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Hey guys, one of my ways of succeeding is definitely my habit of continuous learning. Now that being said, I was wondering if you guys would know of some good e-books I could download to educate myself further into SEO, bringing my site up to the top of google etc..

Its much appreciated!
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    i think you need to find a guy call BRAD CALLEN, HE IS THE one who really knows about this, find his website on goole, its de dot com domain on his name , i learnt a lot from him
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    The best methods for yesterday are not the best methods for tomorrow. If your not doing continuous learning then you will inevitably fall behind.
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    I have been learning everyday at least in this forum I probably need a break but is sure feels good doing a little bit everyday
    http://www.charlesmomo.com Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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    Life is an experiment thus life is a continuous learning...and mistakes and failures is just a part of our experiment.
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    Thank you for sharing.
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      Originally Posted by siocowiz View Post

      Continuous learning is great, but consistent learning is the way to go. You can learn a lot of things, but if you aren't consistent in the materials you're learning, it's not going to be of any use to you.

      Suppose you learn SEO today, Affiliate Marketing tomorrow, Blogging the next day, Article marketing the day after, you wouldn't get anywhere. If you are consistent in learning just SEO, you would progress much further than others who load themselves with too much information.
      Is that an All Blacks beanie you are wearing? if yes a man of true distinction, sure to succeed.

      If no, back to mediocrity.
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    I know there's a fee to join the War Room, but it has a wealth of information relating to SEO. Plus, most of the time it's given away free.
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