Affirmations a 1000 times a day???

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When i was first introduced to affirmations, it was via an online coach who told me that we think over 60,000 thoughts a day and therefore should repeat an affirmation or many affirmations atleast 1000 times a day for each atleast.

So I was repeating 5-10 affirmations a day continuously in my head. I would wake up and sleep thinking these affirmations and all day long.

The only time i wouldnt be able to would be when im talking or if i was reading or writing or typing, but on ALL other occasions i was saying them like a computer, literally

I do remember that even whilst saying them worries and concerns about other goals and doubts or fears would always come up, basically i was aware of an anxious feeling inside but not due to the affirmation so much as due to the doubt of whether i need even more affirmations etc
Anyway after 3 months, yes 90 days I stopped, nothing within in had changed at all

Since then i became more interested in learning how to visualise and came across affirmations again, but different now. These sources all said to say them not when your awake but when youre in your relaxed state when you are visualising.

They all said to visualise then to repeat your affirmations 10-20times with as much feeling as possible.

Then other sources mention saying affirmations not in a relaxed state but during the day, only thing is to say them a FEW times or even once but with feelings again.

None of them say to say the affirmation 1000times a day without feeling (because i realised that saying them 1000 times a day and to have feeling is virtually impossible..i was told to just say them in a parrot fashion, kinda like the way abraham hicks i believe advocate, when they say a belief is just something you have repeated etc)

Now I have come across other sources that say write your affirmation down, attach a date to it, and then carry this in your pocket and whenever you read it, imagine the feeling etc However its the addition of the date that as now comfused me, because I feel as if this is now telling the subconsious when to complete the goal, but ive read that this way the subconscious will wait until that date not bring it to fruition sooner

All of this has really confused me, as to what works. I was thinking that yes getting into a relaxed state, by-passing the conscious mind and repeating the affirmations with feelings every single day is the way, but now all this consious (in the day time) affirming seems to go against this logic

what works?

thanks you
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    I recommend 9 times per day for each affirmation.

    Say each affirmation just 3 times and repeat the process three times per day: on rising, around midday and just before retiring. 9 times in total.

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    thanks for the share
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  • I have tried many different approaches to affirmations and have varied degrees of success. The interesting thing is that I do not see the positive impact until months or years later.

    I would love to hear from people who have a technique that produced a direct result.
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      You gave me a great thought... I am a firm believer in affirmations and I do like to repeat them a few times when I wake up, mid day and before I go to bed...

      But we all probably walk 1000 steps a day without even counting... what if we make an affirmation that states something like: "every step I make today will represent (one more step towards your goal)" example: "for every step I make today, I will earn $1 towards my new black 2013 Ford Fusion with a moon roof and leather heated seats"

      If you walk 1000 steps a day, that would equal 1000 affirmation right?

      Make it a Great Day! : )

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    I think that affirmations isn't just all... there are more techniques to apply and the results vary....with a person the results can be very quick but with others it may take more time and there's a reason for that!! I have just created a website about the law of attraction so I invite you to visit it as well as my blog.... I'm sure you'll find some good points there ;-)
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  • I would do as Will says above. Just do it three times per day, but I would add the feeling and emotion to it.
    Then back it up with visualisation exercises morning and night.
    Just repeating 1000's of times with no feeling is a waste of time (In my opinion)

    Michael Harrington
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    One time but effective, deep and conservative
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    I think saying your affirmations when you first get up in the morning (to get your mind started in the right direction) and again as you are going to sleep at night (to get your subconscious working on them all night) is enough.

    To me, just saying them over and over all day is a waste of the time that could better be put to use in actually working toward your goals.
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    great post thanks for sharing it
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      I posted on another thread today, can't remember the title of the thread exactly but something about how can I renew my inspiration and motivation. (Sounded like the person had run out of steam on what they were trying to accomplish.) You might find that post helpful, too. Sorry, I'm fairly new to WF and don't know how to link to that post.

      Okay, so here are more thoughts I have...

      I've read self-help/self-development stuff since the early 80's. What I've found is that affirmations don't seem to work for me. I've tried and tried. List making and goal setting are actually counter-productive for me. I have no idea why but this is what I've come to realize over the years.

      Growing up I had to do a lot of things I didn't like that took up many hours every week from the time I was 6 years old until I was an adult. I think this had an effect on some the above things. It seems like when I make a list for myself, I start feeling like I'm being forced to do too much or to do things I don't like, therefore I just don't do a darned thing. So a list never gets touched.

      What works better for me is breaking things down to simple tasks. If the task seems overwhelming then I break it down to smaller chunks until the ONE task I need to do doesn't feel overwhelming any more. And I DO NOT even think about the next task, nor to I use a list at all. In other words, if I have to do something I really don't want to do, I'll break it down even as far as... okay... I'm going to do this for 5 minutes today (don't tell yourself everyday)... and that will be enough. Often, I'll go longer, but I don't "expect" that of myself. Rinse and repeat until whatever the entire task is is finally finished.

      Here's an example... let's say I want to quit smoking. I'll start paying attention to the number of cigarettes I smoke per day and once I have a specific number that seems to be my "average" I will have my starting point.

      If I generally smoke a pack a day that's 20 cigarettes per day. I'll tell myself that okay, today I'm only going to smoke 19. I'll open a new pack (with 20 cigs) and remove 1 and put it in a different place (not to be touched or better yet, I'll throw it away). I'll buy extra gum or snacks and grab those whenever I want a cig just to throw off the craving a little. At the end of the day I've only smoked 19. I might stick with this number for a couple of days (ie: rinse and repeat), then over time, gradually reduce the number one day or even one week at a time.

      Every day I'm closer to my goal, but I didn't get overwhelmed by the thought of "I've got to QUIT smoking entirely" and sabotage myself. Instead it was a slow, steady thing... at my own pace... and I have freedom to choose to keep a specific number of cigs for as many days as I need to before dropping the number again. (Hope this makes sense.)

      So, try breaking your goal down into reasonable/doable chunks each day. A tiny amount of action is worth way, way more than a million affirmations (in my book anyway).

      In the other post I go into detail on reasons behind goals, and I think that's important too, but don't want to repeat myself here.

      On the flip side, if goal setting and visualization seem to be working for you, then I'd recommend a program by Brian Tracy called "Thinking Big" to help you get more ideas on how to motivate yourself, etc.

      Good luck!
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    When you have a goal thats what you do automatically. Auto suggestions can work wonders if you visualize them while repeating them.
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  • This is one of my favourite Affirmations...

    "I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis".

    Michael Harrington
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    I personally think that saying your affirmations in the morning and night, and maybe one time during the day is enough.
    Often it happens that you keep thinking of doing something and of your goals and you don't actually DO whatever you need to for you to reach those goals.
    Yes, saying affirmatives is good and can make your mind set in the right direction, but you have to start working on your goals too.
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    i think with feeling is better, i read somewhere hmm maybe "the Secret"
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  • Think and Grow Rich also talks a lot about affirmations. I believe that it will help you focus on the goal that you want to achieve.

    Without a goal, you'll just move to any direction possible without thought.
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    Affirmations should be written (or said) in a way that your subconscious mind can believe that they are true.

    It's no good writing 'I have $1,000,000 in my bank account' because you know that not to be true.

    Better to write ' I love having lots of money in my bank account' because this is true - well, it is for me anyway!
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      I have a PDF on me and affirmations on this thread.

      Looking at your affirmation story made me think of what I think my first experience with affirmations was:

      Before I knew about money or anything, I was in 10th grade, trying to go to Interlochen Arts Academy. It cost $40,000. My mom was like 'eh, do a lot of affirmations...'

      So I did. And that was pretty much all that went into the money thing with that. I got accepted, but never had the funding. The next year, I reapplied and didn't get accepted. :'( My dad says it's cause they didn't want to have a senior entering their boarding school.

      Affirmations *really* don't work for me. What I have is in the PDF, and that works a lot better, at least for me.
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  • Affirmations are a great tool to use when you want to subconciously change a belief. Just saying the words of the affirmation usually do not bring the desired result. The feeling that you generate is what creates the change. The same is true when visualizing. It is important that you put yourself into a peak emotional state that supports your affirmation because the emotion is what allows your brain to change, not the words.
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    Hi James,

    The affirmation itself does nothing.

    The feeling you inject into your affirmations, does everything.

    I affirm on every hour, for a few minutes. Introducing the idea over and over makes a searing imprint on my mind. Repeating the statement helps me feel the statement into my reality.

    Thanks for sharing all.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    9 affirmations a day is what I think will work
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