Amy Winehouse - What A Tragic Loss

by ccora
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When the news broke out this weekend that Amy Winehouse was found dead at her home in the UK at age 27, I did some research on her to learn more about her short but successful music career.

After watching a few music videos of her, I realized what an incredible talent she really was. At the same time, you can almost sense the dark side of her.

This shows that everyone, including immense talents like Amy Winehouse, could benefit from active self improvement. If only she was serious about self development, she would have been been able to live free of substance abuse and keep her body and mind healthy.

What a waste and what a shame to lose somebody like Amy Winehouse at such a young age of 27. Active self improvement could have helped not only preserve the talent she had but could have helped develop it even further since she obviously had many more years in her music career had she been healthy.

I hope Amy Winehouse is finally resting in peace away from all of her troubles. I hope that others around the world will maybe learn that active self improvement in both mind/emotion and body is very important for us. Hopefully, losing such a great talent like Amy Winehouse at such a young age will never happen again.
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    She was quite young, but had gotten her self in drugs and alcoholic problems. But sure she was young!
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      It is very sad to hear things like this. It is exactly why I have taken my IM experience and coupled it with my passion of helping people.

      I have always been a big fan of self help books, motivational speaking and understanding psychology and how our mind works.

      I wish people were more willing to reach out for the help they need. My message to anyone who is struggling is that "help is there and your life CAN be different" ..

      Very tragic...

      Your Success Matters To Me! Meet me at my Blog:

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    Yes, she was young but she destroyed herself. Too many alcohol, too many drugs...
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    Never heard of this singner,But for the age 27 ,it is a pity!

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    Some people just give up. I honestly think she had already decided how her life was going to be and it wasnt necessarily tragic to her just what she chose.
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    Yes, it is tragic.. I just hate it when young, talented people like that just waste their life on alcohol and drugs and end up paying with their life for it :/
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    Amazing story.....Great shares
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    Hope after this tragic loss, people will think more before starting taking drugs. Many musicians have a bad habit of taking drugs before creating music. And what is the worst thing - more young groups doing this only because older and more successful also do.
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