There Is No Get Rich Quick - You Have To Work For It!

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I have been coaching a few people lately in the Info Marketing area and I find that there are so many people (not just newbies) thinking they are going to Get Rich Quick through an online business.

Many of these people think they can just slap up a blog or product site and the cash is going to come rolling in. This is just not reality.

The reason I know this is because I was one of those same people many years ago. I was looking to escape the old 9-5 job, be at home, and Get Rich Quick.

I wasted soooo much money over the first few years and I got really frustrated. But I finally realized that I had to treat the online business as a real business with set hours, dedicated goals, a budget, and have real focus on what I really wanted.

Once I did this, my whole perspective changed. I realized that I was going to have to work hard, take classes, read books, experiment with different businesses, etc. to see what I liked and what worked.

The difference this time is that I did it with a purpose, focus, and attainable goals. Having a goal is key even just one such as I want to make X dollars a month.

The goal you make helps you determine what kind of online business to choose. For example, if you want to only make $500.00 a month then having one or two Info Product sites could bring you in that money.

But if you want to make $5,000 dollars a month then this requires a different business model and capital.

I can tell you that I have tried just about every kind of online business and it has been quite a learning experience. The best advice I ever got from a real Guru was to focus on one or two businesses and to put all my time into them. Then I see what success really was.

I can tell you that I took his advice and did focus on just two niches one in Info Marketing area and one in Affiliate Marketing and I am very happy with the results.

At one time, I had hundreds of blogs, sites, products, and frankly I could never spend enough time properly promoting any of them. So I finally got rid of most of them and started to focus. In fact, I have a few left and I am in the process of selling them off.

I am at the point where I am only going to basically focus on one niche with most of my time.

I hope this information helps anyone reading this. This was my experience and the advice I would give you is find a niche you really enjoy and focus on really developing an online business in that area. Don't try to do too many things or you will end up frustrated.

Good luck.
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    Many thanks for sharing this post. Tis a great start for a newbie like me.
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    Great stuff, well-said. I used to do too many things at once also; I tried to learn Forex, Stock Market, Real Estate, Printing Business, HR, Marketing, Sales, and a lot of other things in only 6 months. The results were terrible because I couldn't do anything right.

    In short:
    Focus on one thing. Master it. Move on to the next challenge.

    Oh, and also, make sure you document your experience so that you can look back at it just in case you forget
    A superhero is someone who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, then pick up his sword, and fight again!
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    I totally Agree. Great post.

    Joseph Cale
    Cale Mindset

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    It's been said many times, but it's definitely something that needs to be reinforced. There are too many people that expect riches for doing the simplest things.
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    Good points..been doing this before but now i just have to focus on one niche..because as they say, you cannot serve to masters at a time...
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    Thats definitely true. I've been running my own online advertising company for a while and started looking at getting into something else as well and got so overloaded with information on how to make money I couldnt seem to get anywhere. I was jumping from one idea to the next. I even got sucked in by all the push button software gimmicks that make you a million by pressing your mouse five times. I finally focused on two strategys, got myself a mentor and never looked back. Like you say it does take hard work and dedication like any other business but you dont give up you get the results in the end.
    If you're are a complete newbie and want to learn how to make a six figure income from someone who has spent $1000's on mentoring from the some of the best people around like Alex Jeffreys check out my blog at
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    Yess People seem to think that Internet marketing is a walk in a park. In fact I think its harder than work. At work you just need to do what you're told and use the skills you've been working on for all these years and improve your skills. For internet marketing you need to learn business, technicalities, writing copy and many other skills from scratch. Not only that you have to be creative in your projects and ventures. Also did I mention you have to work long hours to make things work? I didn't get $100 a day from only working 1 hour a day.
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    Funny, but when one starts out online and you discover the multitude of information available to you, you seem to have this overwhelming urge to obtain and master every bit of it as a matter of urgency (even if you had no idea it existed until a few days or months ago!).

    At least that is how my journey online started out. Probably out of sheer desperation to find something that would make me money in the shortest period of time. Needless to say, I wasted alot of time and money purchasing courses/software, etc which promised unrealistic results before realising that it is better to focus on one type of online business at a time and then move on from there.

    It is so easy to be sucked into the often false promises of instant online success which is all over the net and it truly takes motivation to focus on one thing at a time, master it and move on.

    Just like a brick and mortar business however, the energy, time and effort which one puts into your online endeavour consistently will definately reap rewards when the time is right.

    Having a plan and a purpose when it comes to your business definately makes the process more realistic and far more rewarding to achieve than hoping for minimum input and maximum rewards ( this will usually only result in dissapointment!)

    Finding something that you are good at and enjoy will certainly ensure that building your business is a far happier and more rewarding process.
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    Great piece and well said, this should be recommended reading for all newbies.

    I think we have all fallen for this at one point or another.

    It is easy to get caught up in the hype, but once you refine your B.S. detector, put your head down and focus, amazing things happen.

    Thanks, it's a good reminder.
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    Yeah. I do agree. There is no fast track in getting rich and that's the promise of most online scams. If we take a look at it, successful people who became rich have made real efforts to be successful too. On the other hand, there are also people who became rich in an instant in a bad way.
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      Originally Posted by Ashlei Rose View Post

      Yeah. I do agree. There is no fast track in getting rich and that's the promise of most online scams. If we take a look at it, successful people who became rich have made real efforts to be successful too. On the other hand, there are also people who became rich in an instant in a bad way.
      Interestingly, the people who do end up getting "rich" quick typically lose all their wealth within a year or even less. If you don't earn it, you won't keep it.

      It just doesn't work that way.
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    Yeah what you just said is looking me in my face right now, I should take full commitment and dedication to make my ideas work. IM is not a Get Rich Quick scheme, money is created but along the way, character is also tested and enhanced.
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    good post ... focusing is critical
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    internet marketing = get rich slow
    Those who have time and search for a better time will lose time (Sufi Proverb)
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    Personally, I am really looking forward to the challenge of it all. Harnessing the same drive and determination I focused on working all these years for someone else, to be able to focus and work for yourself is a gift. Long hours? No Problem. Hard Work? Bring it on. I am not yet in the position to be working for myself full time yet, but that is my own personal goal, and when that day does come when I can truly work for myself, I will never forget what a gift it is, and work even harder because of it.
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    I like this post, very practical information here, thank you.

    Planning an event

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    Thanks for the post.I'm a newbie,and this gave me a much needed perspective.
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    It really makes sense to concentrate your efforts on one or two businesses, just like the real world biz.
    Signature Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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    Yes, it does help and thank you for sharing, I too had to learn this the hard way and think of how much I could have accomplished knowing this a time ago. :-)


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    This is true - I know this only too well. I first started internet marketing years ago, I came across it as I desperatley needed money and quick and when doing a search with these keywords page upon page of information was telling me how I could do it. I ended up buying everything I could, trying it for a while and still looking for other things. This lead to information overload and resulted in nothing.

    I am now back and focussing all my efforts on 1 thing and I know that if I work hard and get the experience, the money will come in. I'm not looking to get rich but just get an income that will support my travels.

    Great post - I hope all newbies read this.
    ICF Accredited Life Coach
    Health & Wellness Consultant

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    I totally agree. I learned that the hard way, but I'm on track now. No amount of knowledge will set you free. Success is only hard work.

    It is only working hard and working smart that will eventually bring you to freedom. Being ready for the long haul.

    Become more effective by learning HOW to learn—

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    In order to get rich quick, it’s more than just working hard – it’s working smart. It’s coming up with an idea that could change lives and then running with it. The reality is that not only do you need to work hard, but you also need to be innovative, to put your own “seal” on the get rich quick scheme by adapting it to your needs.

    Graphic designer and article writer

    For any questions please contact me:

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    There is get rich quick. There is no get rich easy.

    You can't get rich quick if you are at the start of your road. But if you have made $50 mil last year, went bankrupt, you can make another 5 mil in the next three months.

    It depends a lot on your background, skill, self-image, peers and network and track record. If you've made money, it's easy to make money again fast.

    But no one said it is actually easy.

    In reality, to get rich is harder than you think but easier than most people think. In other words, it's a little outside of your comfort zone, but it's not near impossible.

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    Same here, I totally agree. You have to work hard to be rich. At least you can be proud of yourself on how you achieved it.
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    great post thanks for the share
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    Thank you for sharing this great post. I hope to hear from you more helpful information and also motivation on how to be a successful..... someday.



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    I was exactly like that, not concentrated on one thing! But now its getting better, focus on just one and you will master it good..focus on many things and you will have your problems!
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    Your post touches upon a deeper fundamental issue: Most people who go into business on the internet are affiliates. Only a small percentage of entrepreneurs actually create and sell their own product. Most people expect to pick a handful of niches and drive traffic to their blogs and BAM! Sales! The problem is, this process is so utterly transparent any more that very few people succeed in doing this.

    This country was founded in the entrepreneurial spirit. People saw issues they could remedy and created solutions that people could genuinely use.

    You CAN get rick quick... IF you have an ORIGINAL product or service that solves a problem that people can benefit from.

    I do agree that you need a vision, a plan, a budget and a distinct way to execute all of the above.

    I'm a copywriter... I can share with you that I get calls on the daily from people who think that they just need SOMETHING up ASAP, completely ignorant to the fact that their copy will literally make or break their success. So they end up launching too soon and sabotaging their potential results because they didn't have a business plan to make their vision truly come alive.

    Even people with totally original, genuine solutions have gone this route.

    The bottom line is... if you want to become FINANCIALLY FREE, you have to draft out your vision and become crystal clear about what tangible steps you're going to take to position yourself perfectly! After all, this is your inspired thoughts you're trying to make into a reality! Each step doesn't need to take a long time by any means, but you do need to nurture your vision so the next inevitable steps are obvious and joyous!

    Again, you CAN make a lot of money FAST. I've had clients go to launch and make 6 figures in a day. But there was 6 months of collaborating to get there. They also had to originate their solutions, which can take any where from a week to 40 years. My point being, you can only make the kind of money worthy of your time if you have a vision. That includes affiliate marketing.

    When I launched my most successful eBook, it took me about 6 months before I made any REAL money. But since then, it's been pulling in at least a couple grand a month from work I did almost 5 years ago. So it's also about executing a marketing campaign that will generate residual income for years to come.

    Forward thinking!

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    Nice information. Liked it. Making money online is traffic. A million dollor store will close if, opened in a desert. So, you need skill to get traffic to your site even thought it is a blogger blog.
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    I agree. Very good points. So many people believe the hype from the get rich quick schemes and think if they just add three magic widgets to their site they be making millions by tomorrow. But like you said it takes Work, discipline and focus just like any other business.
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    It's true. there is no get rich quick. everyone would know about it and then it wouldn't work anymore. You have to work for it.

    If you want to work for yourself, you have to have your own business, either service or product. You can have a local brick and mortat business with employees, a building, physical products, etc, or you can have an online business.

    The reason for doing an online business is that you can work from home, you have a larger customer base and you don't have to hire employees, worry about their benefits, workman's comp, and you don't have to pay a lease on the building of your business.

    An online business has some costs too, though. First of all, you need to learn. Sometimes that costs money.

    The other thing is domain name and web hosting, email autoresponder service, a merchant account/credit card processor, etc. You can also outsource some of yor work but those people will not be employees, they are paid based on how much work they do. You also have more freedom with a flexible schedule (no actual business hours because most online work dealing with customers can be automated) and you can work in your pajamas.

    All of the costs of an online business is way less than a brick and mortar business. That is why I started an online business. Not because I thought I would get rich quick.

    I knew I had to be self-disciplined, focus, and create my own working hours so that I would actually be able to accomplish my goals. If you don't work, you won't earn an income and that's just the way it is.

    It is so easy to get distracted. You need to stay focused and take action toward your goals every day.

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    Very well defined, me too have gone too many struggles in this business until i found something that had change my life totally. All these are the results of the proper mind set, perseverance, craving for knowledge and positive attitude.
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    great post, love it

    Carlton Baran

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    Excellent post! Yes I definately agree that there are no quick rich schemes out there or I have not found them yet. Right now Im starting my own online business that is all about learning to create your own business online. So people have a look at my website in my signature and sign up for free info product and let me know how you find the information, thanks.
    Once again excellent post!
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  • Profile picture of the author Duy Nguyen
    You're right man

    There is no shortcut to success. Only a clear goals, hard work and a real action plan to follow day by day will lead us to final victory. I know this right from the moment I stepped out of my comfort zone and entered this whole Internet Marketing thing.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate them!

    Failure Is Temporary, Giving Up Makes It Permanent
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    Wealth is not spoon-fed and served on a silver platter. You have to work day-in and day-out to achieve the success that you want.

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  • So I have to work?!? Cool
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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Prescott
    this makes sense, there was i time when i would start many websites becuz i wanted to have as many financial pillars as possible, but in the end, there is too much distraction. When I focused on 2 sites, and 2 niches, I started seeing success, just like you. Cheers

    Carlton Baran

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    Very nice post! To gain something we really have to work for it.
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    totally agree to this statement
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    Jack of all trades and master of none!!!!! Focus on developing one business and success will come
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    The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.
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