Are other people annoyed when you're completely satisfied??

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Over the past 2 years since I started having success online and the freedoms that come with it, I feel like there is a trend among a large percentage of people I talk to outside of the IM world. These people are mostly extended family members of mine (aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws) and friends that I don't see on a regular basis.
It's this awkward silence that comes with me explaining to them that I don't have a job, but that I advertise for other people on the internet. Then when I go to explain what a CPA offer is, they're pretty convinced that I'm rambling and probably just sell drugs or something.
I realize this could have something to do with my age (I'll be 23 next month) but Im the least arrogant person I know and truly am grateful for being able to break into this industry. I always downplay it when I explain it because I don't like sounding like one of those creepy gurus.
I feel like everyone goes around trying to find success/happiness/verification whatever you want to call it but when someone they know truly possesses these qualities it's like people don't want to acknowledge it or react to it. Blank stares, changing the subject, and for some reason talking about the Social Network movie are popular reactions. It's like if you're not complaining about how sh*tty your life is or how poor you are, no one wants to chat.
I really don't let it bother me and it definitely never effects my money or how I spend/save it, but I guess I'm just confused because when I meet people with whom I can relate and they're really good at something or extremely intelligent, I want them to talk about what they're into!
Thanks for reading my rant, I would love advice!
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    I guess this is really just a mindset issue.

    Most people don't really like it that you're successful and they're still caught in their normal 9-to-5 jobs.

    I guess there will always be some clash between people with an entrepreneurial spirit and those with an employee mindset. That's probably why nobody likes his or her boss.

    Just switch the topic... talk about what you do in your free time and avoid talking about what your job is. Probably they are also feeling a bit awkward, since they can't tell you anything they enjoy from their job.

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    I see this all the time. There is a saying in my country that goes something like this:

    "Success is never to be forgiven".

    I take it as one of the factors that separates successful from unsuccessful people.

    Successful people like to see other people's success. For them it's a sign of someone
    working good and hard, and love to be in their company to learn how to achieve more.

    Unsuccessful people feel miserable in such situations, they take it as an attack on
    their integrity. Say how can somebody be so much more successful than me when I
    can't do it, it must be criminal activities, luck, help from God and whatnot.

    There's not much you can do here, the best is to distance yourself from such people.
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    Yeah, that's what I've been doing lately. I think Im going to start attending more affiliate meet-ups and seminars to be around more like minded individuals looking to expand in their industry. I think a lot of it also also has to do with the fact that Im from a town where people are used to busting their ass and complaining about their life any chance they get (nothing against blue collar folks! ).
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