Stay motivated by helping others - they will give you the energy you need to keep going

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The energy that a truly grateful person will send your way after helping them out is unrivaled. If your not adding real value to peoples lives with your work then you are on your own to supply the energy needed to keep going forward.

Always be on the look out to provide value to someone, if you make this a habit you will never be drained. It will lift you up and give you even more energy then you had before.

If you don't think you have enough experience to help someone out you are wrong. There will always be those with less experience than yourself and they need your help. Believe in yourself and people will believe in you.

They will be grateful for your help and the energy they send your way will inspire and motivate you to be creative and accomplish great things.

If you don't know where to start with internet marketing. Ask yourself how can you provide value to others. How can you make a positive difference in their lives.

Don't create a goal for how much you can earn in one month. Create a goal for how much you can teach others to earn in one month.

Once you achieve this goal, and can constantly and effectively show others how to make money, everything else will fall into place. You will have no need to chase after money anymore. The money will start chasing after you.
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    Thats why I always try to post on the threads in the Coding Help Forum that have 0 replies Try to help someone out
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      Originally Posted by PRBandit View Post

      Thats why I always try to post on the threads in the Coding Help Forum that have 0 replies Try to help someone out
      This is also what I try to do as well at forums, look at the posts with zero or very few replies first.

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        Sometimes when I get down on myself I come to areas like this and usually will find a nice kick in the pants to get me going again. Also when you focus on someone else and truely help them get motivated again, it inspires you and it causes you to listen to your own advice. Great information and inspiration can always be found here.
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    Though i have no much experience in IM i believe in myself and also love what i do so much. That is what has kept me going.
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    This is definitely great solid advice. Thank you. I think when we take the focus off of "what's in it for me" and think about what value and service we can provide to others we will find that what we give out comes back to us many times over. I personally had a greater sense of peace when I stopped thinking about a dollar amount I want to make each month and shifted my focus on what I want to create and what problem I can solve.
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    It's like Dennis Waitely said in the Psychology of Winning - something along the lines of, "Winners spend time planting shade trees that they never plan to sit under... so that others can have an easier go at it."

    Solid advice and I suggest each and every one of you check that out, either in audio book or dead tree format.
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    In my Social Network, Customers always has problems, you will need to change the time to the needs of the various problems of every customer you have !

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    I always try and do at least 1 generous thing every day, because it makes me feel really good inside. One thing I like to do is pay for the toll for the car behind me on the highway. It makes their day, and an anonymous benefactor to give people hope and positivity with all these negative vibes going around!

    Another one I like to do is giving bottled water to homeless people (better than giving money!) especially in the summertime it's gotten brutal around here and when I was visiting Chicago.

    Also, I like to tip bartenders 100%, so if they make me a drink that's $10, I give them 20 and they remember me. In fact, this sort of investment helps me out, because the next drink I get is usually free, so I make my investment back immediately. Give it a shot sometime, they'll remember you and it's a great way to make new friends!
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