Ok Who said It takes Money To Make Money? I ain't Got Lot But What If?

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Look I have read numerous posts on what to do if I had no money, If I had $100 and needed x amount in x number of days. I want to up the ante. Here is the scenario

You have $1,000
You Got 90 days till before Economic Armageddon crashes in on you (Ok exaggerating)
You are not really a newbie but you still have not made any real money online (off line is a different story)
You want your earnings to strictly come from internet marketing - don't want to sell your possessions on eBay or Craigs list
You need a minimum monthly Income after 90 days of at least $3,000 per month

Now I have two questions

1. How Much Do you think you realistically strictly through internet marketing in 90 days with a $1,000 to invest today

2. What steps would you take and why?
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    Hi Go4Wealth, First I would like to say there are a lot of things that don't work in the internet marketing world. However, there are ways that you can create an online income for free using sites like blogger or weebly. You can build blogs but it would take an aweful long time to reach 3,000 a month.

    Now if you want that type of income you would probably have to build cpa sites or sell stuff on ebay and then monetize with free and paid traffic. Even, here on the warrior forum the are people running scammy stuff so I would suggest don't spend more than 40 to 50 bucks and make sure whatever course you invest in have training vids. Hope this helps God Bless!
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      Originally Posted by olliepa View Post

      Even, here on the warrior forum the are people running scammy stuff so I would suggest don't spend more than 40 to 50 bucks and make sure whatever course you invest in have training vids.
      Training vids, ftw.

      Go4Wealth perhaps you can give us a story of your past success?
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    This was a really interesting thread Go4Wealth what would you do?
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    Depends on what you're promoting. If you're doing your own products and need quick results I'd suggest paid advertising.
    If your going through affiliate marketing I'd go the facebook route and work it so the ads paid for themselves.
    Afraid I'd need more information to tell you more.
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      Funny that I should come across this thread, because it was just today that this article from Ken McCarthy (about Steve Jobs) landed in my inbox:

      Steve Jobs and the entrepreneurial revolution | Ken McCarthy

      In this post, Ken discusses how he had to use postering to get money.

      I have been poor before and believe me, I would implement anything that I know could help and that means having a mix that goes far beyond IM.

      Actually, I did some postering for a CPA campaign and the results were very rewarding.

      The point is, start by making a list of every single option you have at your disposal to get word of your product or service out there and then start with the least expensive and continually work your way up to the more expensive, yet more efficient mediums.

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    1. It's really limitless. I wouldn't say everyone has the potential to make millions, but in that mindset it's very possible. Also you don't need $1,000.

    2. Since I am familiar with niche marketing, I would buy a keyword research tool, buy 10 domains, buy 1 shared hosting account, and then buy content for those websites, then I would put all of my focus on traffic, once I have traffic, I would begin monetizing, but if I knew economic Armageddon was about to take place, I would probably not sleep and would just focus on traffic traffic traffic.

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    Today? I'd set up a membership site. I'd use all the low cost or free tools I could find, put together a paid teleseminars, upsell group coaching and deliver twice a month.

    Oh wait, I'm doing that now and it didn't cost me a $1000. and I'm making way more than $3000 per month doing it.

    I started my coaching business with no money. I had a telephone and a computer, no webpage and zip computer skills besides knowing how to send an email and get myself signed up onto some free forums. I offered a free demo and sold cheap coaching packages clearing limiting beliefs about money and business. I have to confess I chose those topics because I had so many limiting beliefs about money and business and I knew that as I did the work I loved and helped others, my confidence would grow. Within one month I had a full client roster and had gone from $60 per hour ( I was working part time) to $150 per hour.

    I marketed seminars only by going to networking meetings and referral marketing. I actually did better without money getting started at first because I had to make every effort count.

    Conversely, when my business partner and I launched her book and website we probably wasted time on the learning curve and I KNOW we spent way more money than an competent JV Product Launch Manager and a good booking agent would have cost.

    When it comes down to it if you have the money you will save time, if you have the energy you will gain the skill. Either way you have to be able to leverage your time, money and energy to your advantage.

    BTW I still coach customers on their own business and money beliefs that are stopping them from achieving success. My last three customers tripled their income in the first month of coaching with me.
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