How did you get yourself out of a Rut?

by rcm3rd
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Hey warriors

I'm in a real rut right now particularly with making
money online. I'm not complaining off line i have a decent
business I built, but online well, yikes.

I know what to do, so I'm not looking for advice as
much as your own story of how you got from stuck to
profitable, what happened for you to turn things around?

what helped you any particular person or course membership site
or maybe just a book or friend?

whats your story I'd love to hear it

  • Since you already know what to do and do not need any advice, I won't offer any to YOU.

    I'll just make a remark to someone else - a 'FRIEND' I know - who is enduring a similar career discomfort.

    His name is Slapnuts. Slapnuts O'Reilly.

    Dear Slapnuts--

    Your challenge is that your MENTAL FOCUS is making you weary - the consistent, pattern-istic streams of thoughts and emotions TOWARD what you do (toward your life in general) are weighing you down, causing discontentment and sabotaging what should be daily satisfaction of a job well done.

    With a little new knowledge, your perception of the same work and effort you put forth now can be utterly transformed to where what seems a rut becomes grand, miraculous good fortune.

    The same road, walked by two different people; for one a heaven, for the other a hell. The only difference is in their thought regarding.

    So, Slapnuts, what's required is a purposeful, strategic adjustment in not only WHAT you think, but HOW you think.

    And no, there is no quick fix. It's taken you years to get to this point, and we both know this isn't the first doldrums you've sailed into.

    Because you and I go way back, Slappy, I know that you already know what to do, so I know you know that you need to train yourself in a unique mental discipline that you've probably never tried. And I congratulate you on getting that done.

    Surely, you have a great deal of career excitement and passion on the horizon. Looking forward to hearing all about it, Slappy.


    T. Lavon Lawrence
    Author, NEURO-SCULPTING!© and Mental Trainer

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      Very creative Dynamic Mental Fitness!

      Actually, I wasn't clear. It's not that
      I didn't want advice I just didn't want any
      regarding IM there's plenty of that in this great forum
      to learn from.

      So thanks for your post a lot of great points in it.

      By the way with a name like slapnuts your "friend" must have
      had a rough time in school. but I'm sure he could have turned that
      into a successful adult movie career!

      Thanks again


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    I monetized my passion.
    I was in a rut running a $90M ad agency, completely miserable b/c I had no control of my life.
    I looked deep inside and asked what I was REALLY passionate about.
    Then spent all my free time in that area figuring out a way to monetize it.

    When you're doing something that you would do for free and think "Damn, I can't believe I get paid TOO!" then you have minimized the frequent trips to Ruts-ville.
    Adversity still happens, happens to all of us.
    But the ruts - those deep valleys you fall into - seem to not matter b/c you've found your purpose & passion.


    The #1 Motivational Podcast

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    When I realized I didnt know everything, and began to grow and develop everyday as a person and entrepreneur
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      I was in an "all around" rut
      during the Christmas holidays.

      It was tough, and I felt like I
      had failed my children.

      I found encouragement and
      good, sound advice from many
      friends here at the forum.

      They helped remind me of the
      good I had in my life.

      So, I made a conscious decision
      to not let my present situation
      get the best of me.

      I went to the library and checked
      out a book called: "The Fine Arts
      of Relaxation, Concentration, and
      by Joel & Michelle Levey.

      I immediately began to practice
      a meditation they described
      as an Antidote to Discouragement
      and felt tremendous relief.

      Here's what they suggest:

      1. Sit comfortably with the spine straight.

      2. Gently and completely exhale.

      3. As you exhale, softly say outloud the
      sound Ahhhh. Allow the sound to open
      and flow outward. Allow your mind to
      open and flow with the sound as one
      continuous wave of awareness, until it
      reaches the moment when distraction
      or agitations arises.

      4. At the first sign of distraction or
      agitation, immediately stop the

      5. Relax, take a break for 15-20 seconds.
      Look around, stretch your legs if you
      like, then repeat steps 2-5.

      This will help you with concentration and
      your ability to focus. Then, with clarity,
      you can find a solution to your problem.

      Try this anytime you feel discouraged.

      I hope this helps...

      Peace and Love

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    The best ways for me to get out of a rut are:
    • Spending some time helping others
    • Working with a mastermind group
    • Working with a mentor or coach

    "We can't let fear hold us back. Everything we really want is just on the other side of fear."
    ~Farrah Gray (self-made millionaire at 14)

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    • Profile picture of the author rcm3rd

      Thanks all for the great wisdom!

      I think every one of you hit on something
      I need to remind myself of, or do.

      thanks all once again.


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  • Profile picture of the author dudemeister
    To get out of a rut, I go for a walk in the park or go for a run or hit the gym and have an intense workuot.
    Hit the shower, put on an Anthony Robbins or Paul Mckenna CD and rev my internal engine.
    Look over my goals and visualise how amazing its going to be when I get to where I want to be
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  • Profile picture of the author Ray Burke
    Movement !!!! Move with a goal, move with awarness ! If you dont know where to go , just move and higher forces will take you as long as you why you must move.
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  • Profile picture of the author MaryK
    Action. If I feel stale, I do something positive, no matter how small. I change my routine around, maybe instead of writing an article, I will come over here and write a reply, or start a new topic. I always make a point though of moving forward in some way, no matter how small a movement that maybe on the day. Then the next day I am ready to 'work' as hard as ever, doing what I love Internet-marketing.
    Mary K Gill Latest book: The Twelve Natural Laws of the Universe - achieve all your desires for less than the price of coffee and cake. P.S. It only fattens your mind, not your thighs.
    Mindset Power Site
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