Advice on catching a good nite sleep

by jann
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I have not been sleeping well lately.
I am not anxious, but i toss for most of my nite only to wake up feeling very tired in the morning.

Any remedies?
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    If you haven't ruled out sleep apnea, that's an important thing to do. Other than that, exercise some time well before bed (so the exercise itself doesn't make you wake up) and have a very regular pattern.

    And if it continues, see a doctor. Some of the sleep issues, like apnea, can be dangerous to your health.
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    A few suggestions...

    a. If you usually do a lot of work - you burn your energy and sooner or later sleep hits you.

    b. Do not keep a cluttered room - it screws with your sleep. Keep it clean, neat and simple. I read a cool article on this ...

    c. Have a hot shower and a warm glass of milk.

    d. Stop thinking - I want to/need to go to sleep. Just chill out, read a book if you must.

    e. Seriously - try and pray. My mother who has issues with sleeping, falls asleep within 5 minutes once she tries to pray.

    f. Finally - I personally like lying down in the dark and listening to some slow, old time country music.
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      Its amazing how much info you guys have.
      This is very helpful, will follow your advice and keep you posted for sure.

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      Originally Posted by wcmylife View Post

      A few suggestions...

      c. Have a hot shower and a warm glass of milk.
      Cannot agree with this point. Scientists made a research and claim that cool shower is better for sleeping. I do not believe it until I tried this myself. As a result i have become sleeping better, and faster recover life energy. Maybe it's my own feature. In summer cool shower works obviously.
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    Daily exercise
    No caffeine after 4 PM
    No computer or TV at least an hour before bed
    Reading something right before bed

    Lol, feel like these should be pretty obvious - but we are so addicted to our gadgets these days
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    Ha! Wcmylife I thought it was just me who falls asleep while praying. Funny how that works. I guess your mind is taken off the fact that you can't sleep.

    First you need to find out why you can't sleep ( mind too busy, can't get comfortable, body won't relax etc)

    For me it's mainly that my body won't go I into that drowsy mode. Usually eating a banana, drinking camomile tea or cranking up the air works for me.
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      ;-) I've been doing a lot of funny stuff with sleep, most inspired by Steve Pavlina. I would consider reading some of his articles:


      Especially his "How to become an early riser" is great.

      Another thing:
      - Remember at least 30 days of sports each day.
      - No coffee
      - Get loads of light during the day
      - No hot bath right before sleeping
      - Goto sleep and wake up at the same time every day (goto sleep at different times might work)

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        You caught me right there.
        Coffee is my thing....mmmh!!!will really work hard to get off it.
        But i love my hot bath before bed....I dont know what to do.
        Maybe theses are just some of the causes.

        Thanks for your care!!!
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  • Warm glass of milk.
    I have been link building since 1984.
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    The best way is..
    1. See a doctor. (1-2 might be needed)
    2. Follow his/her advice.
    Thats about it.

    Jing Quimpo
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      Find a really boring book and force yourself to read it before bed. Works everytime!!!
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    Want to catch a GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP?
    1. Give yourself less stress during the day.
    2. Listen to white or pink noise.
    These are my suggestions; Now let's get real...

    I prefer to comment with a more universal solution that disallows any prejudice concerning an individuals personal social moralities, beliefs, or less than universal application.

    Given the comments shared, they all have their own particular measure of credence:

    • Prayer is good except if your atheist.
    • Exercise is good except if your in a wheelchair,.
    • Food or drink pleasantries are good unless their is an impoverished circumstance that warrants the conservation or even rationing of nourishment commodities (yes, even still in today's United States, and not some third world country).

    I Suggest Two Options

    There are two options That come to mind of which both are indifferent to an individuals discrimination of likes or dislikes. Those factors actually take precedence, after the fact of an individuals discovery of the true character behaviors of the face in the mirror.

    Option #1 -

    Option # 1 has to do with just the action of 'Being Still'.
    Be Still And Slow The World

    Being Still' is pretty much akin to stopping in the middle of a crowd of people, who are rushig to and fro in their purpose of reaching some other location away from where they presently are. Try it!

    Just Stop in a moving crowd, look around, and observe. After a moment or two, you'll notice a peculiar phenomenon. Everyone around you will seem to be moving in a slightly sped-up movie; moving fast forward so to speak; or are they?

    I wont go much further, but consider the fact,that you are actually in the effort of conditioning your mental faculty to sympathize with the ebb and flow rates and rhythms of your environment at an accelerated rate.

    Being still enables this awareness. An individual in this state will:
    • Contour their breathing to a slower rate.
    • Optically ingest a greater scope of viewed peripheral and focused events.
    • Dilute the shades of mental confusion that concern clarity of reason.

    The ability to physically interact within communal gatherings of people in a more relaxed fashion also occurs, though expressing a similar interactive rate of dynamic (but still ) participation. Strangely, this is due to an accelerated thought trend process. The mind perceives differently.

    These mentions might seem contrary to the understanding of just wanting to fall asleep, yet that couldn't be farther from the solutions.

    Option #1 mentioned above has everything to do with the overlooked arts concerning 'Advanced Inner Technology'. This all has to do with the mind and the brain containing the features of mind. There's more to this than is casually publicized.

    This can be an extremely massive writing concerning unused mental qualities, but that's another kind of information sharing that might be more suited to a different set of questions.

    What's exceptionally good about this option, is that it's non-invasive, natural, and accessible under almost any and all conditions. The condition mentioned accesses depths of an individuals psyche, however the closest reach of effort I would suggest investigating, for a general understanding, is 'meditation'. 'Being Still' identifies a state of awake meditation.........

    The bottom line here is a simple answer concerning option 1. Strengthen your mind so that sleep naturally comes easier due to less stress....

    Option# 2

    Sound is efficiently effective, if you are sophisticated enough to understand the auditory reflections of this Mother Nature. You already know about mans electronic reflection of natures ebb and flow of a rolling rushing wave crashing against a shore. Electronically its called 'noise'.

    As humans, we electronically head in this direction by generating, 'White' or 'Pink' noise. The audible frequency expressions of 'White' or 'Pink' noise, will put you to sleep, because similar to the natural seashore sound of the ocean, they contain all frequencies mixed and expressed together simultaneously. Again, we identify our electronic explanations as 'noise'.

    If you live in a place where commercial audio technology is accessible and available to you, you can benefit through its use. Listening to audible frequency expressions of 'White' or 'Pink' noise, will put you to sleep.

    This information is much less than a tiny on the tip of an iceberg, but I think you get the picture.

    Hope this helps - Tom
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    Change your sleeping position. You may think that it's impossible to control what position you sleep in since you aren't fully aware of what you are doing, but it is possible and it can make a considerable difference. When you go to sleep, or if you wake up in the middle of the night, make a conscious effort to follow these guidelines until it becomes habitual:
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    Good suggestions but what I find to be helpful is putting on a fan in the background, white noise definitely helps put me to sleep.
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    If you are over 40 years old, do some Internet research on 5-HTP. Awesome stuff if it's what you need. Over the counter here in the states. Wal*Mart, 10 bucks.

    BUT!... The best advice might be to go to a doctor.

    Hey, I'm just saying.

    Joe Mobley

    Note: I am not a doctor though I played one when I was younger. :rolleyes:

    Originally Posted by jann View Post

    I have not been sleeping well lately.
    I am not anxious, but i toss for most of my nite only to wake up feeling very tired in the morning.

    Any remedies?


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    My best advice is not to have caffeine after noon time. I have found if I do I don't sleep well and I'm restless.
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    I'm not sure how you feel about using supplements like redbull, monster, etc. but they recently started coming out (at least in my area) with relaxation drinks. I think you can get them at your nearest vitamin and nutrition shop and some convience stores like 711 white hen, walgreens, etc.
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    To help me sleep, I reread an old book that I've read so many times.
    Seriously, it helps me to get that good night sleep!
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    Clear Conscience - alwayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz w o rk s $4 me
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    Of course, first see a doctor and rule out any underlying symptoms of something more serious. There are lots of reasons people have trouble sleeping. It may last for a short while or a long time. I saw 5-HTP mentioned above and that can certainly help, not only with sleep, but with mood and appetite. I think it is something only to be taken short-term, however.

    Valerian root and kava kava have worked well for me. If you tend to wake up and the mind starts racing causing you to lie awake for a long time keep a bottle of liquid melatonin on the nightstand. A drop or two under the tongue for 30 seconds is the best way to take it. None of these tend to make you groggy in the morning like a sleeping pill might, but everybody is different.

    Also, try meditating regularly, even if only for 10 minutes a day. It lowers stress and can help you sleep deeper.
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    I have a great suggestion for this as I also experienced the very same thing.

    Don't sleep for 24 hours. You will be tired the next day but please make sure you sleep at 10 - 11pm, and wake up at 6am - 7am so that your body clock will go back to normal. I just did this today, and it did work
    A superhero is someone who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, then pick up his sword, and fight again!
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    try staring on a white wall if yours is white or try attending some monotonous speech or lecture then shake of the sleep and keep at it till your bed till
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    Don't sleep in he same room you watch TV, if you still do. Don't go to bed angry. Do a little meditation before you go to sleep to calm your mind and relax. Make sure the last thing you do before you go to bed is positive. Peace!
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    Hi jann,

    Originally Posted by jann View Post

    I have not been sleeping well lately.
    [...]Any remedies?
    Have you tried meditating? There are lots of meditation guides you can purchase online.


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    The best thing to do is work or do some physical activity and you should. read before you go to bed. Also try to relax at least 30 ins before you go to sleep
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      Do something really well and be really proud of yourself.
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    A few software recommendations

    If you're on a computer and you're clicking away on it well into the evening or night, you may want to download f.lux to automatically adjust your screen's color+brightness to suit the time of day. It's kind of annoying if you're working on visual projects like graphics and videos, but for other things like surfing the net and writing it should be fine. This should allow your computer to be more compatible with your natural circadian rhythm (internal body clock) and promote better sleep.

    You can try a 2 week free trial of Neuro-Programmer, which uses sounds to adjust your brainwaves. There are some sessions that can help you get to sleep more easily and may improve the quality of your sleep.

    Sleep Cycle
    If you own an iPhone you may want to try Sleep Cycle. This app tracks your sleep cycles using the accelerometer (you place the phone on your bed) and wakes you up at an optimal period in your sleep cycle so you won't wake up cranky or tired. Depending on the firmness of your bed mattress this may not work that well. If you don't have an iDevice you can look for a sleep watch or similar devices that monitor your sleep cycles and wake you up an the appropriate time.
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    Try to take a hot bath and drink so warm milk....
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    I actually have the same problem. I think Daily exercise helps because i let out energy. Meditation also helps. Half of the time its just you running through your thoughts, try not to to think, as easy as that sounds it takes practice. Also if you want to try some supplements i would reccommend some melatonin supplements. I always say leave a doctor as a last resort, half of the time the medications have more side effects than solutions. But honestly with the melatonin, daily exercise, eating right, and the meditation or just calming your thoughts should help. I know because i've been there.
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  • Try to drink a warm glass of milk. . It works for me and for my husband.
    Buy oil paintings-it will give character to your every room!
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      I've read some of the suggestions you've gotten. Exercise for me makes me wired so I wouldn't recommend that right before going to bed. It's great to exercise in the mornings or during the day to increase your levels of serotonin, which will ultimately help you in having a more restful sleep. Removing coffee or any other caffeinated drinks in the early evenings or late at night would be EXTREMELY beneficial. I would recommend not having the television on or anything bright because your body will think it needs to be awake when it senses the light shining through your eyelids. I also find it helpful, if I have the incessant brain chatter to put my hand on my stomach and focus on my breath. As my hand rises and falls with each inhalation and exhalation, I ultimately focus the energy there and fall asleep. I've also prayed the rosary and am usually asleep before I get to the second decade. Any repetition is soothing because of it's rhythmic sound in the mind. It could be something as simple as, "My sleep is sound and restful."
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    Originally Posted by jann View Post

    I have not been sleeping well lately.
    I am not anxious, but i toss for most of my nite only to wake up feeling very tired in the morning.

    Any remedies?
    Originally Posted by wcmylife View Post

    A few suggestions...

    a. If you usually do a lot of work - you burn your energy and sooner or later sleep hits you.

    b. Do not keep a cluttered room - it screws with your sleep. Keep it clean, neat and simple. I read a cool article on this ...

    c. Have a hot shower and a warm glass of milk.

    d. Stop thinking - I want to/need to go to sleep. Just chill out, read a book if you must.

    e. Seriously - try and pray. My mother who has issues with sleeping, falls asleep within 5 minutes once she tries to pray.

    f. Finally - I personally like lying down in the dark and listening to some slow, old time country music.

    First I'd like to say I think everyone's advise in this thread is great and most doctors would agree with it.

    But, I think that baring an actual sleep condition, it's all in your mind. The reason i multi-quoted is because of suggestion (e.) above.

    I think that the reason this works for people has nothing to do with the actual prayer and more so with the fact that her mother BELIEVED that praying would make her fall asleep. It clearly seemed to work for her. I would worry less about all the regular can't sleep advise and work on the way you think about sleep.

    Put a sign on your alarm clock that says "Today is going to be great and I'm going to have a great night sleep tonight!" The exclamation point is important, dont leave that out. Make sure you look at this EVERY morning for 21 days, which is the average time it takes people to make a new habit. I've used this technique many times to create new habits. Tell your self your going to sleep great every night until you actually do sleep great everynight. You cant give up. Fake it till you make it, it works! I've also recommended this technique to my brother who used it to quit smoking. It took him less then a month to become a non-smoker. His sign said "I am a non-smoker"! I told him to just put up the sign and keep smoking, just look at the sign everyday. It worked. He eventually woke up one day realized he was a non-smoker and never bought another pack.

    Good luck!
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    Someone already said what I was going to say but the iPhone app Sleep Cycle is an incredible tool, I've started using it quite a lot and it's really handy when I need to wake up feeling better than I normally would. Also, try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night, it's important for your body and peace of mind, I sometimes have a relaxing bath to get me to relax further before I sleep.
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    I suggest turn off all your gadget....I mean cellphone, laptop and television. It'll only disturb your time for resting. Free your mind...stress only makes even harder for you to sleep.
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    starbucks! vanilla coke! .......avoid them after 2pm
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    Pillow is important, worth the dollars.
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      I have a 1/2 peanut butter and honey sandwich on wheat and a tall glass of milk (doesn't have to be warm).

      This works every time for me. Of course, not many nights I have a problem getting to sleep, though.
      Katheryn L. Olsen aka "Coach Kat"
      Self-Mastery Coach For Entrepreneurs
      Transformational Public Speaker
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    dont drink coffee six hours before sleeping
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    for me, listening music is one way to hve a good nite sleep....
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    I hope our many advices have helped you have some sleep, don't over do anything e.g. Coffee, Sleeping, I Marketing etc
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    1. Drink milk
    2. Leave you're day and look forward for tomorrow.
    3. Pray
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    I hope you are not consuming coffee late in the evenings and make sure not to eat too much dinner that keeps your digestive system working over time....
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    Listen some old and slow songs while sleeping.
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    I agree with people that say not to have caffeine after, let's say, 4-5 PM.
    I used to have the same kind of problem and i stoped drinking coffe after 5, and somethimes I listen to relaxing sounds souch as rain or crickets...that calmes me down and I fall a sleep instant...
    Just try to leave all your worries outside your bedroom 'cause when u wake up in the middle of the night youl stay awake cause u'll just continue thinkin bout all of that... (just talking my own experience)
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    If you cut down your sleep for a few nights it may allow you to fall asleep earlier as you'll be super tired. I would avoid any medication solution to this though. Exercising first thing in the morning can help to.
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    Exercise I believe is very important for you to have a good night sleep.
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  • Got a compilation of expert-recommended tips on how you can finally get a good night sleep. Hope this one can help:

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    My advice is to ask a sleep specialist as they know exactly what's your problem. And my personal advice is to stay away from activities that boost your brain energy like gaming or watching horror films. Also do not take too much alcohol or caffein before going to bed.

    Have a nice sleep!
    Failure Is Temporary, Giving Up Makes It Permanent
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    Flux is a free computer program that will help you wind down at night by removing the blue component of light from your monitors after sundown. Blue light stimulates the brain. Try it, you might like it!
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    Meditate using brainwave synchronization meditation music. You want a sound track that ramp the frequency from Beta (wake state) down to Theta (sleep for adults). Alpha meditation prior to sleep is good to relax and releive the day's stress, before sleeping. That will stop the tossing and turning. You body (avatar) has too much stress accumulated ans stored.

    Hope that helps!
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