What are we attracting?

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How do we break free from our limiting mind set that is keeping us stuck?

Some thoughts...

The secret is knowing how the subconscious mind works
and then giving it a command that will re-program the mind
so that the old ways of thinking and doing are not running

How do you know what your subconscious mind is doing?
I suppose look to see what actions, behaviors, and beliefs
are currently being done. This process can get pretty
involved especially when going through all the negative
garbage that is in the mind.

I think the key is to be gentle with myself. I read a suggestion that
starting out with being aware of what you are thinking. It sounded trivial
but it said it pays dividends to your subconscious mind and your bank

Affirmations will not work by themselves...especially if
you are not aligned with them at your core level.

What I read said instead of affirmations, be
true to yourself and notice how you feel when you are
putting your intentions out there. The best thing is
to start small in attracting what you want...then from
there work on attracting bigger things.
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    I think alot of us do have resistance at some deeper level. You may not be even be aware of this until you begin to understand the emotions that dominate your life. For instance are you fearful or excited. Do you worry or are you anticipating. These are clues to whether you are ready to start attracting the things you want into your life. Of course it takes action but are you taking that action with a sense of the positive or the negative.
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    I agree the secret is to use your subconscious. There are distractions, to be sure.
    But, the goal is to find the key to make the subconscious work-the distractions need to be ignored.

    Therefore, I focus on mentally preparing myself for the next day when I retire to sleep at night. I also take walks-which I have found very helpful to let ideas germinate and give me direction.

    I am sure there are many more proficient than I at making the subconscious work for you, and I will check this thread later for there ideas.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    I agreed with changing man.
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