Kick Ass Daily Affirmation doubled my focus and productivity in the past 3 days....

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Need some focus and motivation?

Check this out...wrote this affirmation a few days ago, recorded it in my own voice and have been listening and speaking it in front of the mirror every morning and every night.

Daily Affirmation for Prosperity, Inner Peace and Massive Success | Seth Czerepak

You can change the "Glory of God" part at the end of course if you don't dig that. Let me know how it works out. -Seth JC
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    I love affirmations too. I prefer to wirte my own instead of using someone else's though. It does help people think about affirmations if they've never done them before.

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    I once tried affirmations they worked but kind of spooked a few guys
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    We could easily write our own affirmations, because most of us are subconsciously motivating ourselves all day. We may not realize it, but there's always that inner voice.

    I haven't been putting mine on paper. I think writing them down would help to reinforce my goals.
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