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Life Is Too Short

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Life is disappearing and we're stuck at work. We're too busy being busy, to have time for our families, our children, the important things that make life special. Take the time to pause and ask…
Added on 2/20/07
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    We forgot our grounds and are too busy running after money, and desires that lead us no where. Life is short yes but we are making it even shorter....
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    Its called chasing the wind, we can only compare to the dog backing at the Tv screen cause it saw some food in there. Always wishing for the food and not living life to the full.

    The only way to live is to love others and support their vision not just yours
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    Life really is short. You should be sure to value what is of the most importance. You never know what could happen and make life even shorter than it normally is.
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    Time really seems to fly you could possibly think of the second life and hope it lasts forever
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