What Drives You To Live Your Dreams Instead of Your Fears?

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It's said behind every dream a corresponding fear exist that must be overcome. For example ...
  • Fear of failure!
  • Fear of risk!
  • Fear of criticism!
  • Even Fear of Success!
So, what drives or drove you to overcome those fears and still go for your dreams.

For example, what drove me past my fears to live my dreams was my desire to be a positive role model to younger relatives.

What's your story?
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    I guess I can't stop thinking about my dreams . I hated what was happening to me and i always knew that what happened back then will not last long like everything else in life

    I fell many times but i surrounded myself with positive people online . Jim Rohn , Zig Ziglar , Brian Tracy and started taking abby action everyday and what do you know ? My life transformed and i am slowly living the life of my dreams

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    I want to write my own story and not be a player in somebody else's. I've got lots of things to share with the world and dreams I want to accomplish. That keeps me going and lets me get back up and keep pushing. I know it's out there for me and probably closer than I realize.
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    Love to my girlfriend, which will become my wife in near future helps me to overcome fears, problems, illnesses. Love makes me strong to drive to my dreams over problems and achieve what i want.
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    As always, thank you for sharing and your positive outlooks. As for myself, what pushes me forward is the dream of attaining something I have wanted my whole life (working for myself) and the determination that this will be a reality and not just a dream. Although I am not totally there yet, this sheer will of wanting to reach that goal has totally outweighed all the fears. Truthfully, I am shocked about this new found will power as the fears have always in the past overtaken the desire to be independent. Guess it is true tribute to the power of positive thinking!
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    What drives me is the thought of giving my kids the things I never had growing up.
    Nothing matters more to me then providing a comfortable life for my kids, at least until they decide to move out, but even then I'll always be there for them.
    But I must say, putting money aside, what truly drives me is hearing my kids speak to friends and family about how great it is to have a dad that's doing all he can for them and being able to give time to them everyday regardless of whats going on.
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    Clear conscience so when you sleep you have dreams not nightmares
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    Once I had the fear to succeed, then I had the fear to fail, now I have the fear of waiting.
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