I Quit Smoking On December 22.

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I used to smoke 3 packs a day. Seriously. That's bad. That's 60 cigarettes a day.

I've tried to quit literally 100 times. I smoked since I was about 14, I'm 26 now. I tried the patches, the gum, just about everything.

I even read "The Easy Way To Quit Smoking", and although it'd been months since I've read it, I think that's what finally did it for me.

Anyway, I woke up on December 22, lit up a smoke first thing like I always do, coughed like a maniac, said to myself "I'm so done with these things", broke my pack, threw them in the trash, and that was that.

The first few days where kind of tough. Christmas was a little stressful. Since then I've felt great, no crutches, and I can already breathe easier, focus better, and I feel a lot less stressed out by minor things that used to really get to me.

I just wanted to share that with you guys. It's only been 16 days, but I know I'm done. I still get minor cravings but it's nothing I can't handle.

I think the secret is to convince yourself that you really, really hate them. They aren't fun to smoke, they don't relieve stress, they're just bad for you. Sounds simple but it's the only thing that's worked for me.

Anyway, for all you smokers, if I can do it you can definitely do it.

Good luck! Thanks for reading.

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    Great to here Scott.

    Deciding you really want to stop is part of the first step to move forward.

    Getting over the first few days/ weeks seems to be the hardest part.

    Have you replaced the habit with any things else? I replaced mine with exersicing and haven't looked back.

    "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

    "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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    Great for you dude..

    Never been a smoker, but that obviously sounds like very wonderful news. Keep it up!
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    Gum and healthy food.

    I eat carrot sticks and other veggies like crazy. And I chew gum like crazy.

    I do need to start exercising more, that's actually one of my resolutions this year. Maybe I'll get out for a run when I'm finished working today. Been thinking about picking up a wii fit too. I know they're no replacement for a gym but it's a fun way to get some extra exercise here and there.

    And I'd agree that it's all mental. If you don't really want to quit I don't think there's any pill or patch that can help you.


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    Smoking is tough to quit. I have known many people who tried and failed. As a martial artist who does not smoke and knowing people who do, there is a huge noticaible difference in energy.
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    Congrats! Just hit my three year anniversary without 'em this weekend.

    Before that, tried 3 or 4 times before it finally stuck - just needed the proper motivation. A 9 month old who's starting to really pay attention to Daddy was enough to get me through that run-down-pedestrians stage...
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      Just don't get drunk and don't hang out with smokers and you should be fine!

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        Originally Posted by gigabit_2 View Post

        Just don't get drunk and don't hang out with smokers and you should be fine!
        Ah crap. I'm doomed, haha. I'm doing both atm.

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          That was what made it the worst for me....I had to hide from everyone I knew for a few weeks...

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    I tried to give off smoking many times........my consumption is 2 packs a day.....that means 40 cigarettes of 84mm daily........once I didn't smoke for 16 hours.....it was a heavy time for me......I didn't concentrate, I didn't eat or drink.......It was a bad time.....but after the first smoke everything became normal....In these way......I tried and failed so many times.

    The chemical dependency never permitted my body or mind to quite smoking......I know it is killer.....still this is impossible for me.

    Now My question is----- was I honest to quite smoking???? Do I want to stop this and Do I believe that I can do this.

    Don't know the answers.

    Thanks mate......you won the race and stopped the f***king habit.

    Hope I could do this possible one day.

    Got hope strength at least. Thanks.
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    • Profile picture of the author Cynthia Minnaar
      Hi Scott

      I admire you and hope things get easier as the days pass.

      I have not yet managed to convince myself as I am still smoking way too many a day, but it is posts like yours that make one reconsider continuing with the filthy habit.

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    That's Awesome.

    I'm a long time smoker and I'm getting myself ready to quit
    by applying the exact ideas that you mentioned, basically,
    the whole idea of smoking is disgusting.

    Good Luck!

    Phil Alger

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    I tried to quit several times but without success. So this year I think I'm going to stop with quiting!
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    Good for you!
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    good job! It's almost been 3 yrs for me not smoking. You truely have to be honest with yourself and know that you want to quit.

    Funny thing for me is that I have nightmares of smoking. I wake up breathing hard and sweating thinking that I have failed myself. Then quickly realize that I was dreaming a fall back into lala land. Hope this doesn't happen to you.

    "Action is the foundational key to all success." -Pablo Picasso

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    Wow, Good work! Any tips on how i could convince some of my chain smoking friends into thinking the way you're thinking. They always bs about how they will quit, but they never make good on it


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  • Profile picture of the author Susie Norman
    Congratulations!!!!!!! Keep up the good fight. To all who are thinking of quiting..DON'T..quit the habit and pick up a crutch!..I quit cigarettes and adopted smokeless tobacco and it was harder to quit, after 28 years I used the patch and will power and quit the smokeless. Luckily I have escaped any adverse effects.
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    • Profile picture of the author dsanchez
      Congratulations to you guys... I know it takes a lot of courage to quit the habit.

      I have personally known someone for 12 years now who has been trying to quit without succeeding. I know he has tried several times, so I admire anyone who tries and succeeds, especially after doing it for years.

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        Congratulations to you! You will not only improve your overall health by quiting, you can also use the money that you use to use to buy cigaretts to invest in your internet marketing business.

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    Smoking is killing your health, for those who are still smoking, please think again, why destroy your health?
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    • Profile picture of the author Karen Blundell
      Well done! I smoked for many many years and finally quit in August 2007 - cold turkey just like you did.

      But contrary to what people say, it is NOT easy to quit. Long-time smokers usually quit several times before they give it up for good. Everyone is different, though.
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  • Profile picture of the author Spike SpiegelIM
    Good for you!!! I was never a smoker, but I do know how tough it is to quit smoking cause I have a lot of friends who do. Congratulations, I'm sure your sacrifice will do you great in the long run.
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    Good for you!

    I smoke........
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  • Profile picture of the author Ricky Martin

    Hang in there..... You are doing a wonderful but difficult thing to quit.

    Wishing you all the best.....Ricky

    " As we think......so we are"


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  • Profile picture of the author Alothere
    good for you man! I quit about 6 months ago... I've had the occasional cigarette since if I'm in a social situation when I'm drinking

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    its gud you have quit smoking ,never turn up again to this habit it will be very harmful
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  • Profile picture of the author Demond Jackson
    I take my hat off to you. I remember how hard it was for me to quit. I smoked at least one cig a day for months before I finally walked away for good. Keep up the good work.

    Commitment is the difference between people who "have potential" and people who have results.
    Demond Jackson
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  • Profile picture of the author AdamHaroun
    Way to go! No doubt quitting smoking is one of the hardest things for someone to do! Here's to your health! Keep us posted on your continued smoke-free success!
    Are We Following Each Other On Twitter Yet?!
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  • Profile picture of the author Joschu
    Thanks for the story Scott!
    I send my respect and congratulations for your decision to you.
    May God give you the strength and whatever else will be needed so you will stay "clean"!!!
    (Medics say that it usually may take round about a year to really get rid of all the craving and the adiction to the drug of nicotine. And it will take up to two years for your body to get rid of the black waste in your lunges... But the really enlighting fact is, that your body is able to take good care of itself, as long as you donĀ“t keep him from doing so! ;-) and he is such a perfect "biomashine", that he will repair himself, if you serve to him all the necessary goods he need, like healthy food, movement, fresh air,...)
    God bless,

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  • Profile picture of the author Uncle Dimitry
    When I quit, only first 5-7 days were real horror for me. After that everything went easy. But these 5 days....
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  • Profile picture of the author mywebwork
    Congratulations Scott

    I was also a heavy smoker, was up to 3 1/2 packs a day (and that was when I lived in Canada, where a pack is 25 cigarettes). I quit on October 6th 1980 and to this day I consider it to be the best decision that I ever made. Had I kept that up (i.e. had I survived) I would have smoked a million cigarettes since then!

    You still have an uphill battle ahead of you but it will get easier every day.

    All the best to you

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  • Profile picture of the author Panique
    Thats great that you were able to stop man! Nice work!
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  • Profile picture of the author ethanmiller
    Well done man even i trying to quit just like u ...
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  • Profile picture of the author dowa16
    That's great! I wish you all the best! It's so very hard to quit an addiction...I think you are very brave!

    Stop Looking For Handouts, Work or Sacrifice for What You Want!

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  • Profile picture of the author MelodyInFlorida
    You never lose the urge...it is an ongoing battle...so, Stay strong and good for you!
    I look forward to working with you soon!
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    For all of your content & marketing needs!

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  • Profile picture of the author jficarro
    I quit around the same time as OP. So instead I chew nicoteen gum. Now I chew about 30 pieces of gum aday. Oh well. At least I can breath now.
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  • Profile picture of the author MrCat
    That was quite an achievement Scott! Well done. I have been struggling as well to quit the habit... but to no avail. I wish I had more will power and determination like you.
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  • Profile picture of the author cyberprime
    Great to hear about people quitting.
    I quit my 4 pack a day habit years ago after going to a group hypnosis session for $50. Sad part is that the hypnosis company later got shut down for being a fraud...
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    • Profile picture of the author Charles E. White

      I have smoked for over 50 years and was up to 5 packs a day at one time but now down to three.

      When you quit smoking you did one of the best, if not the best thing healthwise you'll ever do. I used to play basketball, run before anyone knew what jogging was and was in excellent shape. If you smoke long enough, it is going to kill you, it might take a while but eventually it will kill you slowly but surely.

      Now, I have had 4 heart attacks over the last several years, 4 heart caths,1 stint and I still smoke. Matter of fact, even after a heart attack, I wouldn't stay in the hospital because I couldn't smoke. My doctor told Lisa I needed to be in a mental ward because I had a death wish....it was really a smoking wish! Later, I asked him why he said that and he said it was because when I left the hospital he thought he would never see me alive again.

      Smoking has done it's damage to me and there's not a whole hell of a lot I can do about it now even if I quit smoking the end results will be the same but if you still have your health then quit and stay quit.

      Congratulations again and best wishes!

      Charles E. White
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  • Profile picture of the author Craig Fenton
    Hi Scott:

    I never smoked but can assume that you took one of the most important steps in your life.

    No matter the cravings keep up the great work and understand you can't be around tobacco even in moderation.

    GREAT JOB!!!

    Stay healthy and become wealthy.

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    • Profile picture of the author stiggs
      Now that you have really decided to quit I would advise ready Dr Allen Carrs book again, it will refresh your mind of the reasons you don't need to smoke and also allow you to hang out with friends who still smoke and or get drunk without craving for a smoke.
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  • Profile picture of the author Traffic101
    Hi, I've been smokefree for 3 years. On my 27th birday I woke up and new it was time to quit. I was hacking and coughing in the morning and I didn't want to turn into one of those woman with the smokers cough and raspy voice. I used the patch to help with the cravings. But suddenly found I had a lot of time on my hands. So I took up running.

    My spouse still smokes, but he smokes outside, and I haven't looked back. I am not enjoying my fitness, and food. Sure I put on about 10 more pounds but I am more in shape now then when I smoked. Congrats on your success and thank you for sharing.
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  • Profile picture of the author earlcash
    Thanks I am working on quiting myself and i need all the help I can get
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  • Profile picture of the author Scott Murdaugh
    Thanks for all of the support guys!

    It's been tough. I still want cigarettes sometimes just as bad as the day I quit, too far in to turn back now though...

    Wow, Good work! Any tips on how i could convince some of my chain smoking friends into thinking the way you're thinking. They always bs about how they will quit, but they never make good on it
    My advice to anyone who wants to quit, or wants a loved one to quit, buy "Easy Way To Quit Smoking"... I tried to quit immediately after reading and failed. But when I did quit, I can honestly say it was the information in that book that helped me through it.

    Thanks again for all of the replies! You guys rock!


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  • Profile picture of the author AndrewMurray
    Hey Congrats.

    For me - I quit like 8 years ago or something. Very difficult for the first 3 days. Then it gets progressively easier.

    Give yourself lots of rewards, and soon, you lose the triggers.

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    Want to know how to REALLY make six figures in Direct Sales?

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  • Profile picture of the author ThomasW
    I quit smoking 8 weeks ago. Cold turkey - just woke up one day with lungs burning and wanting my morning smoke and instead said "NO!"

    Anyone who thinks smoking is just a habit and one should just quit is sadly mistaken. Smoking, according to some doctors is harder to stop then heroin. It is an addiction that is terribly hard to break.

    I have never had a problem stopping any bad habit. This is an actual chemical addiction. I can feel my body craving nicotine and smoke/ I can feel my body as it goes through phusical withdrawal pains. It is agony sometimes. I can see why smokers go back to smoking to stop the misery.

    The god awful part is that you know that youare destroying your lungs and yet you crave that smoke. I began to phusicall expereince the horror of having an addiction. My heart and encouragement go out to everyone stopping smoking.

    I am doing it successfully - I have taken on a mindset of "I am not a smoker" By doing this it seems very odd that a non-smoker would crave a cigarette! I can really feel the split of being a non-smoker and wanting to smoke. Somehow this works for me. I no ,onger am a smoker wanting, or trying to stop. I ama non-smoker with a weird craving and I know that if I can outlast this alien urge, it will weaken and go away. I am not fighting with myself or with a bad habit - I am free only dealing with a physical condition that K know for a fact will improve if I just let my body work its miracle.
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  • Profile picture of the author ThomasW
    By the way, maybe this will help someone. I have found, in myself, and in friends who have tried to quit that visualizations, affirmations, ETF, accupuncture, hypnotism, patches, and pills almost never work for very long.

    I believe that is because your subconscious knows that you are a smoker and wishes you would quit lying to your self and trying to cover it up in various ways. Eventually the B.S. loses to the subconscious. Old subbie knows you better that you think! It knows that you are a smoker despite what you try to tell it.

    I will let you know how this works for me, but I feel 100% confident that I am not a smoker - it is a feeling and not a belief. Somehow my subconscious is informing me instead of me trying to inform it! Consciously I am only dealing with patiently awauting my body healing itself.

    There is a world of difference here and when I can explain it better, I will.
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  • Profile picture of the author michael_nguyen
    i quit smoking on 31 June 2005 Silkquit meter says

    I've saved about $2525
    not smoked 6565
    Life saved 3W 1D 19h 5m

    Quit Meter - Stop smoking; tools, support and chat its free

    Best thing I've ever done
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