Post a helpful tip for new Warriors.

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I've seen a lot of new Warriors lately and seen that many (as usual) are either extremely cautious or overwhelmed of their surroundings on the forum.

If you have a special tip for any new Warriors to the Warrior Forum, go ahead and post it below in hopes to possibly help someone new or even a veteran.
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    The effort people go to to respond to questions is fantastic, so I'd say don't be afraid to ask questions, there's a lot of expertise and support here.
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    @Becky, I feel you are spot on. And to addon to your tip. I also say, don't be afraid to chip in

    I've only been here a little over a year but I've seen some amazing people here and it's great to have others talk with you about your own interests.

    So for those newbies that haven't posted an actual topic yet, go for it. But be realistic, don't just post something random. Put your thoughts into it

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    One of the tips I learned from one of my mentors in Warrior Forum is that I shouldn't be insecure with other successful IMers. I felt really insecure when I saw how successful people were that I didn't want to get into IM anymore since I thought the they already cornered the entire market. I was surprised to learn that I have skills to contribute to the marketplace, and that I shouldn't fear the competition.
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    It is wise to be cautious especially if you are going to buy a WSO make sure tou have the time to implement of follow the instructions otherwise wait until you are ready
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    Thank you Justin for your very thoughtful post, and thanks to everyone who responded. As someone who is new to IM I really appreciate learning and reading feedback on the many topics. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful, and extremely helpful it has been to be able to reach out and speak to others you have been where I am now. Warrior Forum is a great place to be. Thank you all!
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    You'll get a lot of advice on here, which is okay. But it's better to learn from your own trial and error than from analyzing the sometimes confusing and well-meaning yet in accurate advice of others. Take action, learn, reposition yourself, take more action.
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