Desires and the Law of attraction

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The law of attraction works hand in hand with your desires. The question is what are your desires in life? Is it to get rich, find your partner in life, have a nice looking house overlooking the sunset? Your desires are the key to this simple law. Now, how does law of attraction work with your desires? Well, desires are the most natural thing an individual would have and you do not need to actually acquire it because it is an innate ability given to us. Desires are a part of your thoughts. Each time you think about those desires, you are in fact, attracting it into your life. Your desires can bring you the car that you want, the partner that you are looking for, and so many other desires. You only have to think about it, and dwell on that desire, and imagine it to come true. That wishful thinking of yours is the law of attraction itself. Law of attraction is like a magnet. A magnet always pulls objects with metal as its composition. You, like the magnet draw things. Your thoughts and desires are actually the ones that are being drawn to your life.

The life you live today is the result of your previous thoughts.

Positive and negative thoughts determine the way you want to live life. The law of attraction understands every thought of yours as something that you want, regardless of the fact that it is a positive or a negative thought. The negative thoughts that you think can affect the life you are living today. Being able to stay positive in life and maintaining that desire in you is the key.

Desires are positive in nature, and works well with this uncomplicated law. It does not matter how ridiculous that desire of yours may sound, it can happen through the law of attraction. It DOES NOT JUDGE.

If you imagine yourself living the life you want, being happy with what you have, then, maintaining your desire is the key to it. Desires are so powerful it can change your day, and can channel you to a positive force, thus, law of attraction is in effect. One cannot help but feel sad or depressed in some situations, but channeling all your thoughts onto that desire may give you something to hope for.

Law of attraction simply states that your desires, when always thought about, will be brought about.

Have a great day my Amazing Achievers!

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    Hummmm... trough personal experience, I've found that desires can be very corrosive to the soul. I try to be happy with my current situation and focus on doing things that I love and feel passionate about. I accept whatever the universe brings my way, and it never fails to surprise me and surpass my expectations.
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    Is it really you who draws your desires or your desires that draw you it is easy to be draw in by your own desires
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