2009: Is This YOUR Breakthrough Year?

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I've had this little 'A-Ha' moment which I felt like sharing with the great members on here.

Last night I was stuck with no PC and net connection due to a trojan virus on my PC (no I don't download porn or stolen software ).

It really stopped my work flow right when I was most productive. Nonetheless, it gave me a chance to sit back and relax and think for a while. For some reason, I asked myself:

Is this year going to be my breakthrough year? Is 2009 the year when I'll achieve those 'larger than life' goals which I've set for myself?

Now, I have had a great 2008. It was one heck of a year with great sales and big happenings on the personal front as well. Personally, it was an year filled with success over and over.

As you achieve a particular level of success (according to your goals), you tend to get really enthusiastic and excited and set new, higher goals. So as 2009 set in, I set up new and higher goals for myself and began the process of achieving them.

Then I started to think last night about the goals I had set just 2-3 weeks ago and reflected upon how I planned to achieve them. It was all the usual stuff I did last year - ghostwriting, creating products, installing scripts etc. I looked at my plans for 2009 and then I looked at my new goals and thought to myself: "Oh really?"

BANG came the AHA moment:
If I keep doing the same things I did back in 2008, there is no way I will achieve my new, higher goals in 2009. Same things usually lead to the same results.

That's the epiphany I had:
Doing the same things will fetch me the same results.

So I modified my plans to make them better. I'm not just going to do what I did last year, I'm going to take it to the next level. I'm going to leverage what I've already built. To achieve more, I have to DO more (doesn't always mean working even harder though).

Will 2009 be my breakthrough year? Yes. Will it be YOUR breakthrough year? That's in your hands. Just remember, if you do the exact same things you did in 2008 (say, jumping from product to product, method to method), this isn't your year. No year would be your year.

All the best

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    As a good friend of mine would say:

    " you got to kick it up a notch'' to keep moving forward.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing........Ricky

    " As we think......so we are"


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    its a grate thought and inspired me to live optimistically in life.
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    Thanks alot! You gave me a good reason to pursue internet marketing

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  • Profile picture of the author Sagar Mehta
    Thanks everyone for your replies. Glad someone out there found it useful. :-)

    Ricky: Kicking it up a notch - THAT'S a great phrase right there!

    Scott: Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

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    • Profile picture of the author oboi2121
      Hello Omari Taylor Here,

      Great post. The point you made about getting the same results if you do the same thing is true. I'm on track to reach my goals in 2009. Best wishes on meeting yours. Thanks for sharing.

      Omari Taylor

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