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For sometme now i have been thinkng about this situation, most time when people complain. Even when i complain the only question that come on my mind is WHY?

I have come to realize really that: you only complain when you know or realize that something better exist, something yoou prefer that you are not willing to accept or create. Look at this way

if you have gratest spouse in the world will you complain about your spouse?

If you enjoy what you do, will you complain? NEVER!

Most often time what you complain about are things that you can do something about but choose not to. The question still remain WHY? It is because it involve taking risk., and because of that many just stay put and complain about it.

So my advice: stop complaining, dont spend your time with people who do, if you do you are on to success.

I hope this is of help to you. addition /subtraction is welcome
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    People complain because they can't seem to be satisfied in what they see, hear, feel or do. And above it all, they usually complain on something that they themselves are to be blamed with.
    People who complain are those that can't accept reality and are too proud to admit their mistakes. Why? They would just point the blame on what happened to other people and then complains to them why did he ever do that or say that?
    We can't take that away from people to complain, since they would just justify the cause why they complain. It's annoying to hear and listen to people complaining of the condition of their life that they themselves didn't even bother to work that hard to change their lives. They would simply say that this is just how my life would be. Change your mindset, and you will definitely change your life.
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    Why do people come up with these kind of threads ?


    Rightly expressed - I complain when
    I become restless, when I'm not happy with my own work,
    when I dig to my past and talk about missed opportunities because of ... you now , Want everything perfect, feel i have more than enough to share and I'm not able to do b'cos ....,
    When my finances are down, When my health is not really great, when I run my self into a traffic jam, when i know some rich people are causing global warming, when education system is not the way it IDEALLY has to be ...., When my favorite sports person doesn't perform, When I see a scam, when people fight for power, when stronger countries don't have humility towards a weeker ones...............
    When people are totally self - centric, when I'm not good than my neighbor or friend in skills, looks or finances.

    in simple terms,

    Just gimme a reason and ....

    I complain !
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    I think i complain because it mostly seem like the easiest way out at that time...also a good excuse if you do not want to work.

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    when everything seems to go out of plan and whatever i do doesn't seem to change anything I complain
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    my wife complains a lot. i said to a wise friend of mine it may be nice if she found another direction for her outlet. he said instantly, i complained just as much as she did. knowing i almost never complain, i couldn't wait for the punchline. he said she expresses her complaints, i repress mine. she complains verbally, i complain silently. since we are all people, we all have the same make up genetically. whatever it is that bothers you about someone else, is something about yourself you have not loved yet and found how it serves you. there is not a "better" anything either, impossible in fact. just different. complaining is one of the 2,420 main personality traits, and we all, have them all. in business, there are only two types of activity, revenue producing, and non-revenue producing. people who complain externally may be releasing their issues inside themselves, or, addicted to the brain-chemistry function that occurs when in that state. there are methods available to "change someone else". of course it involves changing yourself first.
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    "Contentment" most of us doesnt know what this really means. We fail to appreciate and be happy with what we have and who we have in life.
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