like there is some sort of guarantee that tomorrow is coming and I am equally shocked that when saddening events occur they feel their life is ruined and how could this happen. Of course everything you can imagine good or bad will happen, now its your choice how to frame it.
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    There is a quote that I like regarding this: Winners never quit and quitters never win

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