Fitness and Success, are they married?

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I seem to have noticed a pattern of sorts. The very successful people I"ve know have all been rather fit. One guy owned a technical firm and would run every morning. He was rich and fit.

There are exceptions of course, but I'm wondering if being fit leads to success or if success allows one to be fit. The guy I spoke of had the time to run every morning because he was the boss and no one could tell him when to appear at work.

Maybe its a mindset. Perhaps the very thinking that makes someone rich makes them fit.

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    Tricky one this.I know that in the past few months I have started to do alot of running to get in better shape and I am getting richer.
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    Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

    but I'm wondering if being fit leads to success or if success allows one to be fit.
    Exercise can make you happier. Have you ever heard of runners high?

    Your mental state can effect you more than just thoughts alone. Exercising can clear your mind and you gain clarity and can focus better.

    Lets say you like to run every morning. And lets say to be in a cardio/fat burn zone, you need to be at 150 heart rate. This would be your target heart rate.

    You want to keep you're target heart rate up there for an extended amount of time. Could be 5 mins- 10mins- 1 hour. Just do it, thats the point.

    So, as you run and you're heart is working overtime, endorphins are pumping into your brain. These endorphins make you feel better as they release into you're brain. This CHANGES your MENTAL STATE.

    You don't have to think thoughts to yourself, to try and HOPE for your mental state to change, but by exercising correctly, your mental state automatically changes.

    Thoughts alone are almost worthless. Sure, they matter, but you have look at the over picture. And its the state your mind is in that matters most.

    Which brings us back to the runners high- because the endorphins released in your brain make you feel better. And not only do you feel better, happier, more confident, when you exercise, you also will achieve the body you want- so you'll also look better.

    All of this improves you're self image. And self image is one of the starting parts to your success, because it can improve it, or limit it.

    Does that make sense?

    "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

    "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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    MaskedMarketer , great explanation. It does make sense.

    I used to wonder how successful people had time to be fit. It seems the two are indeed married.

    I've known a few unfit people that are successful, so their mental state must be exceptional to start with.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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      Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

      MaskedMarketer , great explanation. It does make sense.

      I used to wonder how successful people had time to be fit. It seems the two are indeed married.

      I've known a few unfit people that are successful, so their mental state must be exceptional to start with.
      The opposite can also be true- rich people are fat. Why?

      Because they got money

      "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

      "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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        In My opinion, fitness is a very important attribute to have to obtain success. I work out 1 hour per day six days a week. I have more energy and a clear mind.

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    I totally agree. I think its because your mental state improves
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    I think that if they aren't married, they are definitely kissing cousins. The discipline that it requires to become successful and maintain those higher levels of achievement are not unrelated to being fit and having the discipline to exercise and eat right and live a healthy lifestyle.



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    Agree wholeheartedly about the runners high, and the effect on your mental state.

    I think also fit people are also able to stick to a plan or a program, and have persistence even when things don't go to plan, aren't comfortable (5am run on a cold rainy morning) or even go backwards (I'm currently nursing a foot injury).

    Discipline, committment, persistence.These aren't bad traits for success in IM, and are usually characteristic of fit folk.

    Does that mean when I do my first marathon mid year, I'll have more money in the bank too? :-)


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      The mind-body connection is undeniable. If you have your physical fitness in order, then that is basically 'success' when it comes to your body's health. Since this is the exterior of the connection, it would only make sense for it to come first. Then the mind can follow.

      With that said, there are probably a lot of unfit successful marketers out there. I don't really think that you can deduce that good physical fitness leads to good financial success objectively. Correlation does not equal causation. However, it's probably a good way to approach the whole thing with all intents and purposes...because in the end, you'll have a lot more energy and will feel much better about yourself. When you're generally confident with yourself, you can be confident in any other task that you want to pursue.

      And I think that's probably the extent of it.

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    Great comments, here.

    There are way too many unfit successful people for me to accept that being fit is the cause of success. Similarly there are a lot of fit people who aren't successful.

    But, I do believe that when you're physically fit it gives you a higher level of energy to work with. It provides you with endurance, stamina, and strength to work with, too.

    When I'm excercising regularly and feeling more physically fit, I definitely feel better about myself. This is just one more source of positive energy I can tap when I need a boost, or just want to sustain my positive outlook.
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    kind of. You have to stay physically active in order to keep your brain working properly. If your brain is not working properly then how can u attain success?
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    I follow Tony Robbins "get the edge" audio program...the first time he teaches is the hour of power...if you have that 1 hour in the morning...just to yourself...for a quick walk or jog and some weight training, thinking thru your goals and plans for the day, week etc...sometimes its just 15 minutes or half hour, it doesnt matter...what matters is the time you set aside for yourself...after that I'm energized, I eat less and have a great day! try it!
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  • I agree bro. Take it from a guy who lost 100lbs...twice, it's much easier to function when you're fit. The personal image, self confidence and esteem soar when you're fit vs. way overweight like I was.

    True story. Nope, I don't have any weight loss products to sell; just keeping it real as always.

    There is one downside however, now my kids have to find a new place to find shade in the summer...they can't use my gut anymore!

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      Wow! 100 pounds twice! That's amazing! As I am personally in the middle of such a weight loss program right now (okay, more towards the beginning than the end), I'd really like to hear more about your experience.

      I can only imagine that you were tremendously empowered with your success the first time, then a bit bewildered about how you got back to where you started.

      Please tell us more!

      Dave S.
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    I think there is a strong hand in hand between fitness and success but it is not a universal, plenty of fat rich people.
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      Fitness and Success are tied, absolutely.

      If you are fit (pertains to fitness), then you go to hospital or buy medicine in a lesser time and spend lesser money. Thus those money you saved by not buying expensive meds, can be use to invest in a business. Then success follows.

      Just my 2 cents!
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    I truly believe that when you feel your best - you perform your best. Even though it's hard waking up super early in the morning to workout each day, I continue to stay dedicated because I know that I work best when my mind is alert and my body feels great.

    Some people say I'm crazy, but when I compare my accomplishments with those around me that don't take care of themselves, I notice a huge gap and... I'm on top.
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    I believe that the most important think is health... with a good health you will productive... when you're productive, you'll get richer...
    so my conclusion : health is money...
    peace :>
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    I think the exercise does make you feel better. when you feel better you do better things. You take more chances, etc.

    One builds on one , then the other.

    I think it makes a difference. thanks for sharing..Ricky

    " As we we are"

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    first it just has to do with energy levels. if you are sick or in pain or tired you can't give your all to your projects.

    second has to do with "image" as a culture we are still still think beautiful equals fitness and therefore good. so the "beautiful" people get noticed more. it gives them an advantage. (even though i know full well fitness does not necessarily mean healthy or vice versa, most ppl don't make such distinctions)

    lastly is the self discipline aspect. the one thing you DO have control over is your body. (supposedly) so the discipline required to stay fit and be healthy in this world of unhealthy temptation, will give you the discipline you need for everything else.
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    yes ofcourse being fit will make your mind ,body and brain to funtion in a prper way, ultimately which will make you lead an successfull life at the end
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    Mind and body work hand in hand. Try to get the most out of both. I find i'm more energetic, hence efficient when i workout and exercise on a regular basis.
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    i am convinced that fitness and success really go hand in hand. First of all when you exercise regularly you do your mind and body a huge favor.

    When your exercising, your body releases more endorphins (happy hormones) thus allowing you to be more creative and think much clearly

    Now think about this, when you are more creative and can think more clearly it means you can better understand the opportunities that are coming your way.

    Thus making you more money and adding up to your success

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      Yes, they are related. Good health is the primary foundation of any success what I discovered many days ago and described in my personal site's page. When I feel good in my body, I feel confident and my successes come easily, feel happy, forgive people easily, love me, love others, feel good in all ways. But when I suffer in my body, sometimes I feel, I should kill everyone of this world.
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    I definitely think there is a relationship between fitness and success. We all follow patterns through our lives. The things we do every day on a regular basis. These are the things that cause our life to turn out the way it has.

    If you are not getting the success that you desire in any area of your life then you need to look at what you are doing, or what you are not doing on a regular basis and change them to a more effective pattern.

    If you have success in one area of your life but not in another then you need to look at what you do in the successful area on a regular basis and work those patterns into the area where you want success.
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    I think that when one is out of shape it takes a toll on you mentally and your self esteem suffers.

    It's also a discipline thing where a lot of us fail which may trickle down to our business life and relationships.

    Having down P90X twice I now that I felt better and more motivated when I met my daily exercise goals and was feeling stronger. Unfortunately after my second round I messed up my right elbow and have not worked out which means I lost all that I worked for which put me in a bummed state.

    Working on some audio files incorporating brainwave entrainment to get me mtivated.

    I like to mess around with software programming.

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    Exercise can help you gain confidence and energy while also improving your mood and can even make you learn things faster. All of these would help you get rich
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    Nice notice Scott.
    Well, not sure if they`re married but they certainly have affair ;-)

    Personally, I know some successful people which are not so fit, but generally - yes, most of them are in great shape.
    Never thought of that before, but now ... I think it has something with correct mindset and long term planing.
    Something to think about.
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    Hmm, I think that they are closely related and go hand in hand. If a person is successful and is fit, then he must have worked hard to maintain that certain balance. Sometimes, when we get so caught up with work, we forget about taking good care of our health and wellness.
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    Excersize creates a certain mood in your brain and that mood leads to creativity.
    Which could lead to success.

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      Jay Abraham is an example of Fitness + success... But Dan Kennedy, not so much...

      I guess that too much work can be toxic, if it makes you neglect your physical health.

      I'm getting slimmer...

      I'm studying and applying Internet Marketing constantly. I'm here because I want to share knowledge. :)

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    I believe they are. First of all if you become a rich guy or a figure that people look up to you would wanna look attractive and fit. Just like a celebrity. Being fit also raises your confidence, makes you live longer, and makes you enjoy life because there will be alot of things you will be able to do. Honestly I work out 2-3 hours a day and I must say after a good workout i feel AWESOME.

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    It take discipline to be fit. Working out is only part of it; the need to spend the time doing it is another, and the biggest is the permanent changes in diet needed to stay fit.

    The type of person who can choose to deny themselves now for a bigger payoff later are the types of people who win most consistently in life.

    When you see a fit person, you are seeing a person who has the discipline to succeed. It is rare to see people without the discipline to succeed with success. Thus, it is rare to see successful people who aren't in (reasonable) shape, and very rare to find them grossly unfit; yet it is easy to find grossly unfit people who are not successful.

    I personally know that I excel in all areas when I commit myself to the requirements of being fit; and I tend to slide in all areas when I put it off until tomorrow.
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    After gym i am kinda tired, but my productivity is way better than before gym when i wasn't tired, so i guess yes, fitness and success are married in some way.
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    One needs to get all things in the correct order..... Try this FREE goals setting tool to help you: ..:: Welcome to Prioritize My Goals ::..


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    I think this has to do with personal discipline. Successful people do not settle for a mediocre business, a big nasty gut, a dirty car or house or...

    Plus, being fit, eating healthy means to take care of one's own most powerful tool: our minds and bodies.

    That's my theory

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    For me they came hand in hand with P90x. It has gotten me into the best shape of my life, I am eating the healthiest I have in years, and it is also my most profitable niche.
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      you don't have to be fit to make a lot of money and build a business. Especially one where you can sit at a computer all day.

      So no they are not married.

      So don't think you have to first be making money to get fit. I have put 10 lbs on in the last 2 months. So i joined the gym a few days ago. Starting somewhere workign your way up. gym memberships are only 10$ a month right now up here.
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    K, so here's what I think goes on with this concept...

    It's the Butterfly effect and compounds fast. So this naturally means that morning rituals are incredibly important for your day, week, month and year. It gets things set on the right foot.

    So what I've seen a lot of successful people do is start the day off with a morning ritual. Drink water, exercise, meditate, eat healthy...they prepare for the day and then they build off of it.

    On a separate note, being healthy is a game changer. Eating right and exercising daily really gets your energies flowing and you thinking more clearly. The end result of being healthy is simple: It's a game changer but it isn't really hard to implement in the realms of success because it's a naturally rewarding concept. You eat healthy and feel great. It's a relatively simple concept.

    Sorry, this was a quick explanation but I've gotta run. I'm pretty sure I got my point across though.

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    I'd rather be poor and in great shape then rich and fat and unhealthy. I used to be pretty large and it was the pits. I was large when the only thing I could think about was getting rich somehow and I was lazy and couldn't make it and it made me think less of myself which led me to eating and drinking more.

    I've since smacked myself in the face and started taking action. I'm looking good, now to make the wallet good so I can go out and do some REAL good.

    But, yes, the most driven and successful people don't achieve the things they do by only taking care of one facet of their life. And MOST are very obsessed with aesthetics anyway, which would explain ritualistic working out. Their gym clothes match their respective vehicles, stuff like that, lol.
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    So what is the use of being a successful person if your not fit and healthy to enjoy it so fitness and health is always together or else you wont be considered a successful person as well
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    Being fit gives me energy. It's the only way I could sit down for long periods in front of the computer. I also think being fit gives people their sanity.

    At my day job, the company subsidizes our gym membership. And, I've seen almost every executive in there within the last 6 months.

    I'm working on some new things. So, nothing to promote just yet.

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    Mind, Body, Spirit.

    If anyone is into strength training, I highly recommend looking into investing toward a kettlebell. I'm not talking about that plastic mock up you see in gyms, rather the cast iron ball, starting at 35 pounds (roughly translated from kilograms)
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      Hey Scott,

      Being fit can help with success. You have more energy, work longer hours, stay healthier, have better immunity against getting sick.

      It all comes back to help you.

      Can it guarantee success? No.

      You still need to know what you're doing and make good decisions in any part of your life. There are people who are unfit who are very successful in material terms.

      Real success is very personal. It's a question of standards. Where people see themselves on the success scale is entirely up to them. One person's breakthrough might be trivial to others and vice versa.

      One thing is true. Without our health, life is more difficult.

      - Jon
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    I definitely agree that there is a case here.

    Being fit increases energy levels and you definitely need good energy levels to be successful
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    I believe fitness and success in business both require similar self discipline. If you have one, you can have the other as long as you have the desire and the mindset to take the necessary action.
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    Look at the way we are biologically programmed...

    We become more physically attractive when we are fit and active. This encourages mating, which is our primary purpose of existance.

    The body rewards our efforts of activity by releasing endorphines...this makes us feel good, and a signal that we are doing the right thing, and will want to do it again.

    Therefore, this creates a synonymous set of benefits...we become happier, more focused and more fullfilled. This state of mind can only lead to further success in other areas.

    If adrenaline is the hunter's fuel, then endorphines are his heroin.

    We were meant to chase wild animals and kill them for our survival, and that's what we did for thousands of years...and you would never see a tubby caveman.

    There was no time or option for laziness or choice like we have today. Six pack abs and toned bodies were normal, not an aspiration...because they were the physical manifestation of high physical activity.

    So it's in our very nature to be phsyically fit, and it's a symbol of success, which obviously has it's roots in our early life on Earth. So, with this symbol of success, breeds more success. It's perpetual.

    Which one comes first? I'd say it doesn't matter, and either can and will...

    ...providing you have what others have already rightly pointed out...SELF DISCIPLINE.

    SELF DISCIPLINE = six pack abs and six figure bank accounts.

    The problem today is, we have so much choice and convenience, the need for self discipline is greater than it has ever been in our history.

    That's why there's so many overweight people in the world, and the number grows as technology, industry and ultimately, convenience, all grows at a similarly frightening rate with it.

    Well, that's my take on it anyway

    P.S - Short version - whenever I eat well, don't drink alchohol and keep physically active, I feel in a much clearer head space, and more energetic (more benefits of fitness). As a result, I get more done, and I am more creative. When I shovel crap into my body, the exact opposite happens.
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    Being healthy in the body gives confidence which can translate into success equity.

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  • Profile picture of the author leri
    Yep, Fitness and Success are married.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Baker
    I know myself, when I go to the gym early in the morning, I am far more productive and can coach my clients much better.

    I have more energy during the day.
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  • Profile picture of the author andr3w84
    They are definitely related. Sports improve the irrigation of oxigen to the brain, helping us think faster, more clearly, which in turn can make us more successful in anything we do. Simple as that.
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  • Profile picture of the author kebgolfer
    There is indeed some truth to it. Regular exercise, not only makes you healthier, it gives you confidence and a abundance of energy. Also, regular exercise releases certain chemicals in the brain that almost forces you to be positive about everything. I can't remember the chemicals but, it's like a youthful, positive enforcement within yourself and your positiveness naturally draws positive things and people to you.

    Play Best Golf Of Your Life In Just Two Short Weeks With Simple Golf Swing Or You'll Get Your Money Back!

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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post. What a great forum!

    I just wanted to chip in with my two cents worth.

    I do agree that Fitness and Success are closely inter-related. But I think successful people have two qualities in abundance:

    1) They're always taking action - they just don't have the time or patience to hang around waiting for something to happen, and

    2) They never give up. They're just pure stubborn, if it doesn't work out one way then they try another, and another, until they find a way that does work.

    I think fitness does two things:

    1) It keeps the brain healthy and active. This is where the drive for action comes from.

    2) Fitness gives the physical stamina needed by successful people - they are constantly on the move.

    So fitness = mental stamina + physical stamina

    What do you think?
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  • Profile picture of the author drwhogoesthere
    I have just launched my offline marketing business and I believe that Fittness and success is linked.

    I run a motivation, consumer relations consultancy company and I believe that if I want to tell people to be motivated then I have to look both fit an healthy. Nobody wants to be motivated by someone 20 stone over weight.

    Plus My exercise gives me time to think. It gets my brain working and I feel more awake and alive during the day.

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    Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

    I seem to have noticed a pattern of sorts. The very successful people I"ve know have all been rather fit. One guy owned a technical firm and would run every morning. He was rich and fit.

    There are exceptions of course, but I'm wondering if being fit leads to success or if success allows one to be fit. The guy I spoke of had the time to run every morning because he was the boss and no one could tell him when to appear at work.

    Maybe its a mindset. Perhaps the very thinking that makes someone rich makes them fit.


    I think part of "success" is being fit and healthy. Sure, you can be rich and unfit/unhealthy, but I would not call it a "success". If you got millions in the bank, but don't have the health to enjoy it, what's the point?

    For me, success is about a balanced high performance in every area of life. Health&Fitness, Career&Finance, Social relationships and family, self-growth, inner wisdom, are all different dimensions of success.

    So you cannot be successful without being fit, in my humble opinion.

    Also, we have a saying in Turkish, which translates roughly like, "A healthy mind resides in a healthy body." It is so true. The things that keep you fat and unfit, also mess up with your mind. Junk food not only keeps you fat, but also messes with your mind and emotions, keeping you in a "swinging mood, and with low energy and an inclination to depression and other negative emotions. It is harder to be more successful when you have low energy and negative emotions like that.

    So I think they are very closely related. I think all areas of success are very closely related. There is a zen saying "How well you do anything, effects everything else" or something like that...

    So, an improvement in your health and fitness will definitely help you succeed in other areas, and vice versa. If your health and fitness levels are restricting you the most, the you must first take care of that. If your finances limit you most, than you should take care of that. By always working on "your weakest area" you are always going to get improvements in every other area as well.
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    I have website based on fitness and health, it is all about P90X and other Beachbody product. I know exactly what you are talking about. When I started to really take care of myself better, I found that success came that much easier for me. I don't know exactly why that is but maybe it is because of the amount of energy that I got from doing things the right way.
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