i stopped.... have you?

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Its very hard to stop an addiction... Most of our youth all over the world are bound by many addictions name them; drugs, immorality, football, alcohol.

All we ask is "What happened to our Kids?" Our days were better, we were more disciplined... and so on..

But we must acknowledge that we have a problem to be helped, we all need in one way or the other and so I pose to request.

Have you ever been in any addiction where you felt there was need to quit? How did you manage to quit.

Help others by sharing.....
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    I can't say I ever had any addiction maybe except for TV when I was young but these days, not much on TV interests me so I guess I'm over that. But you raise some valid points regarding the youth. They need more discipline in general and much more emotional intelligence training. It's unfortunate that many life skills they need are never taught at the school level and they will have to learn them the hard way much like most of us did -- by trial and error.

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    I wrote something about addiction a few years ago.

    Here you have it, in case you can find it useful:

    How does addition work.
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    I smoked a pack a day for many years and then one day I quit cold turkey. I knew I had to stop so I created a mental character in my head and called him "Mr. No", I spent a lot of time thinking about Mr. No and formed links in my head relating him to the cravings. Every time I had a craving, sure enough, Mr. No would pop into my head and remind me about all the reasons I had to say no. He became an automatic reaction to the craving.

    This sounds stupid I'm sure, but it really did work for me. I built him up to be very strong in my mind, stronger then I was. I knew I couldn't resist the craving but Mr. No could resist anything...
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      Originally Posted by fivealive View Post

      This sounds stupid I'm sure, but it really did work for me. I built him up to be very strong in my mind, stronger then I was. I knew I couldn't resist the craving but Mr. No could resist anything...

      Its not Stupid at all,,,, thanks for sharing. It helps...

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    I also quit smoking, cold turkey. I tried the patch, gum, affirmations and all sorts of gimmicks that were supposed to take my mind off off smoking. Back then, you could smoke in public places including work. So, it was really difficult...especially the cravings.

    If I were trying to quit today, I'd probably try the electronic cigarette. Nevertheless, I still consider it a major accomplishment that I actually did it.
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    As a teenager I was having the craving to smoke I went to the shop to buy a stick and unluckily or luckily it was closed.
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    There is a 30-day rule in stopping addiction. Your body has to change the habit. If you are able to quit an addiction for 30-days (JUST COMMIT TO IT), your body will be so used to it that you won't find yourself struggling much anymore.

    I did this with TV, and soda. Now, I never watch TV or drink soda.
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    Hey, good for you Eddy! Getting off an addiction seems like something that might be a long and hard journey and I'm glad to hear that you're OK now. Luckily for me, I had it easy and didn't have to go through any kind of addiction.

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