Steps to take to become a billionaire

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These are four strategic steps you will need to take if you want to become a billionaire.
1.Belittle the word 'billions'.
2.Study billionaires.
3.Write down ideas that flows across your mind.
4.Take action.
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    Short and to the point

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    True and good except you should not post your website in your post. Someone is likely to get all anal and disturbed up in here.
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    I think the most important is self belief and believe in god. You would definitely get a success
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      I don't think the word God and billionaire fit in the same sentence. Unless of course you mean god. Billionaires don't get there off their backs they do so off the back of others a kind of slavery
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    take action now, not just read, read, read, its should be action, action, action
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      For those who are serious about making billions, this book is actually pretty good, despite its title. It explains in pretty good detail how billionaires managed to make a thousand times more money than your average millionaire and what concepts lay at the core of their strategies: How to be a Billionaire: How to be a Billionaire: Proven...
      The classics on investment (Graham), negotiation (Raiffa) and raising capital should obviously also find their way into the future billionaire's library.

      Want to know how to make millions of dollars with little work? Just sell books on how to make millions of dollars with little work!

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    Step 1: Figure out a way to earn $2.
    Step 2: Repeat Step 1 500,000,000 times.
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    Pretty good list, I will go for this but don't forget to acknowledge God before anything else.
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    Only crucial points mentioned.
    But to really become a billionaire you need ideas. Look at facebook its only idea right? Everyone needs IDEAS! it is essential, or you can become a millionaire not billionaire by using IM
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    Anyone can be a billionaire, just convert your dollars to the lowest currency (like yen)... lol

    You can be a billionaire with that currency. The question we should first ask is why we want to be a billionaire? Is there a good reason why we should want one? Maybe the real purpose is because you want to use the money to do the things you love, but you certainly don't need a billion dollars to do that.
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    I think concentrating on money is not the main focus here, it has to be happy = your life expectation. Hey you may just be happy being a millionaire
    Reece Groves

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