Take a break warriors

by jann
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I just realized that i am getting so addicted to working since i ever got into internet marketing. I cant wait to get home and get glued to my laptop.

But , I'm i headed to killing my social life?
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    This is easy to do,balance in all things. Make sure u live in the moment.
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    Yeap, might happen in the beginning. But don't let the IM world control you, instead, you control it! Sounds easy to say, but you need to be able yourself to take a break when needed to do things you like with people you like.
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      Originally Posted by EduardS View Post

      Yeap, might happen in the beginning. But don't let the IM world control you, instead, you control it! Sounds easy to say, but you need to be able yourself to take a break when needed to do things you like with people you like.

      Oh yes... so true ! Sometimes my wife and two sons say that I am crazy spending so much time behind the pc...

      Talking about '' Internet Marketing time management'' indeed !
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    It is important to take time off. Allowing yourself time to enjoy life will not only help your social life, it re-energizes your creativity.
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    Its a very common thing... But you need to be in control your time, and I would suggest you decide how long time you will spend every day with your laptop, and then just set an alarm clock :-)
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      Time management will do the trick Jann, do not force yourself sitting in front of a computer for a long time. Take time to give yourself a break from "work", spend some time with your friends, family members and people around you who care and love you. Take a walk on the beach and stretch those legs, allocate time for a break and as they say" All work and no play, makes john a dull boy", if I get the actual words from it. You have to find time to give yourself a break that is important. Balance everything, as also, "too much of something is not good". I understand that we need to earn, but not to the point that you have to kill yourself with too much work.
      Enjoy life, Life is beautiful and there's more to life than earning.
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    Too much of everything is bad. You should know how to manage your time properly. If you don't want to get stocked in front of your laptop which obviously takes most of your time, make some appointments with your friends. By that you can control the time spent with it.
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    Time management is of the essence otherwise one can work late into the night,shut out all social networks because of IM

    Its all about Kenya ,all the time

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    Yeah i also do need a break fast. Am saturated and I could take a week off or some days.
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    It great to learn from the thread that all I need to do is balance, i guess friends and family are important hence we need not neglect them while we work too hard on our IM world.

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    I'm related to many of the people I work with. Seems like a I am always talking about work! But all is good, cause I actually do like my job.
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    It's amusing how every guru pictures Internet Marketing as a way to free yourself from the 9 to 5 rat race but instead you find yourself working 9 to 9 instead. Still it's a good thing if you're really enjoying it.
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    I got addicted to Internet Marketing as well. I'm feeling kind of sick for not sleeping regularly for one entire week. It's time to take a break for a couple of days
    A superhero is someone who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, then pick up his sword, and fight again!
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    Time management and discipline are very key. You can spend hours on your laptop and yet end up not doing what you are supposed to do, that means you will have pressure for now the next day while what was to be done on that day pushed to the next day...
    I learned this the hard way.

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    Work Hard, Play Hard...If you love what you do thats all the better. You said you were excited to get home, thats great. How many people do you know that are excited to work? I would advise you to stay in the moment and keep pushing hard and set positive goals and write them down, stay the course and allow yourself time for persona and social activities. Many of my clients lose this focus and passion and they get lazy so I say if you love what your doing and having fun and making money keep it up! Best of luck to you!
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    This is so true. That is why I'm looking forward to my annual girlfriends-get-away in early October. There are 6-8 of us, and we've been doing these vacations for more than 15 years, consistently!

    The catch is we bring our laptops, but it is still more play than work.
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    Yes it is really exciting. but those of us who are successful are those of us who enjoy our work. It's a good thing
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    Wow you're pretty lucky if everything you're doing in IM is exciting. I'm excited some of the time, and half of the time it's like pulling teeth. I think it may be time for me think about outsourcing some of task that I find tedious, and that I'm not that stellar at.

    Then maybe I can take a break. Good thread.
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