What would you wish you had done in the past 5 years, if you knew you were going to die today

by J Bold
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I am talking about your IM business, here, specifically.

What would you wished you had done?

Perhaps you would say, "I wish I had written all those articles for that one site that I was most passionate about, like I said I would."

Or, "I wish I had stopped buying WSOs and just focused on getting good at one thing and scaled it up before adding a new income stream to my business, like I said I would."

Whatever it may be.

Hey, perhaps it's, "I wish I had stopped doing IM (as I hated every minute of it) and enrolled in art school, instead." Or something of that nature.

We all have regret. We all do things we said we wouldn't and don't do things we said we would.

But with your business, is there something you have just been wanting to do for months now, and keep putting if off? Is it something that will fulfill you more and grow your business if you would just do it and give it the effort it deserves?

What is it? And why don't you make a pledge to do it, starting Monday?

I will start. I have been wanting to do webinars. So I'm going to just do it and get one done by the end of next week.

Anyone else?
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      Originally Posted by siocowiz View Post

      That's what I think of every day. I believe I regret that I didn't start my Internet Marketing career 10 years ago, when I was 13 years old. If I had just started that early, and just quit playing those stupid videogames, my Internet Business would probably have flourished.
      Yes, imagine if I had knew the possibilities when I was 18. Where would I be today?

      Let's forget about regret and start making things happen.
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    exactly my sentiments I wish I had started doing IM ten years ago I wonder what i would be doing now
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