by Kaysa
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I want to share with you warriors what is my goal in short term

"Get $500 US selling digital products mainly from "HowToBeAnExpertPersuaderMasterpiece" through promotion in my WP-site "" by november 15 of 2011.

Things to do (weekly)

- Write 2 articles
- Write 2 postin my site
- Use one method of marketing at tenbux

Things to do (daily)

- Do forum marketing for at least 20 min.
- Answer 3 questions at Answers.Yahoo
- Create 3 ads about my site.

I have choosen this goal because I set clickbanck to pay me when I reach $500 US. The date of 09/15/2011 because I want that clickbank pay me by december, so I'll have great holydays!

I think its possible for me to achieve this goal and I know I can accomplish it if I try my best.
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    Wish you good luck, hopefully you got to them right away and started already...
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    Great! Will wait for the results

    Tip: Don't become sad even if you can't achieve it! You're trying. That's the main thing! 90% people never even try! You're the one from the remaining 10%. See? You have already achieved something Congrats!

    Good luck.
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      Go for it, but stick with it, good luck!
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    wish you good luck in achieving your goal !
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      Hey Kaysa,

      Great goal and looks achievable. The no. of fruits you harvest depends on how many seeds you sow, Right ?
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        Doesn't sound like you have over extended yourself by any means.
        Sounds very realistic and doable.
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    Wish you every success in hitting your targeted goal! Please let us know how you do, as it will be an inspiration to many, as we all cheer you on! As another poster already pointed out, you took the initiative and are working toward achieving your goal, and that is truly further than most people even attempt. Kudos!!
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    Yes let us know how you do!

    I also recommend keyword research- then write articles for those keywords, post to your website, then turn those articles into videos and publish to YouTube. Then submit both the article links and video links to social bookmarking sites, rss feeds, and build a few backlinks to each. That should help with SEO.

    In fact, you can rank YouTube videos on Google in less than an hour by doing that. But only if you find the right keywords.

    I'm making a product about how to rank YouTube videos. Send me a PM if you'd like a free copy when it's finished. I'm hoping you reach your goal for the holidays as well! Also let me know if you'd like help with article writing.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    yeah, these are some really good goals!

    Wish you all the best in your efforts
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    achieving.....its either shorterm or long term goal.....
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    Go for it! you can have and get what ever you want in life if only you will belive it is possible!.

    I think you will have the desired results you want.
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    That's why I have posted my Goal. I knew everybody here will encourage me and cheers me up for doing this.

    Thanks to everybody this was the positive energy that I was looking for.

    When I'll succed to achieve it I will share my success with all of you!

    Do you want to become a successful Persuasion Master? Learn Persuasion Skills to get anything that you want in your life.

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    My gole is a secret,lol, but thanks for sharing

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    In order to succeed, implement more social media to your site. Now it looks like it's dead.

    Good Luck with your goals!
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    How is this coming? Have you made any money?
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    It is nice to see that you set a goal and drive towards that. without a vision it is not worth to work for that.
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      Best of wishes keep us posted on your success.
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    Good luck with those goals. They seem very doable!
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    Definitely sounds very doable! Best of luck on your venture!
    PM Me to find out how you can get your articles written professionally by tomorrow.

    Let me do the tedious work for you...install wordpress, do research, or whatever else you need. PM me for a quote.
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    That should be a cake walk!! Aim higher!
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      Very doable. Most people never set a goal in the first place, so you have already taken a HUGE step. Even if you fall short, you will almost certainly have more money than you do now (and will have learned a ton in the process).
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    Sounds like a good plan. Stay with it and believe in yourself and great things will happen. Best of luck with this goal.

    Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction:

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    Good to see that, having a goal will keep you in the right track, keep it up, god luck.
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    Good luck, keep on working hard!
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    Good luck. The good thing is that your acting on it. Even if you don't make it on your self proclaimed deadline, at least your on your way to reaching your target income.
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    Let us know when you've made your first $100
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    Keep focused on reaching your goal....Wish you the best dude...Anticipate your success!
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    All the best.....
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    All I can do is cheer you on......Go..Kaysa..Go..Kaysa! you can make it

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    Achievable goal Kaysa, well done, just don't burn out ok would be tempted, but real success comes after you've overcome the temptations.

    They'll always come. But guess what they are you opportunity for Growth, oh yeah!
    Suddenly everything online is "Weird." Fat loss tricks. Muscle building tricks. And more. But what's REALLY weird is getting 100's of leads and $394 DAILY
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    Talk minus action equals zero. You are on your way now! Best of luck to you. Remember when you may feel discouraged that a breakthrough is most likely right around the corner!
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    Wishing you joy and happiness in reaching your goal
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    Incredibly proud that you were able to determine a goal, and not just a goal, but several of them split up into different categories to help you succeed to where you want to be. Remember, you can do it, you just need to keep up with the persistence. Good luck!
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    Take Action, and I am sure you will success and reach your goal easily.
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    thats great, the first step is knowing what u want from your business.
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    Kaysa, best of luck!! You seem determined and you have got the right attitude that will propel you to your goals and success beyond your imagination

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    Just stay determined and Hopeful. Goodluck
    JT Developers
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    It feels really good having goals especially if give yourself time to achieve them.
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