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If you're just starting in IM, I have this to tell you. No matter what you do in life, you will always have critics. So if you don't know where you are going, people will lead you to where they are going. Therefore, remain focused and determined (with carefulness and actions taking) in working towards your Internet marketing success because victory will surely go to the IMer who never quit.God Willing, disability cannot deter a determined soul.
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    Well said my friend ,

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      Originally Posted by MValmont View Post

      Well said my friend ,

      Thanks MValmont.
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    Great inspiration. People want to tell you that they can not do something because they are jealous or they know they can not do it them self. Only listen to positive influences.
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      Originally Posted by pjdengler View Post

      Great inspiration....Only listen to positive influences.
      Exactly. The Internet marketing atmosphere you permit determines the IM success you produce. You will never correct what you are unwilling to confront. Thousands will fail in making money online because they are unwilling to make change. You will never be promoted in IM until you become overqualified for your present position. Everybody thinks of changing the world but nobody thinks of changing himself.
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    Sometimes the greatest change is the one from within. Until you can break free from the limits you place on yourself, and really believe and work toward accomplishing your goal, you will reamin in the same place you started. From everything I have read, 30 days seems to be the common number for any change you have implemented to take root. So let today be the first day you set your mind to be free, reach for the stars, and 29 days from now, see how far you have come!
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    What is the difference between regular criticism and pseudo criticism?
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      Originally Posted by Tainted Seraphim View Post

      What is the difference between regular criticism and pseudo criticism?
      Regular criticism is based on convincing evidence(s) with genuine intention but pseudo criticism lacks both.
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    I laughed much from this picture but it's the sad truth. It is worth to hang this picture in a prominent place.
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    Great post, keep to your dream forget what other people will say about where you are going.

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    Nice pic fivealive!

    That's exactly what most people are doing, trying to pull you down and try to kill your spirit. Yes, you're gonna need a lot of focus and determination as well as self-confidence.
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    being dragged along with other people in any field reduces your potential
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    Wise words there, everyone criticizes you at some point so you can't let it get the best of you.
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    "I swear it upon Zeus the outstanding runner cannot be the equal of the average wrestler" - Socrates
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    That is my attitude. I know people are making money online, so I can too!!
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      Pay attention when someone is specific about what needs improvement esp when they're where you want to be and they offer suggestions.
      Keep in personalities always play a role. There isn't a one size fits all business.

      There are lots of critics out there who will try to discourage you because you're making the attempt and they're too chicken to try.


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    Thank you for sharing.
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  • Constructive ones ok.
    Depending where it come from?
    See their background and credibility and whether it is genuinely to help improve situation.
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