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Many people take criticism negatively and too much criticism can be negative too. But constructive criticism is probably one of the best ways to excel. You need to be aware of your weaknesses so either you can work on them or you can outsource them :p LOL

Anyways I have always tried to evaluate what I am not great at and to work on my flaws, one of my flaws are I cannot do most of the technical side of things cause that is simply not my forte. But I have started working on those things and have tried to acquire some basic knowledge on technicality so I can get by.

So what are some of your weaknesses and how do you deal with that
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    Absolutely, criticism is the best way to see your weaknesses. Don't hate your critics, rather, thank them for showing you how to be a better man!

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      It's call feedback!

      I have a choice when I get to know my weakness. Improve on it or get someone else to compliment it.

      If I enjoy improving on that weakness, I don't mind reading or taking up courses. Other than that, I would ask someone else to do it.
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    Outsource! LOL. I like that idea.

    Some of the most successful people I've come across take some time every day to look back on the things they need to improve and then puts a plan in place to go forward and be better the next time.

    The way I look at things is I have weaknesses, but they are only there to make me a better person and as long as I'm willing to work on them then I can make those weaknesses into strengths.
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    I used to be very much bother with criticism since i believe them and try to change to be someone else. I realized i cannot change everything and there are things i need to learn to live with.
    My weakness is that i like things done perfectly anything less than that really makes me have a long day trying to fix it.

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    Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots.
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    Be self critical, take advice not criticism from others. Constructive criticism from others might not fit your personality, its up to you do take what you want from the criticism from others. I personaly dont focus on that but rather on how I can become more productive.
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      I think honest feedback from people who we have respect for is the best gift someone could give another.

      It's easy to see in others what they do which limits them, however it can be difficult at times to see what we are doing that limits ourselves. That is why honest heartfelt feedback is a blessing.

      However, Criticism from someone who doesn't care or know you, or is just negative in general isn't always helpful.
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    The way I handle my weaknesses is from learning and seeking help from the experts. And when I get the hang of it I make it a point to use it everyday or as often as I can so that I can get used to it and then that's it I can overcome the said weakness from learning and from the help of the experts.
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    criticism may encourage you the things you have done...
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    How you react to criticism really depend on the tone of the critic. Sometimes well meant criticism can go haywire for lack of the obvious reasons
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    That is a good way to look at your self and ways to improve if you take it positively
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    Yes, taking it as a challenge to improve yourself and to discover that you can be better than what you are.
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    yes its true....really good idea
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