Coaching...anyone? [Not a pitch for my services here.]

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I see a lot of folks offering personal life coaching and have often wondered whether or not people have had any bad experiences from it.

I mean, of course the only thing you ever read about are the testimonials and success stories. But, surely there have been some failures, bad experiences, unsuccessful outcomes.

Although I'm not selling my services here, nor am I pitching anything to do with coaching, I'm hoping to learn a few things to help me develop something for the future.

So, since I'm considering doing some coaching of my own for my law of attraction course, I was hoping people might be able to share what bad experiences they've had and I could learn what to avoid in setting up my own service.

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    Here's my experience:

    1. coach had no credibility - no training, no related experience, no clue but thought she was good at talking with people. One session and I didn't go back - I needed more business coaching and she was too 'fluffy'. Lesson - establish credibility upfront and be clear on what kind of coaching you're good at and that it matches what the person wants.

    2. 30 min complimentray session - 20 minutes of which was greetings and initial discussion with zero feedback and the balance of the time me listening to her pitch. Didn't hire her either. Lesson - the comp session is a chance to test each other out but as a coach you've better to demonstrate what you can do than tell them how good you are (especially if all you do is listen as in this case)

    3. great coach. empathic, experienced, held me accounatble. Only downside was a bit of embarrassment when I realised she was using my case story in front of others while I was there (would've been good to check with me first!) Lesson - if you have a good example from coaching sessions, make sure it's ok with the coachee to use it if they are in the room!

    As a coach myself now I focus on getting real clear on bottom-line expectations upfront. Then check in as you go through to head off any possible unwinding that isn't necessary. The initial meet is always a conversion opportunity - (a) minimise refusals by vetting well first (b) apply techniques to minimise buyers remorse.

    Hope that helps! All the best with it..
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