What is keeping you motivated everyday?

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As the title says... So what is keeping all of you motivated everyday? The money? The excitement?
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    The fact that i developed the interest, spared some time to learn and started blogging is a motivation in itself. I keep telling myself that i have come a long way to kill the dream just like that.

    Looking at those who have made it big online, and the amount of work they have done, I realize i have alot to do to earn big.
    So, Jann wants to earn big money online, She has to get up and blog!!!
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    I'm passionate about it to make breakthrough, do something big and exciting!

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    What keeps me motivated....

    To NEVER EVER EVER have a boss EVER again in my life!

    To NEVER see the inside of a cubicle again!

    To maintain a comfortable lifestyle for my family while working from home and spending as much time with them as possible.

    I enjoy and LOVE what I do so its not hard to stay motivated.

    I love teaching people how to do the same and that keeps me motivated.

    I recently took a cruise with my family and worked from our cabin for the 2 weeks just as easily as if I was home and that is motivation to keep working hard to stay self employed.

    There are many reason but for me I love what I do and want to continue doing it so I will never lose motivation!
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    to help people who`s in need...
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  • My Family!
    And what do I do to stay motivated?
    I have a vision board with all of my Goals on them, and I view it everyday.
    I also say my affirmations 10 times in the morning, and 10 times at night with feeling and emotion.
    Works well for me!
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      Originally Posted by Michael Harrington View Post

      My Family!
      And what do I do to stay motivated?
      I have a vision board with all of my Goals on them, and I view it everyday.
      I also say my affirmations 10 times in the morning, and 10 times at night with feeling and emotion.
      Works well for me!

      Same here, my family and the people around me motivates me to achieve my goals and be successful in it.

      You have an amazing habit man....Great tip. I'll try that. Thanks!
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    The passion of doing what i like and not answering to one BOSS...

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      My family is always on top of the list that motivates me to work and focus on my IM business. They are the reason why I wanted to learn more about the IM world and I am now reading and studying new ways and methods to help me improve my IM skills. It's not that I want to give them luxurious items or more money they could spend with, but the idea that I could provide them the best that they deserve. Best health services, best education, and healthy meals, since I really don't want my family or my kids to be living in such excesses in life.
      And also, I may have to agree that there's the absence of a figure that is, one could say an irritating character known as the boss. Always emerging to the office to give us more tasks and had his watchful eye on every move we make,lol.
      Kidding aside, we are our own boss and that we can deliver the task anytime we want without the "boss's voice, which is at times annoying. And at the same time, we can spend more time with our family while working. We wouldn't have to wake up listening to the noise of the clock.

      In addition, the passion to learn new concepts and ideas with regards to the IM business also drives me to keep me going in this IM world.

      I guess, that keeps me motivated.
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    I want to be full of days. I want to look back when i am a hundred years old and say "yes, i did something with my days"
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    - my family and I never had any money so looking forward to making some decent income -
    I'm aware my peers have "made it"- im 25 - so this is what motivates me constantly -

    im very fortunate to have turned my life around and am always thankfull - ive developed a compassion for humanity too - I DO love what I do -
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    Some days it is the scramble to try to make enough money to pay rent and put food on the table. Most days it's just the thought that somehow we have managed to jump off the work/home/sleep treadmill, do our own thing and still manage to keep afloat while doing the things we love.

    Sometimes it's realizing that we have taken huge steps towards the life we chose to lead. Moving 1000 miles from "home" to establish a new life by the beach and perform in theater while writing and making a living. Love it.

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    The fact that I strongly believe I can achieve everything I want if I work hard enough for it. Having big goals is the number one motivational factor for me. I'm not just talking about money - I'm talking about goals for your personality, your body, the people you want to surround yourself with and a general lifestyle you want to achieve. With that in mind I always manage to get a huge amount of motivation every day!
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    What keeps me motivated is the light at the end of the tunnel
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    IM is an endless comptetion which everyone try to win, me too.
    And also as many others said, possibility of improving the life of my family is very motivational.
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    Nature and the inability to go back. I have burned my bridges.
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    Basically my family. I need to help with the income.
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    Money plays big role in generating excitement. Both of them are very important get motivation.
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    Family is the most important factor to stay motivated.
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    I'm doing it for the money. I'd be a hypocrite not to admit that. And money gets me excited.
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    Mine self-motivation comes from a overwhelming sensation that I will get mine objectives reached, one after another.

    If you fall, then you get up and continue ahead
    No excuses, no surrender.
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    Part of motivation is the desire to escape boredom.
    And the goal of financial rewards helps to push onward.
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    My family is definitely the #1 thing that keeps me motivated.
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    I have to agree with those that say family. I want to make my parents proud of me

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    The alternative of having to go and get a 9-5 doing something I hate until I can retire - nooo, thats no life!
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    I'm getting older. In my youth and working years I jumped around a lot and didn't make any plans for retirement. So today I still have a day job. What motivates me to keep on learning and doing with my home business is so that my wife is provided for when I am no longer able. This is my primary motivation.

    The other part is that I just like the doing of it.
    David Tampien
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    Prov. 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
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    there is always a solution to any challenge! But my biggest motivation is, that when I am old I like to look back on my life and know that I have done everything I could to make a different.

    The worst will be to be old and admit that I wasted my life and done nothing to make a different.

    Gudrun Marquardt
    Personal and Business Development

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    My blog! Have real dreams for it
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    Actually, I don't need motivation anymore. IM is who I am, mu lifestyle, and the part of me. I don't need motivation, however, I also can't stop, and I’m addicted to it.
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    Hi abundantlife,

    I am living in Portland Oregon. So how is your income from webpages? I use to make good money, quit, and now do a little internet marketing as a I work a regular job.
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    Focusing on EVERYTHING that I'm grateful for - the huge things and the tiny things...and knowing how much more fun life is EVERY SINGLE DAY when I'm working towards something that both excites and stretches me.
    ALSO; "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better" Jim Rohn
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    There are many:

    1. Freedom
    2. Money
    3. Add value
    4. Changing lives
    5. My family
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    Its the excitement which is exciting me to push myself to make money with what i love doing !
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    Well I have no internet at my house. So every day I have to wash up, get dressed, and take a bus to the library. This makes every day feel special for work.
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  • Here are my main motivations:
    1. Spend more time with family
    2. Feel and Be Successful
    3. Become Masterful
    4. Allow others to fullfil their primary goals.
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