Take some time out - It worked wonders for me!

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Hello all,

Just want to say to all those people that are stressed, struggling, feeling run down with internet marketing (or anything else for that matter) -to take a step back from it - a day away can prove to be beneficial!

I am currently in South America travelling, well the travelling has actually stopped and I am static, trying to build up enough money so I can get a flight or several long (very very long - we're talking 22hr) buses to my next destination. So whilst it sounds very exciting being out here it has it's downside, I look like the loser traveller that is obsessed with my netbook and not making friends or seeing the sights!

Yesterday I joined forces with a fellow traveller after some persuasion to visit a village further inland, I agreed and took my netbook with me only to find out there was no internet. At first I was horrified as I thought about all the stuff I could be doing but as I was there I decided to go with the flow and I truly relaxed. We ate well, went for walks and took in the scenery and I meditated with no distraction.

That evening before going to sleep I had 2 major creative thoughts to do with IM that had never entered my mind before, I slept well and didn't over think them and then this morning they were still there as strong as ever. I spent the morning mind mapping the ideas and I really truly believe these will come up trumps

I am obviously now back on the internet and have started to get drowned in all the information again but I now have a direction I know I want to go in!

So to all those that are feeling down just try spend a whole day away from the internet, tv...etc and listen to your mind - it probably has something interesting to say to you!

Also - I'm sending positive 'you can do it' vibes to all that have read this post. *ping*
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    Taking some time out does work wonders. A little time away from the computer and the everyday drudgery does help the mind and body to relax.
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    I know exactly what you mean Emma, I too have been traveling in South America, currently set up my home base in Cali Colombia. Loving life..But I remember during the year or so that I was traveling trying to divide my desire to experience things and my need to grow my business. I still have those episodes now even though I am living in a single place..My business is growing alot now, but this means I am consumed, both mentally and physically by its tasks. Often finding myself coming to the weekend with no plans made to go out and have some fun. It's a balancing act, but I am finding ways to find that balance.

    It's so important to for us to take time away and completely clear our minds..YOur totally right, this is when the best ideas tend to fall in our laps. Where are you now in South America? Have any plans for Colombia? Anyhow, hope your enjoying your evening. all the best

    Nate Bunger

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    Gosh, yes.

    The ability to take a step back and *out* of your current mindset...it can do wonders!!

    I give myself permission once a week to go on utter shutdown; I tell the kids that Mom is offduty, take my book, take a hot bath, give myself permission NOT to think about work...and decompress.

    It's such a glorious thing that I often sleep 10 hours!

    And I wake up totally refreshed and ready to rock.

    The world will NOT come crashing down if you treat yourself well.

    Great post!
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    Yea I totally agree! When I took time outs, it was like recharging my batteries.

    I like to intentionally take hot showers, as it relaxes me instantly, and by the time I'm done, I'm in a far better mood for the most part
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    sure works for me

    six months a year, highly recommended
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    Great sure it works
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    I had been working for 3 months some 12-14 hours a day AT LEAST. Went out to the store only, and twice for coffee with friends. As my productivity started decreasing this wasnt working out.

    So I went out, had a great time, spend some money because you have to remind yourself towards what you are working. What good is money if you never enjoy it even for a second?

    Really helps! Tested.
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      And did it worth it? Working like crazy for three months? I am wondering, if you are working all day long...when do you have time to actually make money? The best money making ideas come when you don't work....and working all day long will not bring you more money....

      Originally Posted by seobirk View Post

      I had been working for 3 months some 12-14 hours a day AT LEAST. Went out to the store only, and twice for coffee with friends. As my productivity started decreasing this wasnt working out.

      So I went out, had a great time, spend some money because you have to remind yourself towards what you are working. What good is money if you never enjoy it even for a second?

      Really helps! Tested.
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        I am a student and not have a family (yet, gulp) so I can totally disconnect from the world during the weekends. I wonder how easy this is going to be in a few years time..
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    Whether it's an hour, a day or a week, having regular breaks from the computer is essential to your sanity. It also benefits you because you work better when you're refreshed so never think of time off as 'wasted time' because it's the total opposite.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    Agree with this concept.

    I take time out to be with nature and a body of water, like a forest preserve that is close to where I live. Being in nature creates tranquility and peace of mind—and gets you ready to tackle your task.
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    mybe ill try , im getting alittle tiered
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    Totally agree. It's always important to take some time to relax and play. Here's to some great ideas coming from some great Warriors!

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    Ah! Happens with me all the time, when I hit the Coder's block. In our profession we require to be creative all the times, and it affects the work badly.

    Its true that our mind is designed to run 24x7, and it does function like that, but there is a point where it stops functioning on one particular thing, it CHOKES. It really needs a break at that time

    Daily after work, 30 mins of long walk and talking to myself (not related to work obviously). I usually go out with my family or friends every weekend. A 7-15 day holiday once in 6 months and absolutely NO work after 6PM.

    Rule 0 for me : Never overwork or overexert yourself, instead increase productivity.


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    There are many ways an individual can relax. Some people like nature. Some people have to go on a trip. Me, I just like peace and quite with a little laughter. Once I can get away for a while, I am soon ready to get back to work. Its like rejuvenation.
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      Agreed, and the better I draw a balance, the more refreshed and energized I feel for the next day. I used to work way too much and not take enough breaks, and not only was I tired, but my efforts weren't profitable either. Breaks are okay and I'm still learning how much work is really needed to get an online business going. Thanks for the reminder!

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        It always works very well to me, and I 'm trying to do that
        every time. Problem is my time is short. . .
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    Everyone deserves a rest for quite some time.
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    That's great. It's always a good idea to take time off. You don't have to be working on your netbook all the time, you know. Try to just have fun with friends. For me, I usually go out every few days to do exercise. As for traveling, I will go somewhere new twice a year. This is a peaceful time, when you shouldn't even think of work. Well, coming up with creative ideas like you did is fine. But seriously, go take a dip in the hot tub or go enjoy nature. It will make you much more mellow^^
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    I am working currently in a reputed internet marketing company where I got a free day every week and then I choose to wonder somewhere outside with my friends and colleagues. And believe me that day really make me free from all the stress I got from work. This is actually a kind way to fill entertain and enjoyment in your life.
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    Great points. It did work for me as well.
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    I think it's good to take a break from marketing once in a while but also wise to consider improving ourselves in some other aspect during that marketing break. For example, taking a break from our business and replacing that with more of a focus on our families. That way we don't die off with our improvements.
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  • So true! Taking a break does wonders! I'm new to all this so I feel that I want to get ahead and learn and take advantage of this opportunity, but I'm ready to take a little break and REST.
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    Taking time out for yourself definitely allows you to clear your head and come back fresh with a new perspective.

    Jonathan Perry - VaultAffiliates.com Affiliate Manager


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    Taking time for yourself is so extremely beneficial. It can help you clear out thoughts and reconnect with what's truly important. I like to take road trips and just think. No radio, no ipod, no anything. Just me and my thoughts. It's a great way to refocus my goals and aspirations.

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    This does help a lot. It puts you on another plane where you can see things from an overhead perspective, instead of being involved in the 'day to day' activities and thoughts.
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    I'm planning a small trip on 8th of December - 5 days away from the computer, projects, clients and websites. I've been waiting for such a day all year and all I want is to make it till then, become, to tell you the through, I'm stressed out my mind lately.

    You've got to burn to shine

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