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Enthusiasm <---

I know it sounds naive, but i realize now how important it is to be ENTHUSIASTIC about the things you do or are planning to do..

Enthusiasm creates motivation and a positive outlook.

Problems are not seen as "problems" but instead as challenges,maybe even seen as welcome because they will aid in learning.

If you are enthusiastic you are already halfway on your way to success.

You can be enthusiastic about a lot of things, eg. a challenge alone can create enthusiasm because you KNOW you will "do it" regardless of the nay-sayers and regardless of a "bad economy" or whatever hurdles you might encounter.

You can be enthusiastic about the money you will make, you can be enthusiastic about learning new things and getting new knowledge, meeting with new people etc.

Simple...but powerful.
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    Whooo, do I agree with you! Enthusiasm can lead one to all sorts of serendipity experiences. When you are excited about a project it seems like the world just opens up receptively.

    At least that is how I find it to be. Tomorrow I am going to a quirky festival with my camera and I'm just going to talk to people, click and observe, and see where that adventure leads.

    Then I'm coming home to write a small article with a few photos and will send them in to a paper nearby. Not for money, not for fame. Just for fun.

    I've never done anything like this before, but have wanted to and somehow I do think that my destiny is tied up with telling people about places and the past.

    The excitement for me is in learning things about the places right in my own backyard and when I find some new tidbit of information and share it with my friends, my excitement gets them excited.

    It is indeed a wonderful life!!!
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    True enough. If you only target money, but have no love for the work, you won't be as committed to it. When hardship comes, you will be the first to jump out of the bandwagon because you didn't have enthusiasm in the first place.
    A superhero is someone who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, then pick up his sword, and fight again!
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    I think enthusiasm is like a disease it can be infectious
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