How do I overcome procrastination and distraction?

by Fionn
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Hi all,

Really great forum. I've learnt a hell of lot from the little bit of lurking I've done.

I will be starting college next month to study business as a mature student. In order to fund myself I'm starting a small local marketing business.
The biggest obstacle I've found so far is my own tendency to get way laid by facebook, twitter, forums and the usual, endless stream of fun, yet useless distractions.
I find it very difficult to sit down and do a large amount of work over an extended period of time. I have my good days and they are becoming more frequent but I still need some help.
I've tried all the usual tools like chrome nanny, etc but I always seem to find something to distract me. I need to be able to stop myself from procrastinating without the help of browser tools.

I'm sure just writing this out and posting it here will help me a lot, but have any of you had a similar problem and how did you overcome it?
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    Just take a moment and review your past and how procrastinating has costed you, that alone should make you take a leap and become more focused in whatever you do, by not waiting until tomorrow what you can do today. All the best, just remember overcoming procrastination is possible.

    Planning an event

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    Put a symbol or reminder on your desk of what you want to achieve or the end result of what you will have when you achieve it. For example, if you have a specific benchmark in your new business what will you do when you reach it? Maybe you will take a trip somewhere special. Print out a picture. If there's something you want find a representation and put it where you can see it where you work. Then when you are distracted look at it and ask yourself what you want more. Is that YouTube video more important than the financial freedom you will have when you reach your goal? This sort of thing. I hope this helps. I put reminders out to keep myself in line because sometimes I'm really easily distracted! :rolleyes:
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    Get yourself a timer and put next to your computer screen. Set 50 minutes of work, 10 minutes of break time and in these 50 minutes turn of AIM, email, forums, youtube mobile or anything else it can ditstract you. Focus on 1 task in these 50 minutes and miracles will happen
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    I'll tell you tomorrow...
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      Originally Posted by DarrinH View Post

      I'll tell you tomorrow...
      After lunch... and a nap.

      Joe Mobley



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      Originally Posted by DarrinH View Post

      I'll tell you tomorrow...
      LOL Like it

      What I believe :

      there's nothing called procrastination !

      it could be wishful thinking, letting the mind wandering --- I too have it and it's

      probably b'cos,

      we are lazy or

      Disinterested or

      Over confident or

      self doubt or

      I can do it Any day - The world is going to wait for me attitude

      not decided clearly enough to take action.

      or something of your own style/behaviour

      FIGURE IT OUT which is the one !

      Then distractions disappears and you get the energy to do everything and focus till completion.

      Just Observe the pattern of your so-called procrastination. Next time it happens just observe, smile and intervene.

      These quotes were helpful to me:

      How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?
      Tony Robbins

      I also like the quotes from Peak Performance Team Peak Performance Training | Soft Skills Training for Executives, Managers and Professionals
      ( Me too am a part of the team)

      " Performers Complete. And they always Complete it Well and Fast "

      " Your Thoughts during simple actions have the energy; NOT when you're at stagnation - simply get started first "

      Hope that helps for your next little action.
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    I haven't posted an update on my facebook for a while now, guess why?

    So, first thing to do is, REMOVE Facebook and other social networks cookies on your computer or you will be tempted to visit them when you see them on your bookmarks or address bar everytime you type something that matches the first letter of their names.

    Second, CONCENTRATE on your work or mission. GET RID of distractions as you mentioned above by totally REFRAINING yourself from visiting these sites at all cost. And, boy, does it take LOTS of freewill, and determination..?? Not to mention, HONESTY, to yourself..?? Because, hanging out on these sites really is like BETRAYING yourself - your family! Imagine how many hours you wasted responding to updates or just checking out photos and profiles of other people, when you could have spent it reading informative articles or ebooks to help you get on the right track of your internet ventures, or making worthwhile conversations with your brother, sister, mom, or dad?

    I don't recommend setting aside a few minutes each day on these sites, for now. TAKE A LEAVE for, say, a month - take facebook or twitter out of your system completely for a while. Don't you know that social networks are like drugs? They get you hooked, no matter if they help you increase your network or let you meet aliens from Mars.

    It's time we realize this: spending time on these social networking sites is taking away precious time we should have for ourselves, career, and family. And what about God?

    When you already have control over your facebook or twitter habits - that's when you no longer feel the urge to login to these sites every single hour each day of each week - then you will have control over your work and whatever you want to achieve in your (young) life.

    Which take us to the third and last point: REALIZE your PRIORITIES. Is it really connecting with "faceless" friends and exchanging stuff with them on an endless cycle? Or is it DOING the TASKS you got on hand - in a real environment - that takes you slowly towards achieving your dreams?
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    I've used a free tool by Mark Joyner called It helps me to get excited about my day by getting me to focus on what's most important to me. When I use his methods I find my focus is intensified and I blast through my tasks for the day, allowing me time for "time wasters" if I want... I would encourage you to check out and sign up for the course/
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    Thanks for the great tips.
    I've put a couple pictures to remind myself of what I'm aiming for, and that's helped a lot, as has the 50 10 , 50 10 work schedule. The little breaks really help to keep my energy levels up.
    I've just tried the free version of and I'm really impressed so far. I'm sure if I keep using it it'll help a lot.
    I've definitely noticed a big difference over the last few days. I'm finding it a lot easier to resist all those little temptations. I'm monitoring which sites I'm on with chrome nanny and the important sites are taking a considerable lead.

    Thanks again
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      The human brain can really only work intelligent for 4 hours a day. Sure all our work does not need a lot of brain but i tend to focus for an hour or two and then allow myself to get distracted and surf / relax for an hour and then on it again. Just make sure you have your "working hours" and dont try to do too many per day.
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    I get easily distracted too. I have been told I have the attention span of a gnat. So what I do, is designate my time into blocks of time. I do the most important tasks first, and then take a break for myself for about 15 minutes. during my "break" I do something totally unwork related, like watch t.v., go buy a soda, or sometimes even log in and play WoW for a few minutes lol.
    Then I go back to work and do the next set of things I needed to get done, and then take another break.
    May not be the best system, but it works well for me.
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    I had a same problem, solution was quite simple for me:my father advised me to start exercising in my breaks: push ups, situps, pull ups, and other exerices, choose what you like. I'm getting energy from exercises and want to make more at work. I didn't think that this will help me how, but I stopped wasting time during my work. And exercises turned into habit.
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    This will keep you on the edge, here Steven Scott uses a concept called 'Dream conversion Process' .. originally suggested by the great Thomas Edison:

    Dream Conversion Process

    It helps me to procrastinate and continuously focus on my end result - whenever I feel I'm wasting time, I grease through the pages of Failures/success I could or could not have if I missed the opportunity on my plate. It quickly gives me the energy to re-focus.

    This dream conversion process really works!
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    IF you have trouble creating content then make a plan of doing one post a day or week. For example, if you want to create a video site then post one video per week. Then tell all your twitter followers and Facebook friends to visit it once it's up. If you are on forums, just let the people on the forums know about your content that you've posted. Let's say that you want to have a post a video every week on Thursday here's how you can get action done:

    Monday: Come up with a title and plan what the content is gonna be about (video, blog, podcast, etc.)
    Tuesday: Create the content
    Wednesday:Tell people to stay tuned for your new content on Thursday
    Thursday: Post content and let everyone know that your content is live

    If you focus on consistency rather than doing a whole lot in one shot you'll be able to get started and the task will be very easy to handle. Also, if people expect your content to be posted on a certain day then you'll get a consistent traffic stream. All you would need to really focus on is updating and coming out with a product to offer your visitors.
    Follow Me On Twitter To Become An Online Marketing Genius
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    Take 15 minute breaks every 2 hours at least. If you're working on something too long, you will stop producing. Get excited about achieving the result. Don't try to complete the entire thing all at once. Break it up into sections and complete each section.
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    It seems to working, thanks everyone. Making it public that I had a procrastination problem was also a big help. I also told my friends and family. Announcing a problem seems to help solve it.
    I'm keeping up with the 50-10, 50-10 work schedule. I've also started exercising at the start of each. Even if I feel like I'm wasting half an hour the amount of energy and focus it gives me is more than worth it.
    Thanks for recommending Simpleology powell747. The free version is an extremely powerful tool. I was amazed by what they offer for nothing.
    Brute77, the dream conversion process is very similar to the steps in the simpleology programme. Simpleology 'holds your hand' as you go through the steps.
    I'll be upgrading to the premium version as soon as I start earning

    Thanks again all ya'll.
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    When I was going to college, we didn't have the distractions of social networking. However, I do remember having to sacrifice nearly all my social life just to get through it. I worked full-time and went to classes at night, for many years.

    I wanted the degrees so badly that I was willing to do whatever it took to finish. I carried my books everywhere, studied on breaks, lunches, while waiting in Doctor's offices, etc. I took a lot of criticisms from friends who thought I was being too rigid. I turned down many social invitations. I even gave up my summers by taking classes in the summer. (I must have been possessed).

    Anyway, if you want it bad enough and do what it takes now, you'll reach that goal.
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    maybe you need to stop and think about it
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    Yes nice advice Debra. If you need it badly enough, But do be in a big hurry if it does get off immediately, they say it takes about 3 weeks to form a habit.
    Signature Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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    Take some time and get organized. Try making a mind map of your goals and focus there
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    I stopped being a procrastinator when I did some research and found out out what is behind our desire to procrastinate. Often it is fear of something such as completing a task and not getting a good end result, criticism or even success. I focused on these issues and no longer wanted to procrastinate after that. Little things help too like changing your facebook settings so that your inbox isn't stuffed with emails from facebook friends inviting you to this and that. Allow yourself a certain amount of mind wandering time. Then get back to it.

    BTW: I am writing about issues to do with the home business mindset at the moment, which will be come a PLR set. One ofmy articles includes how to deal with procrastination PM me if you want to know more.

    Linda P

    Want to know how to eliminate limiting beliefs and align your mind with your personal goals?

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      I came across something that is helping me really get into focusing on the things I want.

      I read this article called Fearless Focus and they mentioned this 'Vision Board Challenge'. I think it's an awesome challenge, and so I'm pasting the article below and perhaps others of you will get ideas.

      Vision Board Challenge Every January 1st since 2000, my family and I create mini 8x10 vision frames. Each of us creates 3 frames that depict something we want to make happen for ourselves in the coming year. We have found this tool to be an incredible way to start the new year.

      This year I thought of a way to "supercharge" those themes and am challenging you to join me in this experiment. Here is what you do:

      Create (3) 8x10 picture frames with 3 themes. Then, create a monthly vision board around one of those themes. Since time is so valuable to most people, including myself, I suggest you look into the vision board software that I use. (link here) I want to emphasize it is NOT necessary to use the software to participate in this challenge. I only suggest it because it allows me to create a vision board poster in less than 10 minutes. Then all I do is print it on my color printer and stick it in a picture frame. Pretty cool, huh?

      Here is an example: My 3 themes this year is Focus, Creativity, & Gratitude. The vision board I created for January using the software mentioned above was Focus. In February, I will create one for Creativity. Then in March, I will create one for Gratitude. From that point forward, I repeat the themes.

      To recap:
      1) Create (3) 8x10 vision boards
      2) Have 3 themes for those boards
      3) Create a new 8x10 vision board each month
      4) Rotate to a new theme each month.

      I hope this helps you as much as it is helping me. I now have 2 vision boards up and I just meditate to them!
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