Does anyone else feel like Success is like a drug

by ephame
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Anyone else feel this way? For example if you hit one milestone you just go for the next and so on so forth...

I know that this is how it normally goes and i do get excited at every single one. But today i got the distinct feeling i'm addicted to success or getting results.

To explain i was browsing around taking a break then i decided to come back and F5 a list and as it sat for a second i swear my heart skipped a beat and then bam a couple more subscribers! I breathed a sigh of relief. I felt all relaxed and said to myself "Aaah that'll do for now" then Kept on browsing.

Anyone else like this?

Please tell me i'm not a junkie
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    yeah totally man..i mean who dosnt love to be successful? Of course its a drug!
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    It surely is a drug because it gives you withdrawal symptoms. lol.

    Nice thread.

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    Not a drug, just one of the few occasions we are in sync with life. I know that sounds strange but I think we are in an ever expanding universe. Is it possible that the success aspect is us growing, literally us being more alive? They say you are either growing or dying.
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    i feel this too. really addicting. like you want more the more that you get
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    Success is a "drug" as you put it.
    Everyone lives to succeed and gets even more driven to achieve more. Nothing is more motivating than seeing yourself achieve simple goals that you have set.
    My take is its a better drug than failure!
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    Success is a drug alright, but is it addictive in a flash or insidiously
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    Success is not a drug as drug causes death or at least harm. rather success is a continuous pursuit. i would say "success" is an addiction that propels you to go ahead in life.......
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    It's a drug ..according to my wife...
    Totally agree with you...
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  • Success is most definitely a drug. Any time I see that I have new members on my site and I find out the manner in which they found my site was directly related to a project that I just finished incorporating into my marketing routine....I bite my lip, squeal like a fan girl >_> (yes, a fan girl) and pat myself on the back. And then...I want more. So, I do more. It's like a never-ending I could totally overdose on.
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    yep more u earn/be Successful more u want!
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    Experiencing success will release Dopamine in your brain. This is more or less a drug that our body's have developed over many years of evolution.
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    Success is a good drug. The one that cures you from misery and depression.
    A superhero is someone who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, then pick up his sword, and fight again!
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    Success is a happiness for everybody!
    I wish happiness for everyone
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    Interesting, although if you think about it a drug is technically something that changes the way your mind works without you having to put forth any effort.
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      I guess success Can be considered as drug to some extent... "hard to get", "hard to achieve"
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    Definitely. Success is something that gives you the sensation of power and after you have had the taste of power and fulfilment, you will always want more.
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