The Curious George Factor - The Key to PERSONAL Manifesting

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In my book, "The Manifesting Mindset", I listed and elaborated on 12 key manifesting principles & strategies.

Since then, I've gotten to know many mentors who privately teach others, practically 'behind closed doors', the personal art of deliberate attraction (also known as conscious creation).

Collectively, several of these manifesting coaches and mentors have helped me figuratively 'put my finger on' the pulse of a key element to manifesting - an element that you, like me, may have been unconsciously programmed to shy away from:

Curious, heartfelt QUESTIONS !

Remember the childhood book series about Curious George - the original 'monkey see, monkey do' chimp who always seemed to be getting into some form of trouble by being overly-curious. And, the man with the yellow hat getting him out of it?

You consciously saw George as a spunky, fun-loving, and inquisitive little primate. And, even though the way we learn about the world around us as a child parallels the way George learns some of life's lessons through his adventures, have you stopped to think what beliefs you NOW have about 'being too curious' or what 'mischief' may come out of asking too many questions?

Uhmmmmmm ... well, another detailed topic (maybe for a trained behavioral psychologist) for another time; however, I still bring up the point that you may in fact be SHOCKED to find out that your unconscious beliefs are running your life.

And, even more to the point, you might even be stupefied to find out just how, and when, you adopted some of these hidden, below-the-surface beliefs.

Anyway, like I said, something that can be discussed later.

But, for now, ask yourself this: "How do I feel when I get super-inquisitive about my own personal growth?" or "Do I have fun, and experience positive results, when I step out of my mental comfort zone to explore, discover and learn about life's most seemingly mysterious topics?"

On page 11 of "The Manifesting Mindset", I talk about how asking yourself the "right questions" can accelerate your life by helping you HAVE whatever it is you want.

The chapter is titled "Why Ask 'Why?'"

However, recently, I came across an old audio tape from inspirational speaker, Jerry Clark. He beautifully sums up the answer to my chapter title.

"Questions direct your thoughts and 'directed thoughts' are what we call FOCUS. Your focus directs your feelings. Your feelings direct your actions. Your actions direct your results. And your results direct your destiny. This means you can design and create your destiny by designing and directing your questions. I believe one of the biggest reasons people fail is because they ask themselves disempowering questions - questions that limit their effectiveness and their ability to become successful."

If you truly want to start tapping into and utilizing the hidden genie inside you, you absolutely - without question - must start BEING "clear" about what is it you want or what you feel you can do, be, or have for yourself.

I know somebody who has been wanting to take his home-business on the road for a long time (i.e., travel around, with his laptop, visiting places and people he knows); yet, he keeps making excuses saying he needs to stay close to his home office.

I know somebody who wants the experience of a meaningful, deeply-connected, intimate / romantic relationship; yet, she can't figure out what drives her to overwork herself as an executive in a highly-competitive, fast-moving industry.

In both examples, each person KNOWS their current activity - their mental comfort zone - is what keeps them from HAVING what it is they "say" they want.

Want a bonafide, almost-immediate, way to ensure what you want is actually congruent with what you're DOING?

It all starts with FEELINGS ... and the most powerful one-two combination of questions I've ever seen, for KNOWING that you're "clear" about your desire for something, are these:

Self-directed Manifesting Question #1): Does what I'm doing (name what that is) feel good to me ... and ... am I doing it to accomplish something or avoid something?

If your body screams "no, it doesn't feel good, right, or on target" or your intuition is telling you that you're doing something to avoid something else, just ask yourself: "Regarding, _____, what do I want to feel? What is it that I'm trying to avoid and why?"

However, if what you're currently doing (in any area of your life) feels good to you and you know you're doing it to accomplish something else (a stepping stone), proceed to ...

Self-directed Manifesting Question #2): When I have what I imagine - which I will since focused 'feel good' thoughts eventually become things - will I experience more everyday joy with my newly manifested desire?

Folks, the best personal adventures grow out of a little curiosity. Yes, just a little is all it takes. And, as you now know, when you're curious enough about yourself - why you do what you do or don't have what you say you want - empowering questions must come.

And, understand this simple FACT: you WILL - you must - receive the answers to any questions you ask because you have trillions and trillions of cells who are listening to you and are waiting to respond to your desires, wants, and dreams!

As Mr. Clark said above: "Your focus directs your feelings. Your feelings direct your actions."

If you really want to start being "clear" about what you're doing, start asking yourself the right questions - I promise the Curious George within will go to work for you to search, learn, and understand EXACTLY what it is you're after and what it'll take for you to get their faster and better than you've ever imagined.
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    Barry, I haven't checked your stuff yet, and I will.

    But there is something completely "off" about LoA/Manifesting circles. The tendency seems to be to teach people to think of themselves as "black holes" of entitlement.

    I have seen FEW (if any) programs that teach people to GIVE of themselves; to give the world the fullest gift of who they are.

    Hopefully yours is different, and here's some feedback: ANY manifestation program that dis-associates itself from the "me me me" mentality of most of the products and - sadly, the market's mindset that asks for them - will ultimately do more for people than all other "manifestation" programs out there combined.
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      Well then Rick, you're gonna dig ( completely gel ) with the stuff Heather and I have been researching, saying, and teaching for almost 4 years now.

      While we won't come flat out and wholeheartedly agree that trying to save the world, and being a beacon of hope / change, is the smartest move, WITHOUT first saving yourself / getting your own shit straight, we WILL, with conviction, tell you this:

      Wealth [ prosperity ] can't come, and never will come, BEFORE "value"

      People become wealthy (generate value) by starting with this question:

      "What am I most talented at and passionate about? And, once I know this answer, how can I use this to solve a problem or add value to a group of people?"

      Every one -- yes, EVERY one -- of the millionaires we've met and know have had to ask themselves this question and find an answer within.

      At the same time, however, this doesn't mean go out and be a some over-zealous OVER-GIVER in some Mother Teresa Martyr who tries to constantly give of yourself just because.

      As one of our long-time loyal readers once posted on a blog we wrote last year titled: Comfortable Paying The Universe? ( excerpt below ):

      "Anyone who understands spirituality also understands that abundance is a two-way thing... it's ludicrous to think that you can always be the giver, the giver, and nothing but the giver... but the thing is, you can't truly give until you are willing and open to receive."

      Here's the excerpt I mentioned above. This should give you a tiny idea of how we often taken a more irreverent, more critical-minded stance on so, so many fluff-filled ideals that permeate the TRADITIONAL LOA/Manifestation arena:

      = = = = = = =

      [ start excerpt ]

      Due to some highly-insidious programming, and lack-thinking from media, institutionalized educational outlets, and even friends, there's always going to be somebody in your life who...

      Equates the concept of "something-for-nothing" with Godliness.

      And, if this person is close to you (family member, co-worker, friend, etc.), they might even be highly-qualified to convince you it's your job, too, to criticize others for earning money off that which they consider to be God's work (i.e., timeless spiritual wisdom).

      BE AWARE ! Veeeeeery AWARE !!

      But, fortunately, there are de-programming guides, books, and mentors out there who don't pass on and teach the standard, rehashed, regurgitated spiritual G-Rated rhetoric that permeates this arena.

      [ end excerpt ]

      Anyway Rick, if you want to start with a post to ring in the new year with us, start with this one (click here )
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      LWL Media
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    Thank you Barry, you've gained yourself a fan Prepare to hear from me on the other side sometime soon.

    Though just so there is no confusion, I for one know that "giving, giving and nothing but giving" without receiving (or being open to receiving) is flat-out impossible, simply because you can't GIVE what you don't HAVE.

    Though, i think the ESSENCE of giving is CREATIVITY, because we are in The Universe to ultimately ADD to the Universal/Cosmic experience - to ADD to the Whole. Either that, or simply existing in equilibrium with the Universe (Giving AND Receiving). But never below that threshold, as it's simply not practical or even fulfilling, which is what you see in the resultant destructive tendencies of many a rich kid who is born a silver-spoon in their mouths and yet nonetheless gets drugged, juiced, and toasted.

    And i am glad your program focuses on creating value before feeling entitled to abundance. That... is... fantastic Literally a breath of fresh air in a niche laiden with a lot of "YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT YOU DESERVE IT BLAH BLAH BLAH" - errrm, nope. You don't deserve it until you earn it, Sherlock.

    You CAN have it, but not giving back to the Balance will have ramifications in your life.

    This is a good discussion with Barry that i am having, and in a way long-overdue. Would love feedback from others as well.
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    fairly new to the forum, but it is always refreshing to find a "good soul"
    Who has others best interest at heart.

    Thank you so much for you insight......................Ricky

    " As we we are"

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