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I'm new here. For me the fears about internet marketing accumulated over at least a ten year period until I finally discovered some method to the madness. I passed through the get rich quick phase, to the fear of not getting refund phase, to the read every scam review phase, Clickbank vs Paypal phase until I arrived at the right website to meet the right teacher voted #1 by IM Report Card. Most genuine internet marketing programs take a little time. But with some people their threshold is shorter than others. So a little time might mean one week for some or three weeks for others before they give up on training. But when you find an instructor that doesn't condescend or talk down to you and explains things step by step and really delivers... you begin to understand. It soon becomes easy to relax and maybe, just maybe realize your dreams. I think this is where the right mindset comes in and you can finally sit down and learn something new...

· Possessing the right attitude
· Having a website
· Having a product or products to market
· Being knowledgeable of how to market your product(s)

To follow the path, look to the master, follow the master, walk with the master, see through the master, become the master

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    I think to make any money you have to just keep at it. No matter what you do. You've got the right idea going.
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    I'm glad you were able to see through the hype and BS and keep at it.

    For the majority success comes from hard work, persistence and learning from mistakes.

    With the help of a mentor you can minimize your mistakes and speed up the learning process but you still have to put in the time and the effort. 10 years ago you really could "get rick quick" - and it's still possible now, but a lot less likely.

    With that said there's still plenty of opportunity online and if you don't get bogged down with misdirection or lose motivation, you *will* succeed - eventually.
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    Seeing through the noise and "get rich quick" hype is the hardest part. I'd bet 95% of potential IM'ers never make it past this point. Once you've realized that seeing results can be time consuming you'll be in a much better mindset.
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    yep if you think you will be a millionaire over night in IM and need to do no work.. then people are fooling themselves..

    It's all about just doing it.. stay focused and stay committed and TEST everything.. if it works keep doing it if it doenst then bin it and test something else until you get a strategy for what works for you..
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    Great advice! Thank you! Staying with it, and making a commitment is the key. If people do not think there is work involved, that would then make perfect sense that the get rich quick without trying approach would appeal to them, and why they stay in that phase, and finally throw in the towel, convinced it is just not for them. Without that drive, they are probably right, IM may not be right for them, if they are passive and waiting for their ship to come in.
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