It's not that hard... or?

by SuitUp
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Hello fellow warriors,

I'm quite new to internet marketing, but I still feel like I've tried 1000s of money making methods...

fiverr, facebook, adsense, cpa, and the list goes on. I have read about it, thought that this was it, and then left before I saw results.

My first attempt was a review website that I made even before I knew anything about this forum.

A week ago I received an email from an affiliate program telling me that they needed my paypal id... I had made a sale and they wanted to know where to send my $40 The sale was from my old website that I hadn't even looked at for 2 months or so.

I think it was in that moment I finally realized how I'm really going to make money.

Pick something and stay with it... It have been said before, I just didn't listen.

If I had stayed with that website I would have a well developed site by now...
Instead I have a ton of unfinished attempts because I did not have the patience.

I have so many unfinished projects, and most of them would probably make me money if I just finished them.

From now on I'll focus everything on one project and see the results before i quit! Finish that damn thing before I move on!

Oh, and btw - The old website mentioned is a horrible site but that just proves that you can make money without even being good at it. Just continue working
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    Good strategy to focus on one area before moving to others. This has been my problem as well as I'm spread over a few different unrelated areas too. My internet coach has got me to refocus on my main area. This is good assuming that you have done enough market research to determine that your main area of focus is a viable one.

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    Too many projects will crowd out your mind and leave you bare focus on one or two
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    Forgive my ignorance, what is an affiliate program?
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    As coaches, internet marketers, small business owners we have the tendency to chase after bright shiny objects (Take many online courses, webinars, teleseminars, etc...) that we over extend ourselves and spread ourselves too thin.

    The key is to stay focus on one task at hand and take it to the end.
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    One step at a time! You need to aim long-term in order to really be successful.
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    yup, everyones advice is golden. Stay focus, one at a time, slowly but surely. Just do it.

    Do it slowly, and in time it will be natural for you.
    "Enough shovels of earth -- a mountain. Enough pails of water -- a river."

    Jing Quimpo
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