The MOST Important Thing, That We All Miss

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Everyone's looking for the "strategy." The thing that'll make them the money, or help them reach their outcomes. It isn't there.

You have to create it. That's art.

BUT, you can't create it if you drink coffee twice a day, and if you don't, it affects your mood. That's effecting your brain and your ability to process.

You can't create when you overeat. Even just a little bit. All that energy being used in your stomach. All that blood flow going down there. That's insane. That will stop you from being effective, because it's literally drawing from your capacity to think.

You jog or do some other kind of exercise within your day? I hope so! Your brain needs that stimulation, both for the strength of current neuronal connections, and the promotion of new ones.

What about leafy veggies? Big deal! Massive for brain power.

So what's the pattern? It's freakin.. physiology, man! Putting the right stuff in your body, treating your brain right, noticing what contributes to better performance and constantly improving the process will allow your brain to actually work, and move you toward creating solutions to your problems, instead of being clogged and bogged because you're consuming crap, and not taking care of yourself.

I leave it up to me, to figure my way through life. But.. making sure the thing that can do that (good old BRAIN) is in great shape, is KING.

Na mean?

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    What you say it's a big true, and almost everybody its missing it I'm totally agree with you, how can we get successful if we don't have the physical and mental energy to upgrade and improve our state?


    Many people want to succed so badly that they forgot to sleep, eat or even rest for awhile, maybe the trick is to have a sane balance between the desire to success and don't waste your energy with useless things.

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      'Eat, drink awnd be merry, for tomorrow you die.' Shakespeare, might be one of the Henry's. I think i was waiting for lunchtime when it came up at school
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      @Kaysa You make some good points. People's need to get things done gets in the way of these very fundamentals. Which is why it's even more important to seriously focus on finding a balance and making this work for you! Thanks for your comment.

      @oncewerewarriors Hey, I'm a believer in that too! But not to the extent that it gets in the way of my mental processing, which is of higher importance than most things. But I feel the spirit of your comment! Thanks for it. !

      @kursat Interesting! Never heard of it. But I LOVE meditation, and do it on a daily basis. Great to have you on board. Thanks for your comment.

      @Suellen Reitz Huge point. That's.. massively important! Great addition to the thread. Very very awesome. I've actually been re-reminding myself of that and have been engaging in unknown, novel activities a.m.a.p.! Sweet addition. Thanks for your reply.

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    I agree..

    You made me remember watching "Down the Rabbit Hole". In that series, there was one of the Speakers talking about how we actually train our body for outcomes.

    So, if we constantly feeding stress and worries to our daily routine, the outcome will be just the same-full of stress and worries.

    For me a little meditation or quiet time helps. Sometimes it is 10 minutes, sometimes half an hour. I try to just imagine what I want and so far the results are awesome.
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    I agree that exercise and diet have a huge impact on our mental alertness. I would like to add that we are more mentally alert when we stretch our brain and do something we are not familiar with. Each day we learn something new, it causes the brain syntaxes to send little volts of energy... This keeps our minds mentally sharp. So go out and do something new and different. Your brain will thank you for it.
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    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I just recently realized that eggs and toast have a very nice effect on my focus level. I think protein probably has something to do with it. Also, when you limit your carb intake, I believe that opens up your mind as well. Also, you are the third person that I heard mention that jogging is very helpful. Another successful marketer I know mentioned that she jogs as a part of her daily routine and she's a big success. I think I'm going to focus on getting my activity level up as well and start changing my diet. Thanks again for sharing, this was a great post.

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    I like this post! It's so true and to the point. Thank you!
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    I agree with your post in many many ways. To really have true richness of life you need to have your health and you gave some great pointers on how to have great health and how to improve the mind.

    Something I'd like to add is that the best way to strengthen the mind is to THINK! When you solve complex problems and when you learn new things you develop a more powerful intelligence. You become smarter. Your thinking power expands the more you think.

    I'm sure all of you know someone who is very intelligent yet is overweight, drinks coffee, never exercises, and eats a horrible diet. So how does such a person maintain such strong mental powers? He/She thinks! They solve complex problems as well as learn and grow on a daily basis and the mind is strengthened.

    So the most important thing.... is to THINK!
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    Hey Ryan, great post.

    Like they say, "A sound mind in a sound body." I've been a vegetarian for years. Lunch is often my "sea shake" - a blue-green concoction of blueberries, spinach leaves, soy milk, green tea, almonds and protein powder. Sounds a little hideous - tastes delicious.

    Now if I could just give up the chips and salsa...

    Bob K.
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    Thanks for sharing the great great post with us. I really enjoyed it!
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